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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

After the party, Barbara says she's upset. Patricia says she's sorry, and Barbara retorts, "Damn right you're sorry." Mrs. Armstrong is furious that Patricia made the announcement, and says there's a right and wrong way of doing things. Barbara says she's not happy about the engagement. She decides to leave, and Gordon offers to show her to her car. Barbara says that at least some people have manners.

John gets home and knocks on Fiona's door, but she's asleep. Jill, who's awake, hears him and gives him her spare key to his flat. She asks how the party was. "Scott" tells her about the engagement and how Angela did it to get back at him. He says Angela won't go through with it. Jill thinks "Scott" is having himself on.

Angela tries to get a drunk Simon to go home, but he sleazes all over her; he goes eventually, though. Angela tells Patricia and Gordon that she's tired and is going to bed, but Patricia wants to talk. Angela tells her parents that if they're worried about Mrs. Armstrong, they should forget it - Simon will hang in there. Patricia tells Gordon she's going to put notice of the engagement in the newspaper tomorrow. Gordon tells his wife that she did the wrong thing in announcing the engagement in the way she did. Patricia says she could kick herself, and suggests she send Barbara some flowers, but Gordon tells her not to, and says Mrs. Armstrong will have settled down by the time of the wedding. Patricia decides she sometimes tries too hard!

Next morning, Simon tells Angela that his mother had talked at him non-stop. He has bought his fiancée a ring, which Angela shows to Patricia. Simon tells Patricia that his mother hadn't seemed worried by the wording of the notice in the paper. Simon and Angela talk about wedding dates. Simon wants to make it in December but Angela says she wants to marry straight away and they agree on the first of next month. Angela shows Gordon the ring and he says it's very nice. He asks her why she's marrying Simon when two weeks ago she wouldn't even take his calls. Angela says she was just playing hard-to-get. Gordon says, "What about Scott Edwards?" Angela replies, "What about him?" Gordon is shocked at the speed of the wedding. As she stands outside the study door, Angela looks pensive.

Beryl and Susan discuss children. Susan says she wants kids eventually, but after Bill, her nursing comes first. Beryl tries to persuade her daughter not to take too long to make her a gran.

Bill is arranging a hunting trip to get away from Mrs. Selmar, who has been houding him on the 'phone. Kevin turns up and offers to carry on decorating the flat while Bill and Susan go away. Bill gives Kevin the key - and Kevin immediately goes to see Lynn and tells her they've got the empty flat for the weekend...

Patricia and Barbara argue over the wedding arrangements, and whether it should be in a church or a chapel, and whether it should be friends and family only, or a full society occasion. While this goes on, "Scott" 'phones and Angela answers. "Scott" wants him and Angela to meet at the beach to talk. Angela slams the 'phone down. Patricia tells Barbara they could have the reception in the garden at the Armstrongs'. Barbara says she doesn't want it at her place. Angela is furious at Mrs. Armstrong for continually putting everyone and everything down. The outburst makes Barbara smile and she says she likes Angela as she's got spunk. Barbara says it's Angela's wedding and they should do what Angela wants.

"Scott" knocks at Jill's. She has just bought herself a record player along with the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Jill tells "Scott" that her parents died when she was four and she grew up in an orphanage, where "Staying Alive" was her theme song. The authorities had tried to foster her out but she wouldn't have it. Her room at the boarding house is the first place that's totally her own, and Fiona is her 'foster mother'.

Beryl catches Lynn sneaking out the window of Kevin's room. She says she won't dob to Mr. Hardy, and offers her a cup of tea. Lynn tells Beryl that Kevin will never leave home as he has such a good thing there! Kevin comes in and Lynn tells him his mother's going to keep quiet. The two women start teasing Kevin - Beryl wants to see how tall he is, by measuring him against marks on the wall from when he was younger. Kevin is annoyed and yells, "That's kids' stuff." Later, Beryl cleans all the height marks off the wall.

Bill and Susan's car has broken down and Bill is trying to fix it. Susan tells him he said he'd have it fixed ten minutes ago. Bill blasts her, but then apologises, and they agree to camp where they are. Susan tries to put the tent up, but doesn't have much success.

Kevin and Lynn lark around with the paint at Bill and Susan's flat. Lynn tells Kevin she got away from home easily.

Bill tries to teach Susan to shoot at beer cans. She can't do it to start with, but before she gets a chance to try again, Bill spots a rabbit, aims and shoots. They go over to retrieve the animal, but find it's still alive. Bill has no more bullets, and Susan is upset that the creature is in pain. Bill decides to finish the rabbit off, and thrashes it several times with the gun butt as Susan watches, horrified. Bill tells her, "It was the kindest thing to do." Susan looks stunned at Bill's brutality.


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