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    Written by: Christine McCourt    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Alister Smart

Patricia gets back to Dural and Gordon asks her how her trip was. She says something positive came out of it - and adds that Angela said she was ecstatically happy...too many times...

When Angela gets in from work, David tells her that Beryl has gone to Susan's, as she has received another returned letter from the prison. Angela comments, "It's about time she got used to it, isn't it?" David says, "I don't like it when you talk like that." Angela tells him that she reckons she gets her attitude from her mother's side of the family. David tells her that she could have been nicer to Patricia the previous night, but Angela just says, "She got what she came for." David says, "That's the sort of thing I mean," to which Angela replies, "I can't change overnight."

The Hamiltons' 'phone rings. Patricia answers it, but the call is from Jackie Ingleton, who wants to speak to Wayne. He's out, but comes in the house the moment Patricia puts the receiver down. Wayne tells Patricia that Jackie's a pushy lady, and the peril of going out with the daughter of a business contact is that it's difficult to dump her. Patricia remarks, "If you wanted to dump her, you could." Wayne ignores this and asks how Melbourne was. Patricia just says, "Melbourne was Melbourne."

Kevin has been doing up the Palmers' shed. David goes off at him for rushing into things, saying planning permission may be needed. Kevin says that, if he and Lynn can't use it, they'll take Angela's room and she can share with John. Angela looks thoughtful.

Gordon asks Patricia how long they're going to be grumps with each other. Patricia tells him that she thinks it would be better if they lead separate lives. Gordon says, "If that's what you want." "That's what I want," comes the reply.

Fiona knocks rapidly on Jill's door, getting her out of bed. She tells Jill that the gentleman who 'phoned yesterday has rung back - it was Scott Thompson, the father of her baby! Fiona says that maybe all her thinking about the past gave him a psychic push! She adds that Scott wants to come and see her - and she wants to see him. He'll be arriving later so Fiona has time to get ready. She tells Jill she's terrified!

Patricia comments to Wayne about a postcard she's received from Charlie. The 'phone rings - it's Jill, who wants to speak to Wayne (who has told Patricia to get rid of the caller if it's Jackie). Jill wants Wayne to call first if he's coming round later, as she may be tied up with Fiona. After the call, Patricia comments on Jill, saying, "Hmm...she's pretty."

Fiona is all dressed up - Jill says Scott will be knocked out. Fiona asks Jill to stay for a while for moral support. Scott duly arrives at the door and Fiona invites him in. She tells him, "I did have good taste, didn't I!" Scott replies, "So did I - you look wonderful." Fiona introduces Scott to Jill and Fiona then asks him how he found her. Scott informs her that he saw her picture in the newspaper in connection with the John Palmer business, but had spent a long time building up the courage to call her. He then asks where the Fiona Thompson came from, and what happened to Fiona Reid. Fiona tells him that she thought it would help her case for a mortgage from the bank if she told them she was a widow, so she used that name. Scott says he's been a widower for eight years, and adds that he has technically retired from politics, but still has his fingers in a few pies. When Fiona offers Scott a drink, she signals to Jill to go. During the evening, Fiona and Scott reminisce, and when Scott goes to leave, he invites Fiona to the beach tomorow. She says she'd like to go, and tells Scott to call at 11am, as she may just be out of bed by then! They both agree they've enjoyed the evening very much.

Beryl has decided to stop with Susan. David tells Angela the story of how he met his wife in the transport cafe after she spilt a cake down her and he did his Lancelot act. Kevin says that the funny thing was that Beryl was already after David as well! Angela says she hopes she falls in love like that. Kevin says, "Haven't you ever been in love before." Angela says, "No," but looks thoughtful again.

Gordon tells Wayne that he's glad Woombai is staying in the family, but adds that he has doubts about Brian Ingleton. Wayne says he convinced Ingleton that he could make the place work. Gordon says he's very proud of what his son is doing. Wayne remarks, "You're getting corny, Dad!" He pours a glass of champagne and downs it in one.

David tells Angela that John will be late home because he has joined a union and gone to a meeting. He remarks that he himself has been on strike a few times! Angela tells him not to ever tell Patricia that, as she hates rabble rousers! David says, "I'll remember that next time I see her." "You're going to see her again?" "Maybe." Angela asks David if he loved Patricia. He says that, when he first saw Beryl, he was getting over Patricia - he was worried about her, and about Angela, but she was desperate to get away - she was basically a scared kid. Angela says she's glad Beryl dropped the cake, as she likes her.

Wayne is celebrating on his own over the purchase of Woombai. He tells Patricia that he expected more flack over his seeing Jill, after all the trouble she went to to make John feel uncomfortable when he came for dinner. Patricia says, "You live and learn."

Fiona tells Jill that she spent all evening feeling girly and wondering if Scott would want to see her again. She says Scott brought back all the good times they had together - and the baby. She adds that Scott did her a favour - he made her realise that some decisions are wrong, even though they may seem right at the time. She gets Wayne and Brian Ingleton round and tells them she can't go through with the sale of her property. She knows it's causing inconvenience, but adds that they can still negotiate about the water. She won't explain why she's changed her mind, just saying it's for personal reasons. Ingleton says they'll have to settle for Woombai on its own. Wayne looks puzzled, and when he and Ingleton get outside, he tells his business partner that he doesn't get it. Ingleton says there's no point in pushing things as Fiona would have got antagonistic. He adds that the mineral surveys will be available soon and says there's no point pushing any further until they know if it's worth it. Wayne says that at least they've still got Woombai.

Wayne goes back into the boarding house and lies on Jill's bed with Jill. He says, "You really care for me, don't you?" Jill replies, "Of course I do - don't look so surprised!" Wayne tells her, "I'm just not used to it." They arrange to go out, but Wayne says he can't take Jill home. She comments, "Sleeping with the riff-raff is one thing, but dinner..." Wayne says, "Don't." When Jill temporarily leaves her room, Wayne uses her 'phone to call Jackie Ingleton. He says he hasn't called before because he doesn't want to see her any more. She hangs up. Wayne picks up Plan C and says, "Looks like I'm hooked, girl."


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