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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Alister Smart

David, John and Jill are having breakfast when Fiona comes in. She says she's been thinking that there'll be valuables at her property, and it might be a good idea for some sort of nightwatchman to sleep there. David says, "Me, right?!" He comments that he thought country people were supposed to be honest, but Fiona says, "Better safe than sorry." She asks John to drive David to the hospital to meet Wayne, because she has things she needs to sort out.

In the hospital corridor, John tells David that Wayne has a knack of rubbing people up the wrong way. David says, "I'll handle it." They go into Wayne's room and Wayne tells David that it's nice to meet him. He's just been speaking to Fiona, and has agreed that David can be nightwatchman. Wayne says to David, "You haven't done this before, have you?" He adds that there will be plenty of unskilled jobs needing doing. David asks when Wayne will be coming up, and Wayne says it depends on his legs. John remarks that Wayne likes to leave the dirty work to other people. Wayne retorts that some people are better suited to it. Outside in the corridor, David tells John that Wayne is a pain in the neck, and he says he can't understand what Jill sees in him, commenting that she needs her head read! John tells David that they have to go to the Hamiltons' to pick up a truck, but he says he's sure Gordon won't be there. David says, "Good." Jill arrives to see Wayne, and has brought him some 'proper' food to cheer him up - a sausage fried in batter to repay him for his practical joke! Jill tells Wayne that Patricia spent most of the day trying to steer clear of Planny. Wayne asks what food Jill really brought him, and is told, "That's it!"

Fiona is getting sandwiches for the truck-loaders. John tells her that a postcard has arrived from Scott, but when Fiona reads it, she says, "Some card." She tells John that Scott has been to Paris, but she isn't very impressed. She says that, if the truck's ready, they can leave straight after lunch. She says she just feels like getting away.

As Jill is leaving Wayne's room, she runs into Patricia, who's just arriving to see her stepson. The two women make smalltalk and go their own ways. In Wayne's room, Wayne tells Patricia that she just missed a banquet! Patricia tells Wayne that she had little sleep last night. She says that something happened: "Your father and I have decided to get a divorce." Wayne looks shocked, and says, "I'm sorry - it's a bit sudden." Patricia says it has been coming for some time. Wayne suggests they give it another try, but Patricia says Gordon's not interested. Wayne says he can't imagine home without the two of them. He asks if Angela knows, but Patricia says she doesn't yet - they'll only tell her if they really have to.

At the Palmers', Stevie is watching Norm the kangaroo on kids' TV while Angela and Mick talk in the kitchen. Stevie puts his hands to his head and goes into the kitchen. He tells Mick that he doesn't feel too good, and Mick asks Angela to get some medicine out. She gives Stevie two teaspoons from the medicine bottle. Mick suggests that all three of them go for a boat ride tomorrow, and he tells his son that he'll be able to meet Norm. He tells Stevie to go and lie down, and when Stevie is gone, Angela goes off at Mick for raising Stevie's hopes - she knows there's no way Mick will be able to arrange for Norm the kangaroo to come and meet his son.

At the flat, Mick tells Susan that he's put his foot in it. He rang the TV station, but they could only give him dates of shopping centre appearances. He says he hasn't told Stevie yet. He tells Susan that, when he found out his son was terminally ill, he swore he'd do anything to make him happy, but now Stevie really does think his dad can do anything.

Wayne tells Jill that he thought if anyone would chuck in the towel, it would be Patricia. Jill says it sounds like Patricia is taking it hard. Wayne says Patricia looks terrible, and probably doesn't want to go through with it. He says his dad is sick of everything and Patricia is copping it in the neck because of Gordon's mid-life crisis. Wayne thinks Patricia and Gordon should be apart for a while - he says he might ask Patricia to go to Woombai - but it won't be easy persuading her.

John, David and Fiona arrive at the Reid property, but when they get inside, it's full of cobwebs and junk - the power's on, though, and the telephone works! Fiona says she's brought a load of detergent! She says she's glad the old place is to be lived in again, and tells David that her grandparents were the loveliest people - when they died in 1962, Fiona felt she'd lost the best friends she ever had. David asks how they died, and is told it was in a car crash. Fiona says she was surprised they left her the place, but she couldn't have lived there without them. She tells David that she doesn't want to mope.

On the 'phone, Patricia tells Wayne that she refuses to go to Woombai. She suggests Gordon goes instead, but Wayne says his father will be sorting out the sale of the depot. Patricia says she doesn't like the place, and Wayne tells her that it's quiet, and good for thinking. Patricia says all the thinking in the world won't change her mind. She says she and Gordon are through, "... and let's leave it at that, eh?"

In Melbourne, Stevie has stayed the night at the Palmer house, and Mick calls round the next morning. Angela sends Stevie to play in the yard, and then tells Mick that she could murder him, and she had to pretend to Stevie that he's going to see Norm. Mick says he'll think up an excuse when they get there. Angela offers to tell Stevie the truth, but Mick says he'll do it.

Susan is seeing Mr. Egan, a senior member of staff at her hospital. She tells him that she got his name from her matron. She says she knows a little boy with a brain tumour, who'd like to meet Norm the kangaroo. The hospital had used Norm in the past in a charity event, and Susan thought there might be someone they could ask. Egan says he'll see what he can do, but he can't promise anything.

Angela has packed lunch. Mick is about to tell Stevie the truth when the 'phone rings - it's Susan, with the great news that she's got Norm for tomorrow - he'll drop in at the Palmers' on the way to an appearance.

At the Reid place, Fiona tells David that he's doing very well at getting the lino up. She says she didn't get to sleep at her hotel until late last night. David says Jill 'phoned while Fiona was out, and she's sending something up for Fiona. Fiona pitches in to help David get up the lino, and when they pull, they find an old newspaper underneath, dated 17 November 1955. David says he was only a bit of a kid then, and Fiona says, "So was I!" She remembers 1955 because it was the year they got late-night drinking in Sydney - bars could stay open until 10pm! Fiona says they were beaut times - it was before TV, there were trams in Sydney, and you never had to lock up when you went out. She says life seemed less complicated and people seemed friendlier. David asks whether Fiona means 'friendly' like she was when he and Patricia turned up. Fiona says, "How could I let you down?" The two of them laugh at the clothing adverts, and at a half-finished crossword. Later, the truck is loaded up with rubbish and David drives off. Fiona goes back inside her property and is sweeping around when someone creeps up behind her - it's Scott! Fiona is amazed. Scott tells her that London seemed dull without her, and Paris was the last gasp. He says, "I missed you." Fiona smiles broadly and happily throws her arms round him.


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