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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Alister Smart

Lynn is looking at a picture of a baby in a womb, in a book entitled, 'Our Babies: From Birth to School'. When David and Kevin start talking about the trial and its effect on Nora Todd, Lynn says it must be awful to have a baby, watch it grow up and then have something like that happen. David has put off going to Sydney until tomorrow, as Susan might need him.

Susan and Mick are in their apartment, and Susan says she wants to keep paying it off so that Bill has something to come home to. She tells Mick that she's feeling really miserable. Mick offers to go out so that Susan can get some peace, but she declines the offer and says she'll just go and lie down.

Beryl talks to David about him putting his trip off. He says he's still going, but Beryl says that if Susan's in a bad way, David might want to stay. David says he will stay if it's necessary, but he doubts it. When David goes outside, Angela asks Beryl if Susan is bad enough, and Beryl confesses that she thought about asking Susan to make David stay. She admits that she's jealous of Patricia. Angela says that all her mother has is money and good looks! She tells Beryl that she has nothing to worry about, and says she's given David some advice about Patricia. She advises Beryl not to let David leave while they're still arguing. Beryl tells Angela she's right.

The doorbell rings at Dural, and Charlie comes in to see Patricia. She complains that she was woken up by the noise of her gardener, and she has a massive hangover! She has brought over a dress which she says she wants Patricia to have. Charlie says she liked it when she bought it, but hated it when she got it home - besides which, she thinks she needs to go on a diet, but doesn't have the inclination at the bottom. She also tells Patricia that the dress might do the trick with David... Patricia says David's coming up to work, and that's all. She adds that it was all Fiona's idea. Charlie tells Patricia that she'll kick herself if she doesn't make the most of the opportunity - it's not worth the guilty conscience, so Patricia should do something about it.

Beryl lugs David's suitcase into the lounge. In the kitchen, Angela is working out her finances and announces that she's down to her last $50 and has decided to cut up her credit card. Lynn jokes that Angela shouldn't leave the pieces lying around as Kevin is liable to stick them together and use it! Kevin and Lynn are skipping the last day of term. Lynn thinks she bombed in her exams, and tells Angela that they'll find out on the first day of next term. Mick calls round to speak to Angela on his way to the picket line. He asks her if she'd like to go to the pictures - just the two of them. Angela agrees, and they arrange to meet at seven o'clock.

David has gone to see how Susan is. She seems to be bearing up, and she asks her father how long he'll be away. He says it'll be until the strike is over, or until the job is done - whichever is sooner. When Susan asks how Beryl feels about it, David says she's fine, and can't wait to see the back of him. He tells Susan to look after herself, to which Susan replies that she has Mick to keep her in line.

Kevin and Lynn are lying on their bed, thinking about their exams. Angela comes in and asks the young couple to give Beryl and David some time together to resolve their arguments before David leaves. Kevin says they won't hear a peep from him and Lynn until later. Beryl is sitting looking at the name tag on David's suitcase.

Fiona is looking through a book of wallpaper samples when there's a knock at the door. Much to Fiona's surprise, Patricia is standing outside, and Fiona invites her in. Patricia says she doesn't blame Fiona for being surprised. Fiona says she's working on wallpaper quotes for Wayne. Patricia says that, as she and Fiona are now both so close to Wayne and John and Jill, she thinks it's time they sorted things out. She says she doesn't hold a grudge against Fiona for interfering, and things have turned out for the best in the end. Fiona asks if this has anything to do with David - she says she's all for it, but John seems paranoid about his mother seeing his father. Patricia says she can't understand John's attitude - the barbecue tomorrow won't be like the previous party where John felt threatened. Patricia says she isn't Lucretia Borgia! - the party is just a get-together for Gordon to meet David, for John to see how silly he's been, and for everyone to have a nice time. Patricia says she's decided to call David personally, but she wants Fiona to tell John not to say anything silly. Fiona tells Patricia that her attitude to the strike hasn't helped. Patricia says she's entitled to her opinions, but won't be expressing them tomorrow. She asks, "Well?" Fiona replies,"Alright." Patricia says, "Thankyou."

Beryl is in the front garden when David gets home. He tells his wife that Susan's fine, and that Mick has been a big help. He says the sooner Susan gets over it, the better.

John gets home to the boarding house, and Fiona tells him that he just missed Patricia, who is determined to have her barbecue. Fiona tells John that she's been invited, and so has Jill, and Patricia's going to invite David tonight. John says David will take one look at Patricia's lot and head back to Melbourne, but Fiona says there'll be none of Patricia's cronies there, and it's up to David to decide whether he goes along with it. She asks what time David's 'plane gets in, and is told it's at two o'clock. John says he's looking forward to seeing his father after he was so good over the relationship between him and Angela. Fiona tells John that he's growing up. John says David is the one who's changed - he never thought his father would understand about Angela. Fiona says David is facing up to things - skeletons don't rattle anymore when they're out of the cupboard.

David is ready to go. He tells Beryl to cheer up, and says he'll send money back when he gets paid. He tells her that there's nothing to worry about, and they hug.

David duly arrives in Sydney, and is enjoying dinner with Fiona and John, who took his father to see the stud on the way to the boarding house. Fiona's trying to get David drunk, and tells him that they're going out on the town later. David says it doesn't look like he has much choice!

Susan is getting ready for work, and Mick is dropping her off on the way to meet Angela. Susan asks if Angela knows about Stevie's illness yet, but Mick says only Susan and Beryl know. He's worried about whether Angela will be able to handle it, but says he'll see what happens.

Lynn is on the 'phone gossiping with a schoolfriend. Beryl asks Kevin if it's still the same call, and says she hopes Lynn makes it quick. Beryl is expecting a call from David, and Kevin tells his wife to hurry up. He asks Angela if things were sorted out between his mum and dad, and Angela says, "I hope so." Beryl yells at Lynn to get off the 'phone, and Kevin and Angela look at each other.

David has been trying to call home, but the 'phone was engaged, so he decides to try again in the morning. Just as David, Fiona and John are on the way out, the 'phone rings - it's Patricia who wants to speak to David. She welcomes him to Sydney, and asks if he's been told about the barbecue; he hasn't. Patricia invites him, and tells him that she's looking forward to seeing him there. David asks Fiona if she wants to go, and Fiona says she does, so David tells Patricia that that'll be real nice. When the call is over, Patricia stands in front of her bedroom mirror, holding her new dress up against her.


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