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    Written by: Geoffrey Atherden    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Phillip Bowman

At the Palmer house, Kevin hears David and Beryl yelling, and Beryl telling David to calm down. David says he should knock Kevin's block off. Beryl tells David he sounds like his father - his attitude to Kevin is just like Doug's attitude was to David. David says he treated Kevin like an adult, telling him about Patricia, and Kevin just chucked it back in his face. Beryl goes to see Kevin in his room. Kevin tells his mother he loves Lynn. Beryl says, "I know you do," and the two of them start sobbing.

Susan lies awake in bed. Bill has come home late, and says he feels like a mongrel for leaving her alone for so long that day. They apologise to each other and agree to stop fighting. Bill tells Susan that he loves her.

David says he's going to call on the Hardys to sort out what will happen to Lynn. Kevin says his father can't stop the two of them seeing each other.

At the stud, "Scott" bumps into Alan Pascoe, his new boss. They get on well.

The Hamilton family have a meeting at which Gordon says their financial circumstances are grim amd they are in crisis. Wayne says they should sell-off their unprofitable companies. Patricia says, "What about Woombai?" As Wayne and Angela leave the room, Wayne asks his sister what she's cutting back on. She replies, "Vitriol!" Patricia tells Gordon he's hanging on to Woombai for nostalgic reasons, and says the property is the biggest drain. Gordon says things will have to be desperate before he sells Woombai. Angela asks Wayne if he's pleased his cheating has led to the crisis, but Wayne says he's got his trust fund to fall back on. Wayne tells Angela to hold on to Simon as his money is a good reason for marrying him - "...apart from love, that is..."

At the stud, "Scott" tries to be pleasant to Wayne, but he is ignored. Later, "Scott" tells Wayne he got what he wanted - Angela is marrying Simon to get to him. Alan Pascoe overhears Wayne telling "Scott" that Angela would still be up for a roll in the hay, then watches as "Scott" punches Wayne for making the comment and a brawl begins.

Wayne immediately goes to Gordon, who gets "Scott" into his study. "Scott" admits he threw the first punch, and Gordon says he'll have to let him go. Wayne looks happy.

Later, at the stud, Gordon tells Alan Pascoe that he has sacked "Scott", but Alan tells his employer that he got the wrong person, and relates what really happened, saying Wayne told "Scott" that Angela, " it off a lot." Gordon realises he has made a mistake, and decides to go and see "Scott" at the boarding house after Alan gives him the address. At the boarding house, Fiona instantly recognises Gordon - they obviously know each other already. Gordon says he's surprised to find out who "Scott's" Aunt Fiona is. He then explains about the fight. "Scott" is not there, but Fiona invites Gordon to wait. He declines, but does agree to stay for a cup of tea. Gordon asks if "Scott" knows of the business connection between Fiona and the Hamiltons. Fiona says he doesn't, otherwise he'd think she'd helped him get the job at the stud. It appears Gordon owns the boarding house.

Kevin wants to talk to Bill about Lynn, and says the way David is carrying on, you'd think Kevin had killed someone! Kevin says he loves Lynn, but Bill reminds him that he's only 17, and he has to go along with David, or move out. He says they should wait for things to blow over and lay off the sex! He adds that Kevin should try and see things from his father's point of view.

Later, David says they can't ban Kevin and Lynn, but Lynn has been sent to Tasmania to live with her grandmother. It was Mr. Hardy's decision, but David agreed with it. Kevin tells his father that everyone has dirty minds, and he demands to know why nobody will trust him.

Gordon orders Wayne to his study and tears strips off him over his lies about the fight. Wayne sarcastically says "Scott" is a "...real little gentleman." Gordon says he's given "Scott" his job back and wants Wayne to apologise to him. Angela, who is coming downstairs, then overhears Gordon telling Wayne not to make lewd comments about his sister. After Wayne has gone, Gordon tells Angela that Wayne says some stupid things sometimes.

Next morning, Gordon tells Patricia that he saw Fiona and that she is "Scott's" aunt. Patricia says, "That explains a lot." She then realises that Fiona knows Angela is illegitimate and tells Gordon to imagine what would happen if that got out. Patricia thinks Fiona and "Scott" must be out to blackmail the Hamiltons.

As Fiona is exercising, the doorbell rings impatiently. It's Patricia, who immediately asks Fiona if she's alone. She tells Fiona she'd hoped never to see her again, but Fiona tells Patricia not to act like Lady Muck. Patricia tells Fiona that Gordon doesn't know about his wife's past, and says noone is going to wreck Angela's marriage. Patricia says she won't let Fiona blackmail her, and there's no money anyway. Fiona says she doesn't give a damn about money, and then slams Patricia about dumping half her family. Fiona then reveals that she brought the second twin up - and things suddenly twig in Patrica's mind. She looks stunned as she realises "Scott Edwards" is her son...


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