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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Brian Faull

Patricia has been sitting in the lounge at Dural, chainsmoking while she waits for Angela to return from Melbourne. Angela runs into the house, upset that John threw her out. She tells her mother not to pretend that she's not glad.

'Plan C' is causing havoc in Jill's room. Wayne calls at the boarding house and wants to take Jill out, but she's working tonight, and refuses to take a sickie. She says she is off tomorrow, though, and she offers to cook Wayne dinner. He agrees, and says he'll be there at 8pm. Jill then goes in to see Fiona, who is exercising. She wants to borrow a recipe for a cream sauce and tells Fiona that it's for a dinner guest tomorrow, but won't elaborate, just saying it's a friend from work. When Jill goes, Fiona tells the kitten she wishes it could talk! Jill then walks back in, saying she feels terrible about lying. She admits she's been seeing Wayne as she enjoys his company. Fiona gives her two crystal champagne glasses, telling Jill she'll need them. Fiona then tells Jill that she, too, has fallen for some scoundrels in her time - she says she'll be perfectly charming to Wayne, though. Fiona then returns to exercising, and tells the kitten to feel free to join in!

Patricia tells Angela that she does care about her daughter, and wants her to be happy. She says this sometimes makes her pushy, and mothers always think they know best. Patricia admits she's made mistakes, but says she's there if Angela needs her. Angela says she doesn't know what to do - she still loves John, and thought he loved her. Patricia says she'll help Angela get over it, and adds that keeping busy is the best way to forget. She says they can talk again tomorrow.

John is getting ready to turn in for the night when David arrives home. Beryl is over at Susan's. John tells David about Bill not wanting to see his wife, and his request for a divorce. Kevin adds that Beryl and Susan are going to Beryl's parents. David is rude to John about there being no food in the house, and goes off to watch television. Kevin tells John about the chat he had with David about John's mother. John says David doesn't like him because he's Patricia's kid.

The next morning, Angela calls at Jill's, getting her out of bed. Angela wants to talk, and says she's a mess. Jill tells Angela to forget John, and get on with her life. Angela says, "What have I got to look forward to - being like my mother?" Jill tells Angela to move out and become independent. She later tells the kitten never to fall in love, saying it's not worth it!

Wayne meets a businessman called Brian Ingleton, and says he'll transfer funds today. Brian's daughter, Jackie, turns up in her car and her father introduces Wayne. Wayne is very charming, and invites the two of them to dinner; unfortunately, Brian can't make it, but Jackie agrees, and Wayne suggests 8pm... Wayne then goes to 'phone Jill, but she is back in bed, and hides her head under her pillow. When she finally decides she ought to answer the 'phone, it stops ringing. Jill tells the kitten she's got to get her beauty sleep for tonight...

John has been out job hunting, but without success, having been turned away because he doesn't have his HSC. Kevin suggests his brother study for it at night, but John just wants a job - preferably one where he can use his brains. Kevin tells John to hang in there. John decides to cook dinner for his father, and opts for spaghetti and meatballs. Things in the kitchen don't exactly go to plan, though, and they aren't helped when John dozes off while things are cooking. When David comes in, he finds the kitchen in a mess, and spaghetti boiling over the top of the saucepan. Kevin takes most of the blame, though. The three of them eat what's left, and David appears to enjoy it. David tells John that there's a vacancy coming up at his company's warehouse as a storeman and packer, and says he's made an appointment for his son to see the boss, Mr. Bates. John tells his father he'd prefer an office job, to which David sarcastically replies, "Who'll take you on?" John says, "We'll see." David then asks John how he'll cope for money, and John says he's signed on the dole. He then yells to his dad about him thinking his son's a real no-hoper. He goes to to get some beers, and when he returns, he's calmed down, and says he'll contact Mr. Bates tomorrow, but he wants to keep looking for an office job.

Jill is busy cooking when Fiona knocks at her door with a bottle of French champagne. Fiona says Jill looks fabulous. Jill wraps a pink bow round the kitten's collar!

A friend of Patricia's, Cynthia, arrives at Dural, the first guest for a gossip evening Patricia is holding. Wayne calls Jill from home, and starts the conversation by saying, "Guess who's got a business dinner..." He apologises and Jill pretends she hasn't gone to much trouble, but she hangs up abruptly. She then goes to see Fiona, and the two of them eat, and drink the champagne. Jill tells Fiona that Wayne and Angela always want everything their own way.

Angela comes in and hears Patricia's party going on. She goes and sits on the stairs and buries her head in her hands.

Fiona and Jill decide to go to a cocktail bar, where Fiona knows a waiter who makes fabulous champagne cocktails! Jill says, "To hell with the Hamiltons!"

Angela walks down the stairs at Dural, with a packed bag in one hand and a note in the other. She leaves the note in the hall and walks out the front door...


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