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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Alister Smart

Beryl is busy vacuuming when the 'phone rings. It's Susan, who is ringing to say she's feeling better, and to thank Beryl for being there for her. Susan asks her mother if she's seen the advert in the newspaper. She is looking for a tenant to share her apartment, and Beryl tells her daughter to let her know how she goes. As soon as Susan puts her 'phone down, it rings again with the first applicant on the other end of the line.

Jill is talking to Fiona. She tells her that Wayne's taking her sailing and then to the yacht club for lunch. Fiona comments that she can't be Wayne's favourite person at the moment, but Jill replies that he doesn't seem to mind. Fiona is all dressed up again, having spent money she doesn't have. She tells Jill, "Rule Number 2: When you're broke, go out spending big!" She's planning a day out with Scott, who duly arrives to collect her.

At the yacht club, Wayne and Jill go out sailing. When their craft pulls into the beach, Wayne asks if Jill would like to come to dinner at the Hamiltons'. She remarks on the problems with his parents, and tells him that he doesn't have to invite her if he doesn't want to. Wayne makes it clear that he does want to, and Jill duly agrees to go.

At Dural, Patricia is on the 'phone. She tells the caller, who wants Wayne, that he might be at Jill Taylor's, at 22 Manly Terrace. She tells Gordon that the caller was Brian Ingleton, and that it sounded urgent. Patricia says she needs to get some sun, so that she can impress Charlie when she gets back. Gordon tells his wife that he may have been too harsh after they agreed to lead separate lives. Patricia asks him if he wants a divorce, but he says he doesn't. She tells him they have their own friends and their own rooms, and they'll get used to it.

Susan has five people lined up to see her apartment. She is at Beryl's, telling her about it, when Mick Ryan turns up to see David about getting a job as a company driver, as he has to sell his own truck. David is currently out, and Mick says he'll call back later. Susan starts bemoaning the fact that she has to face all the prospective tenants on her own. Mick gallantly offers to help her assess them, although he says that one look at him might put them off!

When Fiona and Scott get in, Fiona is confronted by Bunty, one of her tenants, trying to give her rent. She wants to know about Fiona and Scott in their younger days, but Fiona quickly gets rid of her. Scott tells Fiona that he remembers the day they first met. Fiona reminisces about how she was mouthing off about 'Reds in the beds' at the time!

Susan takes Mick back to her apartment and shows him round. The first applicant arrives, saying his name is Brian Hartley. Susan lets him look around, but is rather surprised when he asks if she has anything against Scorpios! When Brian looks away, Mick rapidly shakes his head at Susan!

Fiona and Scott actually ended up running on the beach rather that sitting on it. Fiona remarks that Scott always was an exercise crank, even before it was fashionable. They reminisce again, but Fiona looks disappointed when Scott doesn't remember an event from thirty years earlier. Scott says he should have looked Fiona up sooner, and hopes that maybe they can meet up again. Fiona says, "No 'maybe' about it!"

Wayne and Jill are enjoying dinner at the yacht club when Jackie Ingleton walks in with another man and spots her ex-boyfriend. She walks over to their table and tells Wayne that her father has been lookng for him. She then tells Wayne that she doesn't like sharing, and comments on his bulk-buying of diamond earrings. She says she won't give hers back though. Jill thinks differently, however - she takes her earrings out, slams them onto the table and storms off.

When Wayne gets home, Patricia tells him that Brian Ingleton was trying to get hold of him. She comments that Wayne is drinking too much. Wayne tells Patricia that he's blown it with Jill after he dumped Jackie earlier and she then turned up at the yacht club. Wayne is really upset. Patricia asks him why he bothered with Jackie. He says it was fun at first, and so was Jill, but in the last few days, things with Jill have been different. Patricia tells him the only thing to do is apologise. Wayne rings Jill, but although she is in her room, she doesn't answer the 'phone. Patricia tells Wayne to keep trying. She also reminds him to call Brian Ingleton, which he duly does, with the result that, an hour later, Ingleton is at Dural, telling Wayne that the results of the mineral surveys have come through. It transpires that, although there are minerals at Woombai, they are not there in economically viable quantities. Ingleton tells Wayne that they still have time to get out, but they need to do it as soon as possible. Wayne says he wants to keep Woombai, though, and prove he can run it. Ingleton says sharply, "Not with my money." He makes it clear that he doesn't just want to help Wayne keep in with Gordon. However, Wayne says he won't sell his share, and so Brian Ingleton can't do anything except, perhaps, subdivide. Ingleton gives Wayne six months to make a profit, or, he says, he'll find a way of making Wayne sell.

Susan's prospective tenants are all nutters or creeps! Mick comments that he'd swap his current place for Susan's room any day. She asks if he means it, adding that she's desperate. Mick tells her she's got a deal. There is another knock at the front door, but they decide to ignore it! Mick says he'll move his stuff in tomorrow, and remarks that it's a funny world - after their row at Beryl's parents', who would have thought they'd end up sharing a flat?! Susan raises the subject of Stevie, Mick's kid. Mick says he wants as few people as possible to know about the illness

Wayne drives to the boarding house and knocks on Jill's door. She just tells him to buzz off! Wayne tells her he's sorry, and adds that Jackie was just angry about being dumped. Jill repeats that she wants Wayne to buzz off. Fiona emerges from her room, but Jill tells her to butt out. Wayne says, "Alright, if that's the way you want it," and walks off. Jill still won't talk to Fiona. She picks up Plan C and puts it outside her door.

Wayne gets home, to be greeted by Patricia, who tells him that Gordon's after his blood. Gordon comes out of his study and tells Wayne that he wants to speak to him alone. He tells his son that he's heard about the miners moving onto Woombai. He says he should have realised something was going on as Brian Ingleton was involved. Wayne tries to explain that the deal has fallen through, but that he'll be keeping the property running, but Gordon won't listen - he tells his son to pack his bags and go at once. Wayne sullenly puts his packed bag in his car and drives off. He puts his foot down, but doesn't really pay attention to the road. He turns his stereo up loud, and is swerving wildly. All-of-a-sudden, looking horrified, he slams on his brakes...


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