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Episode 633

Irene after Simon inadvertently admits to Roland that she and Simon spent the night together.

Episode 634

Alison staring at Caroline after Caroline demands that Alison tell her and Wayne why she's been lying to them.

Episode 635

Leigh crying to Charlie that she's done something awful, and she's just got to tell Beryl.

Episode 636

Beryl standing outside the O'Brien house in Brisbane after telling Leigh - who has admitted that the O'Briens have baby Robert - that there's no way she's leaving without her son.

Episode 637

Gordon looking shocked after Mary Reynolds tells him that her mother is Patricia Hamilton.

Episode 638

Alison smiling at Wayne and Caroline slyly after double-crossing them to buy shares in the company.

Episode 639

Stephen looking shocked after Irene tells him that Jenny has Hodgkin's Disease - and that the prognosis isn't good.

Episode 640

Beryl looking upset after Heather refuses to let her have Robert back.

Episode 641

Baby Robert being held by Heather: Beryl has just told Heather that she and Mike can look after Robert while Mike is sick.

Episode 642

Leigh looking defiant after Diane Ball from the Children's Home recognises her as the girl that dumped a baby - Robert - at the Home.


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