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Episode 653

Charlie looking shocked as she discovers who the new partner is in the company.

Episode 654

Alison looking at Mary as she denies stealing a photo of Patricia from her.

Episode 655

Samantha staring at Roger Carlyle in shock as he vows that Leo Walsh is going to be locked up for life; Leo has just attacked Roger for hitting on Samantha.

Episode 656

Samantha looking worried after Caroline tells her that she's fallen madly in love with Roger Carlyle.

Episode 657

Leigh looking worried after bumping into Tracy Kingsford at a nightclub.

Episode 658

Gordon, Mary, Barbara and Fiona enjoying a glass of champagne at Woombai after Fiona has stepped in to stop the place being bought by Roger Carlyle.

Episode 659

Rod Campbell looking annoyed with himself after giving Beryl the wrong impression about what he expected at the end of their night out.

Episode 660

Wayne smiling nastily after telling Alison that Roger Carlyle is about to get more than he ever bargained for and that there's nothing he can do about it.

Episode 661

Mary standing behind Roger Carlyle as he stares at a photo she's given him of what she thinks is Patricia after plastic surgery.

Episode 662

Alison looking fearful after Roger tells her that he knows she's Patricia; he's trapped her into leaving her fingerprints on a glass.


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