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    Written by: Christine McCourt    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Brian Faull

Fiona hears on the 'phone from Beryl that Bill has confessed, and she says it's fantastic news. She says she and Kevin will get the red carpet ready! Kevin asks Fiona how Bill could do that to John, and adds, "Poor Susie." Fiona says David has gone to see Susan to find out if she's OK.

Susan is sitting staring into space when David arrives. He tells his daughter that he and Beryl were visiting John when the news came through. He says Susan shouldn't be by herself, and adds that he's sorry at the way things turned out. Susan bursts into tears.

John is back home, and Fiona opens the champagne. Beryl proposes a toast to John, welcoming him home. John tells Fiona that her belief in him helped a lot. Fiona replies that she can't stand a maudlin drunk!

Susan asks David if he can take her to the Palmers' to talk to John. David says she should stay with her family for a while, but Susan declines, and says she just wants to apologise to John.

John, Fiona, Beryl and Kevin quickly get through the bottle of champagne, before Beryl says she doesn't want Susan to see the celebrations if David brings her back as he'd planned. Fiona says she understands. Susan and David arrive shortly after. Susan tells John she let him down, and is sorry. John says he understands. Susan then tells her family that Bill is her husband, she still loves him, and she will wait for him until he gets out of prison. She then asks David to take her home.

Angela calls Mr. Sinclair, a solicitor, to ask him to help John. Jill arrives at Dural and Wayne answers the door to her. She says she's looking for Angela, to which Wayne replies, "You're a friend of John Palmer aren't you?" Jill says, "That's right," and she walks into the study, where Angela is still on the 'phone. Jill interrupts the call and passes on the news that John is free. Angela hurriedly gets rid of Mr. Sinclair! Jill tells Angela that John's best friend had confesed. Wayne, who is listening, says it's great news, and remarks that it's a shame about Angela's car! Angela says she can use the money from selling it when she flies to Melbourne tomorrow to see John.

Susan is on the 'phone, waiting for someone to answer, when there is a knock at the door. It's Nora Todd - Susan says she's been trying to ring her. Mrs. Todd tells Susan that she has been given a warning by the police, and has just come to collect her things. Nora says she can't forgive herself, but Susan says she was just protecting someone she loved. Susan says that the two of them must stick together, and she invites Nora to come and live with her, thus helping to ensure Bill will still have a place to come home to when he gets out.

Jill is left alone with Wayne at Dural. She makes it clear that she doesn't like him because he dobbed on John. Wayne tries to defend himself, but Jill isn't impressed. Gordon and Patricia, just arriving back from Woombai, come in and meet Jill. Angela and Jill want to talk to Gordon immediately. When the two of them head off into the study, Patricia tells Wayne she's heard someone else confessed and thinks it's good news. Wayne says it's almost as good news as Angela going to Melbourne to be with John. He then adds, "I thought that would grab you!" Patricia looks shocked. Jill tells Gordon that her pregnancy was all Fiona's story - John didn't want to lie, but he wanted to keep Angela out of his problems. Gordon apologises, and then Angela tells him about her planned trip to Melbourne. While this is going on, Jill decides to leave them to it, and, when she goes to the front door, Wayne offers her a lift home. Jill declines, but Wayne persists by asking if he can call her. Jill says, "If you want to waste your money!" Gordon and Patricia are both against Angela's trip, with Gordon telling his daughter to ring John to warn him that she's coming. Angela wants it to be a surprise, though. Patricia then reveals to Gordon that Angela has sold her car. She tells her daughter that if John cared for her, he'd have called her the moment he was released. Angela says she's made up her mind and there's nothing Gordon or Patricia can do about it. Gordon raises his eyebrows!

The next day, as Kevin is getting ready for school, he says David's in a foul mood. Beryl tells Fiona that David has hardly spoken to John since he got home, probably because he feels guilty for not believing his son. Beryl adds that David never was good with words. Fiona asks Beryl if she thinks John and David would get on better if they lived apart, but Beryl says it would make no difference - and besides, John's in his home now. Beryl gets ready to go to court for Bill's appearance in front of the magistrate. The telephone rings - it's Patricia calling to speak to John. She informs him that Angela is on her way, and she then tells him that she wants him to let Angela down without revealing he's her brother. Patricia tells John to think what it will do to Angela when she finds out Gordon's not her father, and asks what Beryl would think if she found out David had another child. John says he'll think about it, and adds that, if he does what his mother asks, it won't be for her. Fiona tells John that he shouldn't give in to Patricia, but John thinks his mother has a point. Fiona says John can think what he wants, but he then realises that Patricia didn't even congratulate him on his release, and he asks Fiona why he should really want to get to know his mother.

Patricia tells Gordon that she's been thinking about Angela. Gordon says she's gone, and there's nothing they can do. He wants to go back to Woombai, as there's a lot to do. Patricia says, "Gordon, we've got to talk," but Gordon replies, "Another time." He adds that, with the way he feels about his kids right now, he doesn't want to think about either of them. The telephone rings. Gordon says he'll take it and speak to his wife afterwards. Patricia tells him to forget it.

Bill doesn't get bail. Susan's getting ready to go and see him, and to tell him that his mother is moving in. David tells his daughter that he doesn't think Nora moving in is a good idea, as it will remind Susan of Bill, and Susan needs to get on with her life while she's waiting. Susan replies that if having Nora there makes her think of Bill, then what's wrong with that?

Jill is walking along the street when Wayne pulls up in his car with a bunch of flowers for her. He says, "7:30 OK for you?" Jill replies, "What for?", to which Wayne says, "Dinner of course! I'll pick you up - don't be late!"

Angela arrives at the Palmer house, but John gives her a cool reception. He tells her that she shouldn't have come, he doesn't want her there, and he doesn't want to see her. He adds that he's not interested in her, he doesn't love her and never did. John finally tells Angela that she's a pretentious little snob, and, as she walks out, he yells, "Go back to Sydney, where you belong."


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