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Episode 583

Beryl after catching an intruder in her lounge room.

Episode 584

Beryl looking shocked after the police discover stolen goods hidden in her lounge room.

Episode 585

Caroline looking scared after she finds Gary has snuck into the Morrell apartment.

Episode 586

Beryl glaring at Tracy Kingsford after slapping her; Tracy has threatened that she'll get back at Beryl and that she has witnesses to what Beryl did to her.

Episode 587

Barbara looking worried after telling Samantha Morrell that it would ruin everything for her and Gordon if Gordon found out that her first husband, Roland Armstrong, was really still alive.

Episode 588

Barbara looking horrified after Gordon turns up at Irene's flat while Roland is there.

Episode 589

Leigh looking worried after David accuses Tim and Leanne of stealing from Charlie and then running away.

Episode 590

Beryl looking furious after catching Jim in her house with a scantily-clad young woman.

Episode 591

Caroline, sitting in the passenger seat of Stephen's car, looking scared as Stephen tells her that the car's brakes have failed.

Episode 592

Leigh looking guilty after admitting to David that she stole Charlie's things.


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