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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Phillip Bowman

Wayne calls the police and tells them he knows where John Palmer is. Angela hurriedly grabs her car keys and drives to the stud, where she sees John and tells him that the police know where he is, and will be there soon. The two of them drive off. Angela tells John that she believes he didn't commit the murder. John says things are getting out of hand, but Angela says John can't give himself up. She adds that Wayne won't tell the police where she is because Gordon would kill him. She decides that she and John must find a motel, as John can't go back to Fiona's.

Two policemen call at Jill's room, looking for "Scott Edwards". They tell her that "Scott" is really John Palmer, and he is wanted for murder. Jill lets the police into Fiona and John's rooms.

Angela and John find a motel. Angela wants to book a double room, and she goes into motel to make the arrangements. John doesn't know what to do, but eventually gets out of the car. He starts walking down a crowded street and suddenly spots a police car driving towards him. He goes and stands in front of it and gives himself up.

In Melbourne, Fiona and Beryl are preparing dinner. Fiona asks if Nora is joining them. When Beryl says she is, Fiona proceeds to pump Beryl for information about Mrs. Todd. Beryl tells Fiona that when Bill was younger, he was a handful, but he'd settled down since he met Susan.

Bill and Kevin have another talk, and Kevin tells Bill about how Fiona caught him running away. He seems grateful that he was stopped from making a mistake. Kevin tells Bill about how Fiona used to look after John when he was little. Bill looks slightly shocked.

The meal over, Fiona reads tarot cards for Kevin. She tells him he's full of originality and imagination, and says he'll make a living using his brains. Fiona then offers to read Nora's cards. The first card is 'The Lovers'. Fiona says this probably points to Bill and Susan. Nora says she wants to know about Bill. Fiona says Bill's 'past card' says he was trouble as a child, and he had a long period of upset. She then turns over his 'future card' but after seeing it, quickly hides it and says the tarot reading probably wasn't such a good idea. However, Mrs. Todd wants to know what the card was. Fiona relents and shows the card - 'The Hanged Man'. Fiona tells Nora that, deep down, Bill knows there is something he must say or do, but it is up to him to make the effort...

Later, Nora tells Bill what happened. Bill tells Nora he thinks Fiona has seen John, and is cooking up a way to get John off the hook by blaming him. He says they must act naturally, and go on seeing Fiona as if nothing had changed.

Angela goes to the boarding house and sees Jill. She tells Jill that she knows about John Palmer. Jill tells Angela that John has given himself up. Angela wanted to ask Fiona what to do, but Jill doesn't know where Fiona is. Angela and Jill appear to get on well. Jill tells Angela to go home, and says she'll call if anything happens.

Patricia gets home from Woombai and Wayne immediately gives her the envelope containing the newspaper clippings. He tells Patricia how he dobbed John in. Patricia says, "You stupid little idiot!"

Fiona rings Jill and Jill explains how John has given himself up and is now in jail. Fiona says she'll do something.

Patricia apologises to Wayne for flying off the handle, saying that she's worried about the adverse publicity for the Hamiltons if one of their employees is a murderer. Patricia is also furious with Angela for breaking off her engagement to Simon. Angela wants to use the wedding money to pay for John's defence, but Patricia says Gordon won't go for it. Angela says he will once he's talked to Mrs. Armstrong.

Fiona tells Bill that John has been picked-up. She says she knows Bill's really the killer and threatens to call the police to make a formal accusation. Bill tells her the police won't listen to her, so to prove she's not bluffing, she dials the police and tells them she has some important news about the Selmar murder. Bill tells Fiona that the police will be unhappy at having to come out on a wild goose chase, and reminds her that he has an alibi. Fiona says Nora won't last ten minutes once the police get to work.

The police arrive but won't listen to Fiona. Instead, they arrest her for obstructing the course of justice and sheltering John. Bill smirks as Fiona is taken away.

Bill later tells Nora that the police probably won't bother her now, and, if they do, she should stick to her guns. He adds that Fiona has cut her own throat. Bill is glad that Susan is working nightshift and doesn't know what is going on.

The police take Fiona to an interview room and get her to sign a statement. Fiona asks if the police have spoken to Mrs. Todd - she says that Bill is lying and is forcing his mother to do the same. The police tell Fiona that her accusations are serious. Fiona says she wishes someone would take them seriously. She asks that Beryl be informed of her whereabouts, but the police say she already knows.

Beryl is looking up the name of a solicitor in the Yellow Pages. She tells Kevin that they're going to fight to get John off the proper way, then adds that she wished Fiona hadn't encouraged John to stay on the run.

The police talk to Nora Todd, who tells them that Bill was with her the whole time of the murder. The police believe her, and leave. Mrs. Todd is upset that Bill made her lie to the police. She asks Bill to tell her the truth, and says that, if he does, she'll never need to ask again. Bill won't talk, though. Mrs. Todd feels uncomfortable staying with Bill overnight and tells her son it would be a good idea if they didn't see each other for a while. But Bill wants to 'keep an eye' on his mother, and when she tries to ring for a cab, he rips the 'phone from the socket. Suddenly Nora realises Fiona was right. Bill starts saying, "I didn't mean it, mum". Nora shakily replies, "Billy, what's going to happen to us?"


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