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    Written by: Christine McCourt    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

David is busy working when a car pulls up and Fiona and Scott get out. Fiona tells David that she's so happy. David says that whatever she told Scott, it did the trick. Fiona says there was something she had to tell him, and he took it better than she thought. She asks David if he'd mind if she returned to the city - she says she has too much on her mind to stay up at her property.

Patricia and John get to Woombai to find there's noone there. Patricia snaps, "Some welcoming committee." She tells John that Rosie Andrews isn't too keen on her. When John asks why, Patricia explains that Rosie is related to Gordon's first wife. She says she's the golddigger from Sydney who lured Gordon away from Woombai and Rosie's tender, loving influenence. John comments that it seems like a long time to hold a grudge. He adds, "Were you a golddigger?" Patricia replies, "No - I was an unmarried mother with a child to support." Rosie comes in, and says, "You've arrived." Patricia asks, "How are you, Rosie?" Rosie says, "Can't complain." Patricia introduces John, but Rosie virtually ignores him, and says she'd better start preparing dinner. When she's left the room, John remarks to Patricia, "I see what you mean."

Fiona and Scott are about to head back to Sydney, and bid farewell to David. Just after they've gone, the 'phone rings. When David answers, it's John at the other end, saying he's at Woombai. When David asks what he's doing there, John sarcastiacally replies that it's a nice sunny day and he thought he'd go for a drive! Then he reveals that he's there with Patricia, and explains that Gordon didn't have time to supervise the work, so Patricia's doing it. He says, "Good, eh?!" David hesitantly says, "Yeah. Yes, it is." He explains that Fiona has gone so she won't get in the way. John tells David that he and Patricia will be over soon. When the call has finished, Patricia asks John how his father reacted to the news that she was there. John just says David was fine about it, and asks why she queried it. Patricia explains that some men don't like working for a woman. Rosie says, "Too right they don't." She tells Patricia that the men from the town won't like working for a woman - especially one who doesn't know what real work is. Patricia says she hopes Rosie isn't going to keep this up the whole time she's there. Rosie innocently asks, "What do you mean?" Patricia says she'll be trying to get everything to run smoothly, and she doesn't want Rosie being the voice of doom. Rosie says, "I'll do my job as always." John and Patricia go.

Beryl, Kevin and Lynn return from Macedon. Beryl has enjoyed herself, and is glad she went. They have called in and seen Lynn's mum first, and have been hearing unbelievable stories about a kangaroo out the front. When they get inside, Angela explains about Norm. The 'phone rings and Beryl answers. The call is for Angela, though - it's a babysitting job. Beryl asks if David rang, but is told he didn't.

David shows John and Patricia what he's done so far, but Patricia comments that it doesn't seem much to accomplish in two days. David says he spent yesterday settling in - when the other workers get there, things will get done much quicker. Patricia says, "Good. Nothing else you want to show me?" She goes to leave, but John suggests David join them for dinner at Woombai. Patricia reluctantly agrees.

Mick arrives at the Palmers' to see Angela, but she's out babysitting. He tells Beryl that he was wondering if Angela is OK, as she's found out about Stevie's illness and it hit her pretty hard. Beryl says she'll wait up and talk to Angela when she gets home. She invites Mick for dinner, and when they get into the kitchen, Mick jokingly says to Lynn, "How's it going, fatty?!" He then tells Beryl that he's heard the strike could be over in a few days. Beryl says she certainly hopes so.

After dinner at Woombai, Patricia, David and John all offer to do the washing up, but Rosie won't listen to their offers. David asks Patricia what he did, and Patricia says it's guilt by association. She adds that it's a long story, and David says he still doesn't know what happened after Patricia left Fiona's with Angela. Patricia says Gordon's first wife died while giving birth to Wayne, and Gordon felt he couldn't give a proper home to his son, so he sent Wayne to live with his retired parents, leaving Gordon to run Woombai. When Wayne was about five, Gordon looked for a live-in nanny, and it turned out to be Patricia. Gordon went to Fiona's to discuss the water deal, and that was where he met Patricia. They got talking, Gordon thought Patricia was a deserted mother, and she said nothing to deny this, and she jumped at the chance of a job. When Gordon first met her, she was holding Angela, but she didn't mention that she had twins. Patricia says she thought she had it made when she first arrived - Angela was happy, and Rosie was very civil - until Gordon fell in love with Patricia. Patricia comments that Rosie probably thinks David and John are her jetset friends, not to be trusted. She then says, "That's that. Drink up - we've got a long day tomorrow."

