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Episode 643

The back entrance to Irene's surgery after Jenny walks out, having picked up a bottle of sleeping pills from Irene's desk.

Episode 644

Gordon comforting Mary Reynolds after she has a nightmare about her grandparents' killer being after her.

Episode 645

Mary lying asleep in bed, unware that her grandparents' killer is standing over her, watching her.

Episode 646

Mary crying out in fear after realising that the nice farmhand at Woombai who's taking her for a ride on his motorbike is actually her grandparents' killer.

Episode 647

Alison looking taken aback after Charlie asks her if she's Patricia.

Episode 648

Alison looking at the house where Eddie Benson lives; she hopes he'll clear her (Patricia) of Luke Carlyle's murder.

Episode 649

Barbara struggling after being grabbed by Mary's grandparents' killer.

Episode 650

Charlie looking at Alison. Alison is looking at Mary, who has just announced that she thinks Patricia was her mother.

Episode 651

Leigh looking worried as she hides from Adam Tate, who's turned up at Beryl's, looking for her.

Episode 652

Leigh after swallowing a bottle of pills in the bathroom at Beryl's; she's trying to commit suicide after being arrested and released on bail for kidnapping baby Robert.


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