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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Alister Smart

David tells Beryl that she's squeezing the life out of him! He explains that the airport bus broke down, and he couldn't get a taxi. Beryl says she's so happy that David's back, and adds that she hopes things are good between him and John. David says, "I know, Beryl." He says Patricia told him, and Beryl asks why. David says Patricia wanted him to stay, and he was going to, but he was being stupid. Beryl asks David if he came back because he felt sorry for her, but he doesn't get a chance to answer, as a voice from the darkness says, "Whatever you're doing, you'd better stop - we're coming out!" Kevin and Lynn emerge from their room, and David tells them he missed them. Kevin asks David if he minded them coming out like that, but David says of course not. He explains that he had the chance to stay longer in the country, but missed everyone too much. Turning to Beryl, he says, "You believe me, don't you, love?" Beryl replies, "Yes, I do." As Kevin and Lynn head into the kitchen for a cuppa, David says, "Coming, love?"

Patricia is sitting, drinking, at Woombai when Rosie enters the room. Patricia tells her to go to bed. Rosie asks Patricia if she got through to Mrs. Bartlett, but Patricia just repeats, "Go to bed." Rosie suggests that Patricia call Gordon, and she leaves the room, as Patricia looks thoughtful.

As Kevin and Lynn head back to bed, David says he's glad about their exam marks. When he and Beryl are alone again, David remarks that he doesn't know how she kept the truth from the kids. Beryl says it wasn't easy. David says he feels rotten, but explains his behaviour by saying he's 39 and got scared - he's not getting any younger. He says it was a change from the norm, but he came back because he loves Beryl more than anyone else in the world. Beryl asks David if he's over it, and he nods. Beryl says, "Good," and they cuddle.

The next morning, Charlie arrives at Woombai, and Rosie asks if there's been some sort of upset. Charlie says it's none of Rosie's business. Patricia sends Rosie into town, and when they're alone, Patricia tells Charlie that she thinks Rosie suspects. Charlie comments that she expected Patricia to be in a mess. Patricia says she was stupid, and gave into it, and that's why Rosie's suspicious. Charlie asks why she's there, and Patricia tells her, "Company." She tells Charlie that David said he would stay, as things had got better after Charlie left the other day. David had packed his bags, and they were just outside when he changed his mind. Charlie remarks that his wife must have something going for her, but Patricia says it wasn't Beryl - it was a lot of things. Charlie says she broke speed records and turned down lunch with a handsome man to get up to Woombai, as last night Patricia was a babbling mess, but now she's put up walls. Charlie says she's there to help - not to be frozen out. She does tell Patricia she's sorry, though.

Mal Leyton is at the Reid property when Rosie comes in, and comments that things are going well. She says she overheard Patricia talking to Mal on the 'phone, and was wondering if David had left. Mal says one of the workmen and Patricia both thought David would be staying on, but he's gone without saying goodbye or anything. He suggests that David and Patricia may have had an argument about the supervisor's job, and Rosie says she didn't know anything about that. She remarks that Patricia must have thought David a good worker, and Mal tells her that Patricia always asked for David - he didn't seem the unreliable sort. Rosie says she didn't think that either.

David gets home after going to the depot. He says Bates rostered him off for today, but he'll be going back tomorrow on short-haul. He tells Beryl that he liked the work at Woombai, and Beryl suggests that he look for something else, but David says that, in a couple of weeks, he'll have forgotten all about it. Beryl tells David that Angela wants to talk to him, as she's going home to Sydney. David says he's not worried about Angela and John, but what if Angela finds out about him and Patricia? Beryl says that only Patricia knows, and she's unlikely to say anything.

As Rosie is heading into town, Gordon pulls up on his way to Woombai. Rosie tells him that Charlie has arrived, and asks if Gordon is there for the same reason. Gordon says he didn't know about Charlie, but he's there about the divorce. Rosie looks shocked, as she didn't know about this.

