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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Wayne Cameron

Angela is sitting in the hall at the boarding house when Fiona and Jill get home. Angela asks if she can stay for the night as she's left home. Fiona shows Angela to a room, then tells Jill that they couldn't leave her to roam the streets. She adds that Angela can't have many friends. Jill says she'll help Angela look for a place tomorrow. Fiona says Angela needs support.

On the 'phone to Gordon, Patricia reads him the note, and complains that she doesn't get any help handling Angela. Wayne walks in and tells his mother that she doesn't have to wait up! Patricia says Angela has left home and she's concerned, but Wayne just laughs. Patricia says Angela is confused, but Wayne says he's had a very nice night, with a very nice lady and couldn't care less about Angela.

Angela thanks Fiona for letting her stay. Fiona says, "Any friend of Jill's is a friend of mine." Angela says she couldn't think of anywhere else to go. Fiona asks if Angela's family know where she is. Angela says they don't, and Fiona suggests Angela call them in the morning. Angela makes it clear that she doesn't want to, and says her family don't care about her anyway.

Patricia gets up in the middle of the night, and pours herself a drink. She re-reads Angela's note - particularly a part that says '...the last thing I want is to end up like you.' The next morning, Gordon says Patricia is over-reacting. Patricia comments to her husband that his attitude to Angela has changed. Gordon admits he used to put Angela on a pedestal. Patricia tells Gordon to consider what Angela has been through recently - the engagement to Simon and the 'relationship' with John - but Gordon says it is time Angela fended for herself.

Jill and Angela go apartment-hunting, but Angela can't see anything good enough for her for under $100 per week. She says she'd like somewhere comfortable like the boarding house. Jill talks her into having another look, but without success, and Jill later tells Fiona that Angela is up-and-down like a yoyo. Fiona says Angela should stay with her for a while. Angela then walks in with 'Plan C'. Jill says she got the kitten after it just wandered in.

Wayne is with Jackie Ingleton on the beach. She is rubbing his chest, and she says she's glad they met. Wayne says he has a call to make about a business dinner that night. He goes to a telephone box and rings Jill, who gives him an unfriendly reception. Wayne tells Jill he wants to see her and will be round at 6:30pm. He then hangs up and tells Jackie that he couldn't get out of the business meal.

Jill goes and asks Fiona what to do. She says she wants to see Wayne, even if it's to dump yesterday's leftovers on him. Fiona says she'll keep Angela out of the way. Jill says Angela hates Wayne, to which Fiona replies that if Angela saw her brother there, she'd probably run off again.

At Beryl's parents' place, Susan plays badminton with Beryl's father, Bob. Beryl watches them, then goes inside and tells her mother that Susan and her Pop are having a good time. Beryl says the two of them will head home in a few days. As she plays badminton, Susan suddenly catches sight of her wedding ring on her finger, and she realises she's enjoying herself. Suddenly overcome with guilt, she says to Bob, "Sometimes I forget - not for long, though."

Susan goes for a walk. Bob tells Beryl that he can't help feeling sorry for Bill, as well as Susan. Beryl's mother, Aileen, says Bill got what was coming to him. While walking in the woods, Susan suddenly hears a gunshot, and sees the shooter picking up a dead rabbit. She suddenly has a flashback to when Bill killed the rabbit on their camping trip, and, upset, starts running home, chased by the concerned shooter. Susan runs past Beryl, who sees her daughter is distraught. Inside, Susan is crying. She says she's OK, and is just being silly. She then says she's as bad as Mrs. Todd. She relates to Beryl the story of her and Bill's camping trip, and about how John 'phoned on her wedding day to say Bill was the real murderer. She admits she knew that Bill could have killed Sam Selmar if he was mad enough, but she couldn't say anything. Beryl tells Susan that she doesn't hold her accusing John against her. Susan says she's glad she and Bill had a couple of weeks together, adding, "I love him so much, mum."

Gordon tells Wayne to be careful of Brian Ingleton, saying he's been involved in a few shonky deals. Patricia tells Gordon that they haven't exactly been a raging success as parents. Gordon suggests he and Patricia go out for dinner, but Patricia's not in the mood.

Wayne calls at Jill's. She says she should slam the door in his face, but Wayne says he had a lousy night last night, too. Jill tells Wayne that Angela is staying at the boarding house. Wayne says his sister would freak if she knew he was there, and then adds, "What she doesn't know won't hurt her." Wayne and Jill kiss.

Over dinner at Dural, Patricia tells Gordon that they didn't do too badly at Woombai over those few days. The atmosphere between them is friendly.

Fiona has been teaching Angela to cook. Angela says she hasn't done any cooking since school, when she and her friends used to get guys to eat the food - she says they would eat anything, so much did they like her. Angela thanks Fiona again for letting her stay, saying she must have appeared to be a spoilt brat when she first turned up looking for John. Fiona suggests they make pudding, but she's run out of eggs. Angela offers to go to Jill's to get some but, knowing Wayne is there, Fiona persuades her to go to the shops instead.

Wayne and Jill have been making use of Jill's bed again, and Wayne tickles Jill so that she laughs quite loudly. Angela is passing Jill's door, and knocks on it, still hoping to avoid a trip to the shops. Jill tries to stop Wayne answering the door, but she fails. Angela sees the two of them half-naked and rushes off. Jill tells Wayne to go home, and she then chases after Angela. Still in Jill's room, Wayne closes the door and dials a number on the 'phone. He calls Jackie, tells her that the dinner finished early, and says he'll pick her up in half an hour. He then sits on the bed and smiles, looking very pleased with himself...


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