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    Written by: Susan Swinford   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Alister Smart

Patricia sits in the lounge at Dural, drinking coffee. She suddenly gets up and walks over to the 'phone.

In Melbourne, Beryl tells David that Kevin has done a lot of growing up over the last few days. The 'phone rings - Beryl answers it and, when the person at the other end asks for David, Beryl tells him it's STD. Patricia tells David that she's been thinking about what he said, and has decided she'd like to see John. She says she'll fly down on the first available flight. David offers to go and pick her up from the airport, but Patricia makes it clear she would prefer to meet David and Kevin at her hotel. David goes and tells Beryl that Patricia wants to see John. Beryl comments that Patricia is pushing her luck but David says it's worth a try. Beryl suggests David invite Patricia to eat with the Palmers - they can make it a family affair and Patricia can see Angela again.

David goes to see John at work. John isn't thrilled when he hears that Patricia is coming. David tells John about his trip to Sydney. John asks how it was and wonders if his mother had changed much. David says, "Twenty years is a long time." He adds that he thinks Patricia is lonely. John says he reckons Patricia is just trying to get David on-side. David yells, "Just give her a chance, please." John asks why it's so important to David. He replies, "It just is." John agrees to do what his father wants and David says, "I want it for you." David tells John not to tell Beryl about him seeing Patricia in Sydney.

Gordon arrives back at Dural from Woombai. Patricia tells him she's going to Melbourne to see John and to set the record straight. Gordon offers to drive her, but Patricia sarcastically retorts, "I'm sure you've got unpacking to do." Gordon stares at his wife as she walks out the door.

Wayne is at Jill's, looking chirpy and feeling happy that he won - he has Gordon's respect again, and Fiona is selling her property. Wayne suggests he and Jill go to a party, but Jill has to work. Wayne tells her to give up her crummy job and he says he'll support her. However, Jill is offended by this, and tells Wayne the only way he can make it up to her is to help her wash the dishes! Later, Jill tells Fiona that Wayne made her feel like a high-class hooker. Fiona remarks that, "Wayne is more than just a roll in the hay, isn't he?" Jill says she knows what Wayne's like, but she can't help herself. Fiona says she's going out - Jill stays in Fiona's room to watch television.

At Dural, Wayne has Jackie Ingleton with him. She tells him that her father brought her a present of black silk sheets when he came back from Hong Kong and asks, "Do you like black satin sheets?" Wayne says, "Depends." Jackie complains to Wayne that she had to call him, and says she wants compensation - a diamond bracelet to match the diamond earrings he got her.

When Fiona gets back to the boarding house, Jill tells her that a man telephoned for her while she was out, but didn't leave a name. He said he'd call back, though. Jill says the man asked for Fiona Reid first, before changing it to Fiona Thompson. Fiona wonders who it could have been.

Kevin tells Beryl that he and Lynn want to do up the shed and live in it - they just need to persuade David. Angela comes in and tells Beryl that she's going to a lot of trouble for Patricia, organising to eat in the main room. Angela says they should eat in the kitchen as normal, and says it wouldn't hurt her mother! Beryl tells Angela that she's worried about meeting Patricia, but she has to do it some day, so she might as well get it over with.

David goes to Patricia's hotel, but she initially declines his offer of tea with the Palmers. She looks concerned, and asks if it's alright with him - David says it is. Patricia suggests it might make John feel more comfortable, so she eventually agrees to go, saying, "It'll be nice to meet your family." Patricia tells David that Beryl must be a very understanding woman.

Kevin watches through the window as Patricia and David pull up outside. Angela goes off to get changed. Kevin comments that David never opened the car door for Beryl like he has for Patricia. They get inside, and David introduces Patricia to Beryl and Kevin. Patricia asks if John and Angela are home. Beryl explains that Angela is changing and John is not home yet. David and Beryl go to the kitchen to organise wine for everyone, leaving Kevin alone with Patricia. He tells her that David has told him all about her. In the kitchen, David asks where John is, and says he'll wring his neck if he's not there soon. He goes back to join Kevin and Patricia. Beryl looks slightly upset. When Angela enters the room, Patricia comments on how casually her daughter is dressed, but says she doesn't mind. John enters the house through the kitchen and Beryl tells him that David is ready to string him up. He goes off to get changed. Beryl has prepared beef for dinner. Patricia snidely remarks, "It's nice to have something simple for a change." She asks Angela how Melbourne is. Angela says, "It's terrific." She says she has her boss eating out of her hand and she's having a great time - she adds that she should have got out ages ago. Kevin takes the opportunity to ask David about living in the shed. David tells his son to shut up and eat. John gives Patricia an unfriendly look. After dinner, the family leave John and Patricia alone. Patricia says she had what she was going to say all worked out. She says she came to apologise and explain. John asks her how she thinks it feels when your mother says she doesn't care about you. Patricia says she's admitted she was wrong, but adds that John was probably better off with Beryl than he would have been had he lived with Patricia. Patricia says that, when she told her family the truth, she lost everything - Gordon's respect and Angela's love - and she may never get them back. She tells John that David's visit made her think she may be able to patch things up with her son. She says it may take time, and she didn't expect a groundbreaking reconciliation, but she hopes they can see each other again and get to know each other. Patricia says she knows it's a bit of a pipe dream. John says, "Maybe. What's to lose?" Patricia gives him a weak smile. At the end of the evening, Patricia thanks Beryl for looking after Angela so well. She then tells Angela that jeans and t-shirts never were her style! She tells John that she looks forward to seeing him again, and goes. As soon as the front door closes, Kevin remarks to Angela, "What a spunky mum you have!" Angela looks at John and says, "So?" He replies, "OK - I'd like to see a bit more of her." In the kitchen, Beryl asks Angela how she thought it went. Angela replies, "John seems happy."

When David gets Patricia back to her hotel, she tells him he has a nice family. He says, "I'm lucky." Patricia tells David that she's glad they're friends again. David says, "Me too." Patricia tells David to come and see her in Sydney. They shake hands and David gives Patricia a kiss on the cheek. As David walks off, Patricia watches him, fondly.


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