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    Written by: Susan Smith   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Phillip Bowman

Patricia asks, "Is "Scott" my son?" Fiona says he is, and adds that she had to tell him Patricia is his mother because of the way he felt about Angela. Fiona tells Patricia that "Scott" stayed with her until he was 5, then went to live with a family in Brisbane. She says that for some strange reason, "Scott" wants to know his mother, but Patricia says she didn't care about him twenty years ago and she doesn't care about him now. Fiona says she'll pass on the message. Patricia warns Fiona not to make any trouble.

At Dural, Gordon tells his wife he's found a few ways to cut costs. Patricia says it has been a while since the two of them spent a night together. She wants them to be alone that night, but Gordon has a dinner to go to, so they agree on the next night.

Fiona drives to the stud, looking for "Scott". She tells him that Patricia knows she's his mother, and apologises for letting it slip. Fiona tells "Scott" how Patricia thought they were blackmailers, but adds that Patricia is terrified, and "Scott" should play it cool and not see her. Fiona tells John about the story she spun about him living in Brisbane, so that Patricia wouldn't connect the name 'Palmer'.

Gordon is set to head off to Woombai. Angela suggests to Patricia that she go as well as she could do with a break. Patricia is suspicious that Angela is trying to get rid of her, but eventually decides to go.

Gordon then sees Wayne at the stud, and asks if he's made peace with "Scott". Before he goes to Woombai, Gordon wants to check things are OK at the stud, but tells his son he'll sell-up if he has to. Wayne offers his father his trust fund money. Gordon says he appreciates the offer and adds, "We'll see."

"Scott" goes to see Patricia, but she doesn't want to talk to him. "Scott" asks Patricia if she was ever curious about him, but she says she wasn't. She orders "Scott" to throw in his job at the stud as she doesn't want him around. She reveals that in 1961, nice girls didn't get pregnant. She and "Scott's" father had no money or prospects, and if they'd married, it would have fallen apart in six months. Patricia felt she could look after Angela better on her own. Scott comments that it would mean Angela growing up like her mother and marrying a guy she doesn't love. Patricia orders "Scott" to go, saying they don't like each other and never will.

At the boarding house, Fiona tells John she's sorry. John says he's already got a mother and doesn't need another one, but he doesn't know what to do about Angela.

Angela and Barbara Armstrong go through the wedding guest list. Barbara notices that a lot of people have not been invited and asks if it's because of Gordon's money problems. She then tells Angela to invite whoever she wants and the Armstrongs will foot the bill.

As John looks for a new job in the newspaper, Fiona tells him she's going to Melbourne tomorrow as Patricia might make enquiries and find out about John running away. Fiona wants to work on Bill's mother. John says Nora Todd is a solid citizen, to which Fiona replies that, if she's lying, her conscience must be knawing at her.

After David has a go at Kevin for playing his drumkit too loudly and not having any consideration, dinner is strained. Kevin later apologises to his mother, and says he can't handle his father any more. He says he's getting out as soon as he finishes school. When Beryl and David have gone out, Kevin is playing drums on the pots and pans in the kitchen when Fiona walks in! She introduces herself as a friend of David's, and offers to help with the drying-up!

Patricia and Gordon have a romantic dinner at Dural. Patricia says it'll be strange being at Woombai again after so long, and adds that they should treat it as a holiday. Patricia says she's looking forward to her and Gordon spending some time together - she has arranged for just one bedroom to be made up.

Kevin shows Fiona his bedroom. Fiona says her friend, Clarrie, used to be in a jazz band and taught her to play drums. She sits down and starts playing on Kevin's kit. David walks into the house, hears the noise and storms into his son's bedroom - then suddenly realises it's Fiona playing! Fiona says she's come to meet the family. Beryl organises some tea and tells David they should invite their guest to stay. Fiona takes them up on their invitation, and gets to sleep in Susan's old room. Beryl tells David that Fiona is doing Kevin a world of good. Kevin shows Fiona the photos from Bill and Susan's wedding, and Fiona is particularly interested when she spots Nora Todd in one of them.

Gordon and Patricia set off for Woombai. Angela goes to the stud, where she sees "Scott". They don't ignore each other this time, and agree it's silly not to talk. "Scott" helps Barbara load her riding gear into her car. When Mrs. Armstrong goes to look for Wayne, "Scott" takes the opportunity to talk to Angela about the wedding plans. He tells her that he realises that, if she was going to call it off, she'd have done it by now. Angela admits that she said 'yes' to Simon just to get at "Scott". She says Simon loves her, and she doesn't mind him, and Mrs. Armstrong's OK - she has good connections for Gordon. Angela kisses "Scott" and tells him she just wanted him to know.

Barbara tells Wayne that she's sure she recognises "Scott" from when she was in Melbourne, then she remembers that she saw the news report about someone climbing a pylon with a wedding invitation. Barbara adds that she may be mistaken, but Wayne says it could be worth looking into...


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