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    Written by: Christine McCourt    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Alister Smart

Mick comes to bid Angela farewell, and he tells her that he won't be there when she gets back. He explains that Beryl's brother has just got back from working up north, and there's plenty of mining work up there, so Mick is going to be doing that, and will be gone for a while. Mick says he acted like an idiot, but Angela says noone blames him. They both say they'll miss each other, and they tell each other to look after themselves.

Gordon comments to Rosie that it's getting cold out, and he hopes Patricia's alright. Rosie says, "Her sort always is," but Gordon retorts, "There's no need for that." He says that if Charlie hasn't found Patricia, he's going to get help in, as she could have fallen from her horse. Rosie remarks that Patricia's probably feeling sorry for herself. She then tells Gordon that she can't let Patricia get away with it - she tells him that Patricia and David had an affair. Gordon says that's a serious accusation, and he asks Rosie if she has any proof. Rosie says Patricia was out 'til all hours, she kept following David around, and she was constantly looking for excuses to keep her out of the way. Gordon says that's not what he meant by proof. Rosie says OK: how come David's wife turned up and then left again almost straight away? She says Patricia was upset because David went back to Melbourne. Gordon says it's speculation, but Rosie tells Gordon that he didn't see them. Gordon remarks that Rosie never liked Patricia. Rosie says she's said what happened, and that's all she can do. She adds, "It's true, though." Later, Gordon is sitting in a chair when Charlie and Patricia finally come in. He says he wants to speak to Patricia privately. When they're alone, Gordon tells Patricia that Rosie thinks she's been having an affair. He says, "She's right, isn't she?" He says it adds up, but Patricia asks if he believes Rosie's gossip. Gordon says it's not only that - what Rosie said got him thinking about how Patricia had been keen for John to go down to the auction, the sudden divorce proceedings and the interest in Woombai. Patricia repeats the fact that she's lost interest in that, but Gordon tells her it's because David has gone back to Melbourne. Patricia decides to come clean, and says, "Alright then, we had an affair, and it was wonderful. It made me realise that I should have done it years ago." Gordon tells Patricia that he wants her out first thing, and he says he'll stay until Wayne and Jill arrive. He says he doesn't want Patricia staying at Dural, and he tells her to stay with Charlie, or find a hotel - whatever's more convenient. Patricia says, "Anything else?" Gordon replies, "No." Patricia snaps, "Good."

At Dural the next day, Wayne asks Patricia what she's doing back. He asks if it's because of Angela, before realising that Patricia didn't know about her daughter's impending visit. He adds that Jill's gone to fetch Angela from the airport, and Patricia says she'd better go and pack, as she can't bear to see her as well. Wayne asks what's happened, and Patricia tells him that Gordon's getting nasty about the divorce - he thought she wouldn't go through with it, and now he realises that she is, he hasn't taken it very well. Wayne asks Patricia if she's going to let Gordon get away with it, but Patricia replies, "What choice do I have?" Wayne points out that Woombai is half Patricia's . Patricia says that, if she carries on against Gordon, John and Angela are liable to take his side and turn against her. Wayne asks Patricia to stay at Dural, pointing out that Gordon will be at Woombai. Patricia says she'll think about it. When Patricia goes upstairs, Charlie assures Wayne that she had nothing to do with it. She also urges Wayne not to 'phone Gordon . She tells him just to continue being nice to Patricia, as she doesn't need anyone else making problems for her.

Jill and Angela stop at the stud on the way to Dural. Angela tells Jill that she wants to see her horse, Gemma, but Jill just asks a stablehand where John is. When the stablehand says John is in the paddock, Angela decides to ride over to see him, and she tells Jill that she'll get a lift back. Jill asks Angela if she's mad about her and Wayne, but she says she's not; she just hopes he's changed, for Jill's sake. Angela rides out on Gemma, and sees John with a horse. He spots her, runs over to her, and they hug. John tells Angela she's looking great. Angela asks John if he's heard about Stevie, and John says he has. Angela says Mick has gone to look for work in Western Australia. She explains that she and Mick tried a relationship, but it didn't work. She says she wanted a break to get over her depression after Stevie's death. John says he's found a new girl, and they've been out a couple of times. He explains that she's pushy, but Angela says she wants to meet her.