At Woombai, Gordon tells Charlie that he wants to speak to Patricia alone, so Charlie leaves them to it. Gordon asks Patricia why Charlie is up there, and Patricia just says she felt like some company. Gordon tells Patricia that he received her solicitor's letter yesterday, and there's no way she's going to get his half of Woombai. Patricia laughs, and says she had the crazy idea that she could continue the place after the divorce, but reiterates that it was crazy. Gordon says he came up to see how things were going, and Patricia says it's all running like clockwork - she said she could do it. Gordon asks if he can stay on for a while, and Patricia says it's fine by her. Gordon hopes they can be civilised about things, and Patricia says, "Aren't we?" Gordon says he met Rosie, and she seemed to think something's wrong. Patricia says, "You know her: everything's a drama," but she looks thoughtful.

Angela picks up a bunch of flowers, and when David says they're for Beryl, Angela offers to arrange them. David says Beryl told him about Angela's trip to Sydney, and he asks her if it'll be for long. Angela says she felt like getting away for a while. David asks her if she'll go to Woombai, but Angela says it depends where John is. David tells her that John was in Sydney when he left, so Angela probably won't have to bother. Angela remarks that she thought David would want her to patch things up with her mother, but David tells Angela it's up to her. Angela asks David how he got on with Patricia, but he says he didn't see much of her, as it wasn't good for the workers to mingle with the boss. Angela says it sounds like an excuse to her for Patricia not to have anything to do with David. She says she won't go out of her way to get in touch with her mother.

Rosie gets back to Woombai and asks Patricia if Gordon arrived OK. She says she was at the Reid place, and Mal was surprised at how David left so suddenly. She says Mal had got the impression from Patricia that David was staying on. Patricia asks Rosie what she's getting at, and Rosie tells Patricia that she may think she's an old fool, but she's not. Patricia says she doesn't know what little bee Rosie's got in her bonnet, but she'd better be careful. She warns Rosie that if she starts spreading gossip, she'll have her off the property in a flash, regardless of what Gordon says. Rosie says, "I know what I know." Patricia says she has no idea what Rosie's talking about. Rosie leaves the room and Charlie comes in. Patricia tells Charlie that Rosie knows, and she'll have to bluff it out. She says Rosie has no proof, and she doesn't care if Gordon finds out, but she's worried about John and Angela. Patricia rhetorically asks how she got herself in this mess, but Charlie answers, "Because you loved him." Patricia says she's going riding, and she tells Charlie to keep Gordon away from Rosie when he gets back.

Much later, dusk is falling, and Gordon suggests to Charlie that they go looking for Patricia, as she's out late. Gordon asks if Patricia said anything, but Charlie says only that she was going for a ride. Charlie and Gordon decide to go out, but Rosie asks to speak to Gordon alone before he leaves. Charlie reminds him that they haven't got long before it's dark, and Gordon tells Rosie they'll talk when he gets back. Rosie doesn't look pleased.

Patricia is at the Reid property. She spots two table tennis bats on the floor, and picks up one bat and a ball. As she holds them in her hands, she looks upset. She starts sobbing, and slides her back down the wall until she's sitting on the floor, crying uncontrollably.

David and the rest of the Palmer family are laughing at the dinner table at Kevin's friend, Nelson, breaking his arm. Kevin has just got into the football team, and Beryl is worried about the physicality of the game. David points out that some of the guys are big, and he suggests Kevin could do with some beefing-up. He offers to help his son train, and knock off some of Beryl's cooking! Lynn goes and gets a pavlova out the 'fridge, and says it's for a triple celebration: Kevin getting into the footy team, David coming home, and Angela's farewell. Kevin asks Angela how long she'll be gone, and Angela says she'll see how it goes. Beryl goes out into the lounge, and David follows, shutting the kitchen door behind him. They hug, and David says he was an idiot, as he nearly lost... Beryl interrupts, and says, "I love you." David says, "I love you, too."

Charlie finds Patricia at the Reid property, and asks her if she's alright. Patricia sarcastically says, "I'm just wonderful!" She says she's been on a sentimental binge, visiting all the places she and David went together. Patricia says David got back at her - he led her on until she really thought they'd get back together, and then he said no. He paid her back for walking out on him twenty years ago. Patricia tells Charlie that she's going to make David very sorry. Charlie tells Patricia that she doesn't mean that, and Patricia bursts into tears again, and sobs, "Oh, Charlie - I loved him so much."


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