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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Brian Faull

Bill gives Nora some pills and tells her he didn't mean to kill Sam Selmar - he just wanted his job back. He says he doesn't even remember hitting Selmar, then adds that, when he saw his boss lying on the floor, all he could think of were the cop shows he'd seen on TV, so he wiped his fingerprints from the crowbar and left out the back of the warehouse. He tells his mother that John shouldn't have run away as he was innocent - he says the police won't put John in jail because he didn't do anything. Bill then tells Mrs. Todd to keep quiet, saying, "If we don't say anything, it'll work out."

At the Palmers', Beryl takes a 'phone call from Fiona's solicitor, saying his client will probably get bail. David tells his wife that Fiona was stupid to get mixed up in everything, and should have just told John to buzz-off. He adds that John probably spun Fiona a yarn to get her to take him in.

At Dural, Angela is very chirpy, as Gordon is fine about her calling-off the engagement, and he has agreed to help John. She tells Wayne that it's time she came clean to Gordon about herself and about Wayne ripping him off, saying she wants Wayne to get what's coming to him. Angela goes to see Gordon in his study. Mr. Hamilton says he's pleased Angela is standing by John, and is proud of her. Angela then tells her father that, while he and Patricia were overseas the previous year, she got involved with a married man. He left his wife, but Angela then dumped him a week later. Angela says she's telling her father now, before Wayne gets in. Then she says, "That's not all..." Out in the hall, Wayne has just told Patricia about his embezzling. He says he was going to pay it back from his trust fund, but Patricia doesn't believe him. Angela tells her father that Wayne has been stealing money from the company, by taking a cut of the proceeds from selling horses. She says that Wayne knew about her secret and had threatened her with it. Gordon says he's ashamed of both his children. He goes and shouts for Wayne. When Wayne enters the study, he tries to get round his father by saying, "Look, I can explain. It was more like a loan." Gordon says that if Wayne wasn't his son, he'd call the police. Gordon tells Wayne that he can have his trust fund money, and he can stay in the house, but he doesn't want any more to do with his son. Wayne goes and tells Patricia what happened. He says that maybe Angela did him a favour, as he's now got his trust fund money. Patricia tells Angela that what Wayne did was stupid. Angela asks if Wayne told Patricia about his sister's affair with a married man, but Patricia reveals she had already heard it on the grapevine several months ago. Angela is upset that that she's hurt Gordon, but Patricia says the shocks may do him good, as Angela and Wayne have both been on pedestals. In his study, Gordon makes a telephone call - he's changed his mind about helping John.

John has called Susan, and Susan reveals this fact to Bill, who wants to know if John said anything else. He acts nervously, even though Susan is patently on his side. Nora, who is close-by, looks disturbed. She hears Susan talking about John 'phoning just before the wedding to tell her Bill was the murderer.

David is getting ready to go and see John's solicitor.

Nora asks Bill why he didn't tell her John rang before the wedding, then tells her son that he shouldn't have married Susan. Bill tells his mother that they'll be OK if she keeps to her story. There's a knock at the front door. It's Fiona, who is out on bail. She charges in and tells Nora that she hopes she can live with herself. When Fiona's gone, Bill tells Nora that Fiona is just bluffing.

Angela argues with Gordon about not helping John, then storms out of the house. Patricia tells Gordon it doesn't seem fair. Gordon says he agreed to help because Angela was doing something unselfish for a change, then adds that he doesn't know what to think about Angela or Wayne any more. Patricia wants Gordon to help John, but Gordon just says, "John's got family - let them help."

Fiona goes to the Palmers'. Beryl tells her that David has gone to see John. Fiona says that David will hear the truth, then.

Angela goes to see Jill. She says she still wants to help John, but doesn't have any money. Jill asks her if she has anything she can sell. Angela says she has her car. Jill says Angela could alternatively get a job, to which Ms. Hamilton replies, "You're joking!" But Angela does then say she'd do anything to help John.

David storms into his house and yells about the crazy yarn John has just spun him. Fiona tells him it's the truth. David says, "You were there, were you, when Sam Selmar was killed?!" He won't believe Bill did it, but adds that he doesn't like having to face the fact that his son is a coward. Beryl tells her husband that if John can look her in the eye and say Bill did it, she'll believe him.

Bill's ready to go to work, but Mrs. Todd can't understand how her son can go back to the warehouse. Bill tells his mother to shut up. She retorts, "What will you do? Hit me?" Nora tells Bill it's over - he must tell Susan and go to the police. Mrs. Todd tells Bill she loves him.

Having had a good sleep, Susan wakes up and Bill tells her there's no news on John. Bill has been gathering together the papers etc. to run the household. He wants to take Susan through them so that she can keep the place going if necessary. After he's done this, he tells his wife he loves her, and adds that she's the best thing that has ever happened to him. He then says, "I'm sorry Susie - I killed Sam Selmar." Susan looks shocked.

A car pulls up outside the police station. Inside, Susan looks upset and Bill tells her he that wants to go in on his own. Susan says, "I love you." They hug, and Susan sobs. Bill tells Susan not to hang around. He gets out of the car. Susan sits and cries, then drives off as Bill stands by the police station door, watching.


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