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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

David, Beryl, Kevin, Lynn and Angela are sitting in the kitchen in silence as David eats. Kevin tries to spark up a conversation by talking about the school holidays, when he and Lynn are going back to Macedon to stay with Beryl's parents. He asks David if he'll drive them, but David has to work in Sydney. Angela asks if it's anything to do with Wayne and Woombai, and is told that it is. Angela says David will be seeing quite a lot of her family, then, to which Beryl sullenly replies, "Yes." David yells, "We need the money." Later, when they're alone, Angela asks David if there's any news on the strike. She's told that there are more talks being held. Angela suggests it would make more sense for David to get a job in Melbourne, but David says he has a job - besides which, he'll be able to see John. Angela says, "And mother?" - she says she knows David just went to Sydney to see Patricia when Wayne had his accident. David denies this, saying he had a driving job to do, and just looked Patricia up while he was up there. Angela tells David that she cares about him and Beryl, and hates to see them unhappy. David says, "We'll work it out." Angela offers David a piece of advice: "Don't have too much to do with mother when you're up in Sydney - she can take over your life before you know it..."

At the hospital, Wayne tells Patricia that David is coming to Sydney. Patricia looks stunned, and doesn't hear Wayne and Jill talking to her in the background. Wayne says he's facing a course of hydrotherapy, and Jill says the specialist is pleased with Wayne's progress. Patricia asks when David's starting, and is told, "Early next week." She says she expects he'll stay with Fiona initially. Jill says he will after he arrives tomorrow night.

John has 'phoned Susan, and he tells Fiona that his sister sounded better than he expected. Fiona says Susan is a brave kid. John says he's been thinking about Bill, and about how, if it hadn't been for Fiona, it could have been him on trial. He says he hopes Bill gets a life sentence. Fiona says it makes John's problems seem like pretty small beer. She tells John that he owes the Hamiltons a lot. John says he thinks a lot of Gordon, but he'll never see eye-to-eye with 'her'.

In the swimming pool at the hospital, the hydrotherapist is trying to help Wayne, but he's being awkard. She teaches him to scull, and although Wayne thinks it should be straightforward, he soon has to admit it's not as easy as he expected.

Patricia gives Gordon some more coffee, and comments that she'll have to restock the bar. She tells her husband that Wayne and Fiona have done a lot of work on the Woombai project. She also tells Gordon that David is coming up, and points out that he's on the opposite side of the union fence to Gordon, who comments, "One of your left-wing rabble." Patricia says she wants to invite David and John to a barbecue. Gordon says that, after yesterday, he can't see John jumping at the chance. Patricia says John will have calmed down by then.

The hydrotherapist tells Wayne that he did well, but Wayne subsequently tells Jill that it was awful. He explains that he learnt to scull, and Jill tells him he deserves a medal!

Kevin is telling Lynn about the cravings Beryl had when she was pregnant. It's the last day of exams, but both kids are finding it hard being around Beryl and David - Lynn says it's like it was at home. Kevin excuses his parents by saying it's the stress of the trial. The two of them sneak out of the house, though, as Beryl and David argue over the fact that David won't be at the courthouse for the verdict. When they hear the door slam, Beryl says she couldn't blame them for not wanting to get involved. David says to tell Susie that he'll see her before he goes. Beryl says David's place is there with his family.

At the court, Bill is being cross-examined. When asked, he says he went back to the warehouse to ask for his job back, but he hadn't planned anything for if his request was refused. He tells the court that he needed a regular pay packet because he had commitments. The prosecution suggests that Bill had intended to use violence if he didn't get his way, but Bill says he didn't know what he was thinking about.

Kevin and Lynn get in from school and find they have the place to themselves. Lynn remarks that both exams were killers. They hear the front door slam, and David walks in. Lynn's face drops. David asks if Beryl has 'phoned, but she hasn't. He then comments about the kids getting away smartly this morning. Kevin says they couldn't hack things. David tells his son that he tries to do what's best for the whole family - he has responsibilities and goes where the money is. He apologises for the argument. Kevin says he doesn't want Lynn upset, and David says he'd feel the same in Kevin's shoes.

While the jury are deliberating, Bill tells his lawyer that he messed-up on the stand. The lawyer tells him not to worry. Bill asks for Susan's letters to read while he's waiting. The lawyer says Susan is very nice - and very loyal. When the court resumes, Bill returns to the dock. As the jury files in, Bill looks nervous. The foreman stands up, and confirms that the jury are agreed on their verdict - they find Bill guilty of murder. Susan looks stunned. The judge sentences Bill to life imprisonment. Afterwards, Beryl invites Nora back to the Palmers', but she declines. Nora tells Susan that she's so sorry. Bill's lawyer comes out to tell Susan that Bill wants to see her.

Patricia sees John at the stud to tell him that she's heard David is coming up, and she'd like John to be at the barbecue she's arranging. John says David won't have time. Patricia says he'll make time. John turns down his invitiation. Patricia says she promised David she'd get to know John, and she's going to keep that promise.

Gordon calls in on Wayne. Wayne says his therapist is a terror, but Gordon says the specialist has told him Wayne is doing very well. The two of them joke a bit, but then Wayne says he thinks his father got a raw deal from his men - they won't get a better boss. Gordon says he'll have more time for Woombai, and Wayne says he's looking forward to the two of them working together. He says he really appreciates what Gordon's done - they'll make Woombai a big success. Out in the corridor, Jill has been joking with a nurse when Gordon emerges from Wayne's room. Gordon says Jill's doing a great job with Wayne, and he adds that his son should be home in a week-or-two. Gordon offers Jill the job of nursing Wayne at Dural, but Jill declines the offer, saying neither she nor Wayne would feel the same if she was paid.

Susan goes in to see Bill, and asks what they're going to do. Bill says there's nothing they can do - he's facing at least 16 to 18 years. He says it's not fair, but he doesn't want Susan to wait for him. He says you have too much time to think when you're inside, and he'd be wondering if Susan would visit, or if she was seeing someone else... He says he saw Mick and thought it hadn't taken Susan long. He tells his wife that he wants her to agree to a divorce, but he'll go ahead whether she likes it or not. Susan says, "OK, but it doesn't make any difference - there won't be anyone else." She tells him that she'll still be waiting for him when he comes out. Their time is up, and they hug and kiss. Bill is led away, and, as his lawyer escorts her from the room, Susan starts sobbing.


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