Wayne asks Patricia if she'll be alright, and Patricia says she will. She realises she hasn't asked how Wayne's getting on with walking, and Wayne says he's getting better, but it'll still be another month. Jill and Wayne go out, and Patricia picks up a card that arrived from Gordon with some flowers for Angela. Charlie remarks that at least Gordon's keeping up the front, but Patricia says he'd do it anyway, as she doesn't think he'd tell either Angela or John. Charlie doesn't think either of the twins would have approved of Patricia and David's relationship, but Patricia says she was prepared to risk it - now, though, what a mess it would be. Charlie tells Patricia that she's coming home with her. Patricia says she's going to stay at Dural, but Charlie says she only meant for a drink!

Prue enters the office at the stud, where Angela is waiting for John. She explains that she wanted to check out the facilities. Angela introduces herself, and Prue says she's heard the whole story from John, and thinks it's very touching. Prue then introduces herself, and suddenly realises that Angela was engaged to her brother - she tells Angela that Simon was a pain in the neck! John comes in and asks Prue what she's doing there. Prue says she couldn't wait, and she wants to be shown around. Angela agrees to wait.

Later, at Dural, Angela appreciates the card and flowers. She wishes Gordon was there, and thinks there must be a problem. She adds that she misses her father, saying she loves David, "...but daddy's daddy." Prue and John are about to head off to Fiona's. John invites Angela to join them, but she declines. Prue tells Angela that it's lovely to meet her. When she's alone, Angela 'phones Gordon at Woombai. She thanks him for the flowers, and asks when he's coming back. Gordon says he's staying there for a while, and he asks Angela if she's spoken to Patricia. Angela says she thought her mother was at Woombai as well, but Gordon says she's with Charlie. He tells his daughter that the divorce is going ahead. He invites her to join him at Woombai, and Angela says she wants to spend some time with John, but may come up afterwards. When the call is over, Rosie enters the room at Woombai. Gordon tells her that he's not angry with her. However, what happened is between him and Patricia, and he warns Rosie that if she says anything, she can pack her bags straight away. Rosie says she doesn't know why Gordon's protecting Patricia, but Gordon just tells Rosie that it's not her business. He then invites her to join him for a drink.

Patricia gets back into Dural and tells Angela it's lovely to see her. Angela remarks that she thought her mother was staying somewhere else, but Patricia says she's decided to stay at Dural. Angela tells her that they won't have to have much to do with each other, and adds that it's the best decision Gordon's ever made.

At Fiona's, Prue orders John not to eat some of Fiona's 'fatty' snacks. John gives in. Jill and Wayne come in, Jill having just packed ready for her move. Prue asks if Jill will miss the boarding house, and when Jill says she will, Prue tells her she shouldn't, as it's very small and poky. She tells Jill that she'll soon get used to the open space in the country. Jill and Fiona go into the kitchen to get a drink for Wayne, and Jill rhetorically asks who Prue thinks she is! Fiona says Prue doesn't do it on purpose - it comes naturally! She adds that she hopes John doesn't let Prue get her own way too much.

Gordon comments to Rosie that it's just like old times. Rosie says they need young Wayne there, and then things will be back to normal. She asks Gordon if Wayne will be able to manage, and Gordon explains that Jill will be there to help him. Rosie says, "Jill?" and asks if she's the lass that came up with Fiona. Gordon says yes. Rosie asks how long Jill will be staying, and Gordon says permanently. Rosie asks if Wayne and Jill are engaged, but Gordon says they're just close. Rosie wonders which room to put Jill in, and Gordon says she'll be in Wayne's room. Rosie worries about turfing Wayne out, but Gordon tries to explain that Wayne won't mind sharing. Rosie says Wayne's going to have his own room, and that's final!

Prue and John get back to Dural. Prue says she liked Fiona, and John says he's glad, but he thinks Fiona saw right through Prue. They then kiss, as Angela stands on the stairs, watching...


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