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Episode 603

Caroline looking upset as she leaves Woombai and leaves Stephen, who's starting a new life with Jenny Turner.

Episode 604

Leigh looking terrified as Richard Crampton - the father of baby Shane - forces her to hand their son over to him and then tells the thugs with him to beat her up.

Episode 605

David looking annoyed after Richard warns him that he'll be very sorry for not helping him get hold of Shane.

Episode 606

Caroline looking shocked as psychic, Eloise Treece, tells her that she has a message for her - from Amanda.

Episode 607

David staring at psychic, Desmond Bourke, incredulously after Desmond tells him that, if he drives his truck back to Melbourne, people are going to die.

Episode 608

Beryl, who has fainted following an explosion that destroyed David's truck, killed Neil Duffy and left Jim O'Brien's clothes in flames.

Episode 609

Beryl - who has gone blind from the trauma of seeing Jim on fire - sobbing and clasping Jim's hand as he dies in his hospital bed.

Episode 610

Caroline staring at Eloise Treece as Samantha and Desmond accuse Eloise of being a conwoman who's only after Caroline's money.

Episode 611

Beryl - who's still blind - holding up a poker with which to attack Richard Crampton's hitman, Nick Stafford - not realising that Stafford is creeping up behind her.

Episode 612

Andy looking down a cliff-face after Colin Turner loses his footing and falls.


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