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Episode 573

Caroline looking annoyed after Stephen catches her badmouthing Jenny Turner.

Episode 574

Beryl hugging baby Robert after 'kidnapping' him from the Children's Home.

Episode 575

Andy lying in the corridor at the boarding house after being attacked by Eddie Wallace's men.

Episode 576

Gary looking pleased with himself after Katie agrees to help him hack into Gordon's company's bank account via her computer.

Episode 577

Andy looking at Helena Matsoukis in shock after she tells Fiona and her fiancé, Nikos, that she and Andy have slept together many times and are going to be married.

Episode 578

Caroline smiling slyly at Stephen after announcing her engagement to the man she thinks is Wayne.

Episode 579

Stephen looking worried after Gordon refuses to believe his accusation that Wayne has siphoned off money from the company.

Episode 580

Wayne looking surprised after Stephen grabs him and snaps that he ought to break his neck for the things he's done to his family.

Episode 581

Caroline looking shocked after shooting Wayne.

Episode 582

Gordon looking at Barbara in shock after a young woman turns up at Dural claiming to be Wayne's fiancée.


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