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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

The next morning, Patricia opens the door to Simon Armstrong. He is calling for Angela, but she's still getting ready. Patricia tells Simon that Angela really enjoyed the party the other day. Simon says he's very fond of Angela and Patricia says Angela feels the same about him. When Angela comes downstairs, she hurriedly drags Simon out the door.

Angela and Simon arrive at the stud, and Angela explains that Wayne is no longer the manager. Wayne tells Simon he's too busy with his investments, but Simon doesn't appear to believe him. Angela orders "Scott" around, but "Scott" says he takes his orders from Gordon, and he won't do as Angela asks. Angela kisses Simon in front of "Scott". The two of them go out riding and have fun. When they get back to the stable, "Scott" is there, and he stares at Angela - she tells him he's being rude. "Scott" tells Angela he knows she's only trying to get at him through Simon. Angela replies, "Oh really?" "Scott" tells Angela not to do anything stupid. Angela says if she had her way, "Scott" wouldn't be at the stud at all, and she tells him to remember he's just an employee.

Back at Dural, Simon tells Angela how much he loves her - and he asks her to marry him! Angela says she never realised he was that serious about her and she tells him that it's not right - she's nowhere near ready to marry. She asks him why he had to blow things. Simon says he can't help it if he loves her. Angela says they can still be friends, but Simon appears uninterested in this compromise and decides it would be best if he left.

In Melbourne, Beryl wonders who's helping John. She tells David it can't be Doug, or her parents, but she thinks it may be Fiona Thompson. David is driving to Sydney the next day, and Beryl urges him to go to Manly, but David says he doubts John would have remembered the address there. He doesn't want to discuss Fiona or John. As Beryl and David argue, Kevin walks in, but his parents won't tell him what's going on. Later, at the dinner table, Kevin asks to be treated like an adult, and reiterates that he wants to know what's going on. David decides it's about time he talked about things, so he tells his son about how he was Kevin's age - or a bit older - and Patricia was a year younger. Their parents didn't think they should get married, but David loved Patricia at the time. John was born, but Patricia ran off, thus ending the romance. David met Beryl and they married. Susan and Kevin were born and John came to live with the Palmers. David tells Kevin that Beryl thinks John is with Fiona. Kevin asks his father if he loves Beryl. The reply is, "Of course I do." Kevin then asks about Patricia but David says he never saw her again. Kevin asks what Patricia was like. David says, "I loved her."

Patricia orders Angela downstairs. She has found out that her daughter refused Simon's proposal and is furious. Angela yells that she doesn't love Simon, to which her mother retorts, "What's love got to do with it?!" Angela shouts, "If you love him that much, why don't you go after him?!" Patricia slaps Angela round the face.

"Scott" enters Jill's room. She is sitting doing some sewing. She knows "Scott" is dying to find out more about her, but all she will say is that when she met Fiona, she had a few problems and Fiona helped her out. Now Jill's repaying her. Jill and "Scott" decide to go for a night on the town.

At Dural, Angela picks up the telephone receiver.

John gets ready to go out. Fiona also has plans - she is meeting up with Jack - "a good friend." Fiona asks her boarders for a lift over the bridge. John asks her, "Isn't your friend picking you up?" to which Fiona replies, "He did that years ago!!" Just after the three of them walk out the door, the 'phone begins to ring...

Next morning, Beryl thanks David for talking to Kevin. She says David must clear a few things up with himself, but David says he couldn't face going back to Fiona's and those days. He leaves for Sydney.

John and Jill had a good time. John looks shocked when Fiona and her friend, Jack, appear in their night attire. He tells Jill, though, that he was just surprised.

Patricia tells Wayne that Mrs. Armstrong is the only person who hasn't replied to the party invitation. Wayne tells his mother that Angela is just playing hard to get and says he'll go and see Simon on his way to the stud. At the Armstrong residence, Wayne tells Simon that Angela is terrified of Simon's mother. He says Simon and his mother should come to Patricia's party so Angela and Mrs. Armstrong can get to know each other. Mrs. Armstrong suddenly appears and starts putting Wayne down over the loss of his manager's job. When Wayne leaves, Mrs. Armstrong asks her son what Wayne is after.

At the stud, Wayne offers "Scott" a beer at lunchtime. "Scott" is wary, but Wayne says they'll get on better if they stop competing. Wayne invites "Scott" to the party, saying Patricia wants him to come - he even offers to get a written invitation. "Scott" is initially wary, but agrees to go if he sees the invitation.

Fiona tells John that she wouldn't trust Wayne, but John says he needs to get to know Patricia - he doesn't like her but needs to see if there's anything more to her.

Patricia tells Mrs. Armstrong on the 'phone that she's delighted she's decided to accept the party invitation. After the call has ended, Patricia praises Wayne for his achievement. Wayne then breaks the news that they have to invite "Scott Edwards", saying that he could come in handy, as Angela feels awkward with him around. Wayne gets his mother to write the invitation.

David is in Sydney and stands outside the boarding house, staring at it. He thinks back to the events of twenty years ago.

John gets ready to go out for a walk. He tells Fiona that he still doesn't know anything about her apart from her being his Aunt Fiona. She replies, "Isn't that enough?" As John heads towards the front door to go out, David heads towards the same door to go in...


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