Beryl is making a late cuppa when Angela gets home. She says the job was quite good - it was a little boy. Beryl says Mick dropped by and told her that Angela had found out about Stevie. Angela asks how she can play with Stevie normally when she knows what's going to happen. Beryl says there's a chance Stevie will come through the operation - it's dangerous, but the more everyone acts normally, the less frightened he'll be. Beryl remarks that Stevie thinks the world of Angela. Angela says she's always been wrapped in cotton wool, but she won't let Stevie down.

David's alarm goes off, and while he's getting dressed, he hears a vehicle pull up. When he goes outside, he sees it's John just arrived, and he's brought some breakfast that Rosie made. He also tells his father that he wanted to prove he could get to a job early. David asks about Patricia, and is told that she's seeing the foreman first. He also asks if she said anything about last night, adding that he was concerned she might think him nosy. John just thinks Patricia's uptight about handling men who aren't used to a woman boss.

At Woombai, Rosie tells the foreman, Mal Leyton, that he's in for a long wait. However, Patricia arrives straight away, and she suggests that Leyton send half the men to the Reid property, and half stay at Woombai to start on the stables. Leyton queries this, but then concedes, "You're the boss."

Fiona thanks Scott for being a good influence, taking her on her first early-morning run. She says she hopes Jill appreciates being let off the early morning roster, and adds that cooking is really boring! Scott says he has been thinking about the baby, and how Fiona wouldn't sell her property because of it. He says he suddenly realised how much that means to him.

At Woombai, Rosie is clearing up when Patricia comes in and tells her to leave what she's doing. Patricia says she's at Woombai to help Wayne, and no matter what it takes, she's going to do a good job. Rosie says she's not going to stop her. Patricia tells Rosie that if there's one more snide comment, or attempt to undermine her, she'll be out on her ear - and if she thinks Patricia's joking, she should think again. Rosie says, "You don't scare me - and if you can't do that, you're going to have Buckley's with those blokes out there."

Mick is due to call to pick Angela up, and Angela tells Beryl that she and Mick are going for a drive. Angela says Mick's nice, kind, warm, down-to-earth. He's a lot like..." Beryl interrupts with, "John." Angela says, "He isn't, though, is he..."

Patricia arrives at the Reid property as the men from the town watch. As she walks past them, one comments to another, "Wouldn't mind a bit of that!" She tells the men that she's overseeing the project for Wayne. She says she's going to have a good look round, and she'll let Leyton tell them what to do today. "Any problems, let me know." As the men walk off, one of them wolf-whistles. Patricia looks furious. She walks after them, and says to the man who dared to offend her, "What's your name?" He replies, "Steve Henderson." Patricia tells him, "Alright, Mr. Henderson. You can go straight to Woombai. I'll have a day's pay made up. Don't bother to come back tomorrow." An incredulous Henderson says, "Oh, what?" but Patricia makes it clear that the same goes for anyone else who behaves in the same way. The men don't look happy. As Patricia goes inside, David says to John, "Stay here and keep an eye on things." He follows Patricia indoors, and asks her if she's not overreacting. Patricia says she's setting an example, and asks David why he isn't outside. He says he wants to make sure she's OK, and adds, "All he did was wolf-whistle." Patricia says she didn't want to discuss it with the foreman, and she certainly doesn't want to talk about it to David. David says, "Come on, calm down." Patricia tells David that she's just fired a man for not treating her with respect, and the same will happen to any man who treats her the same way. David says, "Come on, Pat." Patricia says, "And call me Mrs. Hamilton during work hours." David says, "If that's the way you want it."


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