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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Alister Smart

At Dural, Patricia tells Gordon that the caterers will be there at noon. Gordon says he'll be out playing golf, to which Patricia replies that they aren't out of the financial woods yet, and Gordon should do something about it. Gordon chooses to ignore his wife, though. Charlie arrives with some gossip for Patricia. Patricia tells Charlie that she's interrupted what was going to be a deep-and-meaningful. Charlie invites Patricia for lunch, but Patricia says she's tied-up all day. Charlie asks if Patricia has heard from David yet, but Patricia says she hasn't. Gordon passes by on his way out, and says he'll be back before the guests arrive.

David rings home, and Kevin goes to answer the 'phone. However, Beryl dashes there before him. She tells David that she expected him to call last night, and David says he tried, but someone was chatting a lot. He asks if Beryl's OK, and she says she is, but she's been pretty grouchy. They both say they love each other, and David says he'll be off to the property tomorrow, and he'll try and call from there. Beryl says they can't afford it. She asks how things are going with John, and David says they're good. When the call is over, Kevin tells Beryl that she was worrying about nothing. Beryl says, "Your mum has been a silly woman, but I'm OK now." Kevin tells her that if she gets miserable, she can talk to him.

At the hospital, Wayne is trying to talk Jill into taking Plan C to the barbecue. Jill thinks it's a silly idea, so Wayne offers to ring Patricia and check it's OK with her. While he's dialling, he asks Jill to adjust his pillows, and while she's doing this, Wayne disconnects the call. He then proceeds to have a fake conversation in which his mother says it's OK for Plan C to attend the gathering!

Later, at the boarding house, Jill tells Fiona that Patricia agreed that Plan C could go, and Fiona says she didn't have Patricia down as a cat lover - in fact, she thought opposites attract! (She has to tell Jill to think about this and comments that it's meant to be bitchy!) David and John come in - David is all dressed up in the clothes Angela bought for him. Fiona tells David that they look wonderful, and the four of them leave.

The dress that Charlie gave Patricia is lying on Patricia's bed as Patricia looks at it. The 'phone rings - it's Angela. Although Patricia tries to talk to her daughter, Angela just wants to talk to Gordon. Patricia calls her husband, who's in his own room, but she doesn't put her receiver down, and hears Angela asking her father to be nice to David as Beryl has been worried. Gordon says there's no need for Beryl to be concerned. Patricia quietly puts down her receiver and picks up another, more- plain dress.

Kevin is playing a handheld computer game as Lynn suggests that he attend pre-natal classes with her. Kevin says, though, that the classes are the same night as footy practice, so there's no way! He suggests to Lynn that they invite Beryl to Macedon, and adds that his parents have had more arguments in the last few weeks than they've ever had before. As Kevin goes out to the kitchen, Angela is telling Gordon that she's cut up her credit card, and she's put her name down with a childminding agency. Kevin invites his mother to Macedon, but Beryl feels she should stay where she is, to be close to Susan and Angela. Kevin tells Beryl that she's always thinking about other people, and should put herself first for once. Beryl says she knows what Kevin's trying to do, but she's OK. However, she agrees to speak to Susan and Angela, and if it's OK by them, he can count her in.

Jill's VW pulls up at Dural and she, Fiona, David and John get out. As the others head towards the house, David lags behind. He spots Patricia on a balcony and they look at each other until she goes inside. She's wearing a plain white dress. Downstairs, Gordon tells David that he's pleased to meet him. He takes the guests into the lounge and offers them drinks. Gordon queries it with Jill when she says Wayne called Patricia about Plan C - he thinks his son is playing a practical joke, and asks if Jill actually spoke to Patricia. When Jill says she didn't, Gordon reveals that his wife is allergic to cats! He tells Jill to put Plan C in the playroom and they'll tell Patricia when they've got her primed. Patricia comes in and kisses Gordon on the cheek. She shakes David's hand, and when she asks where Jill is, Gordon explains that she's attending to a call of nature!

Charlie is visiting Wayne, and says she'd love to see Patricia's face! She comments that she obviously wasn't wanted at the party, though. Wayne asks Charlie what she thought of John, and Charlie says that there were so many rough edges to John that she wouldn't know where to start knocking them off. Charlie asks about David. Wayne says he hasn't met him, but Fiona's bringing him to the hospital tomorrow, as Wayne is his boss. Charlie says she can't wait to meet David. Wayne says Charlie won't have long, as David goes up to the property tomorrow. Charlie says she has a feeling that she's going to run out of sugar during the afternoon!

Out by the swimming pool at Dural, Jill is stroking Plan C and sitting with Fiona, while David, Patricia and Gordon are sitting at a table. David comments that Wayne must have a queer sense of humour. Patricia asks Gordon to give David a tour of the house, but Gordon suggests she should do it. However, Patricia insists on Gordon being the guide. When the two men head indoors, Patricia goes and talks to John, who's trying some caviar. She tells her son that she's glad he came. Inside, David comments that he could fit his house into Dural four times. Gordon thanks David for looking after Angela and David says she's lucky, as she has two dads. Outside, Jill tells Fiona that Gordon's beaut, and you wouldn't even know he was rich away from the house. Fiona says not everyone flaunts it like someone she's not trying to look at! Indoors, Gordon says he was glad to be able to offer David a job as he was feeling bad about what he'd done. He adds that industrial action brings out the survival instinct in him. However, David says he didn't know the recent history, and suggests to Gordon that they shouldn't bring politics into things. Outside, though, David comments to John about Gordon's remarks. John explains that Gordon asked him for help, but he turned him down. He tells his father that he'd be stupid to chuck in the job just because he disagreed with Gordon's actions. David says he'll do the job, and he won't kick up a fuss, but he'll never get on with a bloke who could do something like that.

When the barbecue is over, Patricia asks Gordon how he thought it went. He says, "Alright." Patricia tells her husband to be more enthusiastic, and says it's no wonder David didn't take to him. Gordon says he's not in the mood for an argument. Patricia comments that Gordon's not in the mood for anything, especially work. Gordon doesn't want to talk about it. Charlie arrives, and Patricia tells her best friend that she's too late to sticky-beak. Charlie says she was tempted, but maybe she's seeing sense in her old age! She asks Patricia about David, and Patricia says he was fine, friendly, and he apologised for his behaviour at the hospital. Patricia tells Charlie that she'd prefer to be alone as she's depressed. Charlie says that's because nothing happened, but Patricia says it's because she's tired, and she's had too much to eat and drink. Charlie goes.

Fiona, David, John and Jill get back to the boarding house - Fiona says it's humble, but she wouldn't change it for all the ritzy mansions in the world! She asks David how he felt on Patricia's homeground, and David says once is enough. Fiona says she's glad David's still taking the job. David says, "I need the money."

Patricia is dozing on the couch when Gordon comes in. He tells Patricia that he's been thinking about their situation and he wants a divorce. He says their marriage is just a floorshow, to which Patricia replies that there's no point in forcing their problems onto other people. Gordon says they must stop convincing people that they're Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hamilton. Patricia says, "Why now?" Gordon says it's been coming on for a long time, and he's just tired of trying. Looking stony-faced, Patricia says, "Alright, go ahead - you won't get a fight from me."


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