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    Written by: Christine McCourt    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

John pops into Jill's on his way out, and makes fun of her attempts at decorating her apartment. Jill suddenly spots a stranger wandering along the corridor and asks him what he thinks of her painting. When John hears David's voice replying, he quickly hides behind the front door, horrified that his dad has turned up. David goes and knocks on Fiona's door. Fiona opens the door and recognises David immediately, although she does say that 15 years is a long time. All John will say to Jill is that it could be embarrassing for Fiona if David saw "Scott" there. John telephones Fiona from Jill's room, and in a guarded converstaion, Fiona tells him not to worry. She then turns to David and tells him it's good to see him. She adds, "There's something wrong, isn't there?" David tells Fiona about the murder, and about John being seen fleeing from the scene. Fiona innocently replies, "Little Johnny?" She sympathises with David but says she hasn't seen his son. David says his family are cut up about the whole situation. Fiona invites David to stay at the boarding house for the night, and asks David to go and get in some beers while she fixes the spare room. On his way out, David spots the photo of him and Patricia from 1962. While David is out, Fiona goes to Jill's and tells John that she can't just boot his father out. She tells John he must stay at Jill's overnight. Fiona then goes back to her room and empties the 'fridge of the beer already in there. She sits back down in the lounge just as David returns with more beer!

Over dinner, Fiona tells David that John doesn't sound like the kid she knew. David says he can't believe John did it; he knows John's not a liar, but the police saw him running away from the warehouse, and Selmar said John's name before he died.

As John waits in Jill's apartment, he is in two minds as to whether he should go into Fiona's and confront his father. He ventures out into the corridor and as he stands outside Fiona's front door, he hears her asking David what he would do if he knew where John was. John is horrified to hear his father say he'd dob his son into the police.

Bill and Susan arrive at their new apartment, and Bill carries his wife over the threshold. The flat is a tip, though, and Bill blames the agent for the mess; Susan makes light of things, though. A short time later, Beryl is there to help them clean up! She tells Bill that Mrs. Selmar had called. Bill says, "Not on our honeymoon?" After the cleaning is done, Bill offers to drive Beryl home. Just as they are about to leave, there is a knock at the door and Mrs. Selmar is standing there. Beryl pretends she forgot to pass on the earlier message. Mrs. Selmar tells Bill she wants him to have the company car and her late husband's golf clubs. All she wants in return is a lift home. Bill takes Beryl at the same time - Mrs. Selmar somewhat sarcastically says to Beryl, "Wonderful. It'll give us a chance to get better-acquainted."

The next day, John tells Fiona how he almost came in when David was there, but he overheard what his father said about the police. Fiona tells John that David loves him. John says, "Maybe." He goes to get ready for Patricia's party. He tells Fiona that Wayne was very nice to him at work today, but Fiona says it sounds fishy, and she warns John to watch himself.

It's 9pm at Dural and the party is in full-swing. A knock at the door heralds the arrival of Simon Armstrong and his mother. Wayne goes to get them drinks, and he tells Gordon they're there. Gordon goes over to Barbara Armstrong and welcomes her. Wayne asks Angela if she's going to talk to Simon. Angela says she will when she's ready. "Scott Edwards" then arrives and Patricia tells him he'll find Angela and Wayne in the living room. Angela goes over to Wayne and asks him what "Scott" is doing there. Wayne tells his sister he thought "Scott" was a friend of hers. When "Scott" says hello to Angela, she goes over to Simon and kisses him.

In Melbourne, Beryl looks at a photo of John. She's disappointed that David didn't find his son in Sydney, but David says they'll just have to wait until he's ready to be found. David says that at least he faced some old memories - it was good for him, and taught him a lesson.

Bill returns somewhat later than expected to his and Susan's flat. He tells his wife that Mrs. Selmar kept him for hours with her questions. Susan says it doesn't matter.

Angela looks bored at Simon's conversation and keeps glancing at "Scott". Patricia tells Wayne she's getting too old to rock and roll! Wayne asks his mother what she now thinks of inviting "Scott". Angela goes over to "Scott" and asks him what he thinks is so funny. "Scott" says he's glad to see his first impression of Simon was spot-on. Patricia looks pleased at Angela's expression.

Gordon and Barbara talk in Gordon's study - they get along well. Patricia enters at the end of a conversation about Woombai. Barbara tells Patricia that it's the first decent conversation she's had all evening! Barbara goes to talk to Angela, who says, "You know what it's like being the daughter of the hostess with the mostess!" Wayne asks "Scott" what he thinks of Simon marrying Angela. "Scott" looks slightly stunned and wants to talk to Angela alone, but Simon tells "Scott" that Angela doesn't want to talk to him. The two of them go to the study, though, and "Scott" tells Angela that he doesn't want her making a big mistake by marrying Simon to get back at him. Angela says she couldn't care less about "Scott" and is marrying Simon whether "Scott" likes it or not.

Angela goes and tells Patricia about the engagement. Patricia is delighted, and immediately goes and announces it to the guests at the party. Gordon looks shocked at the news and Angela looks wryly at "Scott". One of the guests says to Barbara, "Isn't it a wonderful surprise?" to which Mrs. Armstrong replies, "I could think of a better word!" John leaves the room. Gordon asks Angela if she's happy. She says she is, but she looks worried, as if she's not quite sure she's made the right decision...


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