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Episode 623

Stephen staring in shock at Denise Turner as she cries that she was nearly raped by Wayne.

Episode 624

Caroline and Colin Turner kissing passionately.

Episode 625

Caroline after Jenny has slapped her; Wayne has just announced gleefully to Jenny that Caroline seduced Colin.

Episode 626

Wayne squaring up to Jack Matthews, the real Woombai rapist, who is about to attack Denise again.

Episode 627

Irene looking shocked as she meets Simon Armstrong - Roland and Barbara's son - and recognises him from London.

Episode 628

A photo of Patricia, who has had plastic surgery in Rio; David went with Fiona to track her down, but was attacked by Roberto Quinteros' thugs for asking too many questions; the photo was left behind after Fiona helped David to hospital.

Episode 629

Fiona demanding to know why David is about to be moved from his current hospital room.

Episode 630

The new-look Patricia sitting in a car, having arrived back in Sydney.

Episode 631

Patricia - now calling herself Alison Carr - smiling at Wayne slyly after telling him she has an idea to make Stephen's wedding to Jenny more eventful.

Episode 632

Stephen lying on the ground at Woombai after being attacked during his wedding ceremony.


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