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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Alister Smart

Fiona tells Scott that there's certainly a lot of work to do at Woombai. Scott admits that he didn't behave well the day he left. Fiona asks how London was, and Scott says, "Cold, grey, very depressing. You weren't there." Fiona tells Scott that she missed him, too. She says she was worried that she'd scared him off, and when Scott asks why, Fiona realises she's spent two weeks worrying about something that Scott doesn't even remember. Scott says he's so glad that Fiona worries about what he thinks.

Patricia tells Charlie that she doesn't want to be stuck in the country - and besides, she'd miss the start of the opera season. Charlie brings up the subject of the dress again, and Patricia tells her best friend that it wasn't appropriate for a poolside party. Charlie says that neither was the dress that Patricia did wear - it was the drabbest thing she'd ever seen her in! Charlie comments that Patricia is backpeddling at a rate of knots, and won't go to Woombai because she'll be close to David. Patricia says that, if she had worn the dress, it would have made her look as if she was at the start of a seduction routine, and if she went to Woombai, everyone would think she's chasing David. She says she's not scared of working with David - after all, they're both adults - nothing will happen, and she wants noone getting the wrong idea. Charlie reminds Patricia that a couple of minutes ago, she was excusing herself because of the opera tickets. Charlie realises she may have gone too far, and says she never knows when to shut up. She adds, though, "Mind you, I'm usually right."

David meets Scott, who says he's heard about the strike. David says the money from doing up Fiona's property will keep him going. Scott says he can't believe there's only the two of them working on the place, but Fiona says there will be other tradesmen up from the city soon. Scott offers to pitch in and help - as long as he can have Fiona to himself tomorrow.

Gordon returns to Dural from the hospital, and he tells Patricia that Wayne's hydrotherapy is going well. He says he agrees with his wife that it's impractical for her to go to Woombai, and he'll hire someone until Wayne's up to it. Gordon says the project requires someone who can organize, give orders and coordinate. Patricia remarks that Wayne will be lumbered with the expense of an extra salary, to which Gordon replies that he can't afford time away from the city. When Patricia says, "Ahhh," Gordon yells that he's fed up with her sly digs. He tells her to do it - go to Woombai. He says it'll be a complete shemozzle, but at least it'll keep her out of his sight. Patricia says she might surprise him - she's capable of being a lot more than Mrs. Gordon Hamilton. Gordon says he hopes so, as she didn't make a very good fist of that." Patricia says she'll talk to Wayne, and if he's still keen, she'll go tomorrow. Gordon says, "You don't have to prove anything to me." Patricia snaps, "Oh, I'm not trying to."

Patricia tells Charlie that she wants no more arguments. Charlie's glad that Patricia has woken up to herself, but Patricia says she's going for just four reasons: to get far away from Gordon, to prove to herself that she can do the job, to prove to Charlie and her cronies that she can be close to David without falling all over him, and to make up with John - who she's going to see right now, as Gordon has agreed to release him from the stud. Charlie remarks that Patricia is really making sure nothing will happen, if she's having John around when David's there. She does tell Patricia, though, that she hopes it all works out.

At the boarding house, Patricia tells John that she knows she's asking a lot, and she lists everything that needs to be done at Woombai. She says she'll need all the help she can get, and tells John to, "Just be there when I need you." John doesn't know what to do, but Patricia tells him that they can hopefully get things sorted out - just because they don't see eye-to-eye, it doesn't mean they won't get on. She adds that it will be good for John to be close to David. John says, "OK - when do we leave?"

Fiona takes a horse and rides to her late son's grave. She looks at it and tidies the area around it.

Mick is looking for his car keys. He thanks Susan for setting things up, and Susan says the channel promised not to let slip to Stevie how sick he is. At the Palmers', there's a ring on the doorbell, and Angela answers. The caller is Heather Bradshaw, a PR person from Channel 7. After Angela explains that Mick and Cheryl have separated and are using the Palmers' as a neutral base, Ms. Bradshaw says she wants to do a human interest story about Stevie. She tells Angela that she doesn't know how she'd cope if it was her child, asking how you tell a seven year old kid that she could be dead in months. Angela looks astonished. Later, she's sitting in the lounge, looking thoughtful, when Mick and Stevie arrive. She hugs Stevie and tells him to go outside to wait for Norm. When Stevie's gone, Angela asks Mick why he didn't tell her - she's upset that she had to hear about Stevie's illness from Heather Bradshaw. Mick says he didn't want too many people knowing. Angela says she understands, but she won't hang around as she might blow things. She says she's never had to handle anything like this before. She goes outside and tells Stevie that Norm should be here soon, but says she's off to see a friend. Looking upset, she walks off, just as Susan arrives. Inside, Mick tells Susan that he should have listened to her. Susan says Stevie's disappointed that Angela won't be there. She also tells Mick that Stevie didn't want to talk to her at first this afternoon after she yelled at him the other day, but they've made up now. Mick says he rang Heather Bradshaw and said they didn't want any publicity. Stevie knocks on the window and shouts that Norm has arrived. The kangaroo gives Stevie a ride and the kid has lots of fun. Later, indoors, Mick tells Stevie to get some sleep. Stevie asks how come Angela's not back, and Mick says she must have got tied up. Stevie starts talking about what he wants to do when he grows up, and Mick, not knowing what to say, just comes out with, "Yeah, sure you will."

Fiona and David are sitting on the floor, eating. Fiona is miles away, not listening to David talking. She says she has a few things on her mind, and then asks if there's any work to be done outside. She tells David that she needs to talk to Scott, and would like David to work outside. She says she'd feel happier talking to Scott inside, but she can't tell David what it's about. Scott duly arrives and David makes himself scarce.

Gordon tells Patricia that she can go on holiday somewhere if she wants, and he'll pay. He says he didn't mean it yesterday about her going to Woombai - he was angry. Patricia says she won't be fobbed off - this will be a good way to start life on her own. She remarks that Wayne probably thought the time apart would help them get closer, but now it's just a pipedream. John arrives and asks if Patricia's ready. They go.

Fiona tells Scott that thirty years is a long time to hide something like that. Scott asks, "Why?" Fiona says she knew she could never marry him, so she wanted to have his baby. Scott says he thought he was the one who broke them up, but Fiona confesses that she orchestrated the whole thing, as she knew he'd never accept her ending it. Scott says he would have married her, and asks why they had to finish with each other. Fiona says, "I was a prostitute." Scott looks shocked. Fiona tells Scott that she knew he'd be successful, and there was no way they could marry. She says she had the baby at the property - he was so weak, and she had him for just three days. She bursts into tears. She says she knew she'd have to tell Scott eventually, and wouldn't blame him if he... Scott interrupts, and tells Fiona that she's a remarkable woman. He tenderly says he wants to see his son's grave.


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