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Episode 593

Bill Ashley attacking Amanda after she overhears him talking to Fred Ogden about the fact that they're ripping-off investors who are putting money into a bogus abattoir.

Episode 594

Caroline crying to Stephen that Amanda is alive and needs help.

Episode 595

Stephen hugging Caroline as she cries that she needs him.

Episode 596

Wayne looking pleased with himself after tricking Roland Armstrong into thinking that the killers he testified against have found out where he is.

Episode 597

Irene looking upset after telling Roland that if baby Shane dies, she'll never forgive herself.

Episode 598

Samantha lying unconscious next to some sticks of dynamite after being attacked and dumped by Bill Ashley.

Episode 599

Caroline after warning Jenny Turner to stay away from Stephen.

Episode 600

Barbara looking at Gordon after he tells her to go and speak to Roland and then decide which of them she wants to stay with.

Episode 601

Leigh holding baby Shane and assuring him that no one will ever separate them again.

Episode 602

Andy pointing a rifle at Fred Ogden and demanding to know what's happened to Amanda.


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