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Episode 613

Leigh after rolling Richard Crampton's dead body into the abandoned mineshaft outside David's house in the country.

Episode 614

Wayne being held captive by Ron Castle after Wayne caught Ron at Dural, sneaking around trying to find a letter Wayne had used to blackmail Caroline.

Episode 615

Colin Turner looking worried as he has to face climbing on to and driving a tractor in order to rescue Stephen and a worker at Woombai who are trapped beneath a fallen tree.

Episode 616

Caroline looking horrified as a fire rages at the shack in which she and Wayne are being held captive by Ron.

Episode 617

Samantha looking horrified as she reads the letter Caroline was trying to hide from her and discovers that there's a videotape in existence of her being used as a sexual plaything while she was in a cult in America.

Episode 618

Andy and Samantha after Samantha vows that she's going to get the videotape back and fix Lloyd Donovan - the guy who ran the cult - as well.

Episode 619

Stephen looking worried after Caroline turns up at the party to celebrate his engagement to Jenny.

Episode 620

Charlie looking shocked as her ex-husband, Eric Tate, turns up at the country house.

Episode 621

Charlie staring at Eric as he reveals to their children - Adam and Sally - that she's a common thief with a police record.

Episode 622

A car in which Samantha is sitting with Lloyd Donovan's henchman, Neville Spencer: he's taking her to see Donovan.


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