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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Alister Smart

The next morning, John and Prue play tennis on the court at Dural. Prue wins a set, and John tells her he'll make a comeback! He asks her if she's trying to get back at him because he beat her at the auction. Indoors, Patricia, Wayne and Angela are eating breakfast. Angela asks Wayne what he's got planned for the day, and Wayne tells her that he's going to the yacht club with Jill. Patricia suggests to Angela that she join in the tennis match outside, but Angela just looks sullen, and leaves the room. Wayne comments to Patricia that Angela wasn't very subtle, but Patricia says it's Angela's way of saying things haven't changed. Wayne says he'll have a talk to his little sister, but Patricia says she doesn't need anyone doing her PR for her. Wayne asks Patricia about her plans, but Patricia tells him that she's given up making plans. Wayne comments that that's not very like Patricia, and she tells him that she's learnt a few lessons since Angela walked out - she'd like to admit to Angela that she was wrong, but she doesn't want to push it. Wayne tells Patricia that she's still got him and John, and says, "Two out of three isn't bad, is it?" Patricia replies, "Not bad at all." On the tennis court, Prue beats John game, set and match. They decide to take a breather, and Prue takes the opportunity to ask about John meeting up with his mother. John says it's a long story, but Prue wants to hear it anyway - she says Barbara told her, but she want to hear John's version, so John tells her all about David, Patricia, Selmar, being on the run, going back to Fiona (who John says didn't bat an eyelid when he suddenly turned up), running into Angela and not knowing they were related... Prue tells John that it's a good job Angela's his sister, otherwise she'd get jealous. John refuses to tell any more of the story unless Prue beats him in their next set! He jokingly asks her if she minds going out with an ex-crim, and she says she likes living dangerously. Patricia has come out and sat on a sunlounger, and she watches as John and Prue head back on-court. Inside, Angela comes downstairs, and the doorbell rings - it's Barbara, who says she saw Prue's car outside. She tells Angela that Prue is the only person who can out-talk her! Barbara is there to see Angela. Angela says she wasn't sure whether they'd still be friends, but Barbara points out that it was she who told Angela to break off the engagement to Simon. She says that sparks often fly between her and Prue, because she won't let Prue get her own way, and she adds that Prue's been knocking back dates left, right and centre since clapping eyes on John. Barbara comments that she might still end up related to the Hamilton family!

Susan pays a visit to the Palmer house, and Beryl tells her that David and Kevin are out training. Susan remarks that it seems likes a hundred years since she had some fun. She asks if she can move back in once Mick goes. Beryl tells her that of course she can. Susan says that Bill will be gone so long that it won't be worth keeping their house on.

John and Prue walk towards where Patricia is lounging in the sun. Prue and Patricia are introduced, and John remarks that Prue thrashed him. Prue explains that she had professional coaching, and asks what the point of playing is if you don't try to win! Prue reminds John that they're having dinner tonight, and she leaves. Patricia then tells John that Prue is just his type - painfully honest! John asks Patricia if he can get Angela to bring lunch outside, but Patricia says it probably isn't a good idea. She thanks John for being understanding about the divorce. John says it's probably none of his business. He goes inside just as Angela is bringing a tray of sandwiches to the table. The two of them sit down, and when John comments that there's not enough for three, Angela says Patricia can get her own. John tells Angela that everyone deserves a second chance - he and Patricia got off to a bad start, but they get on well now. He then yells at her, saying he thought she'd done some growing-up in Melbourne, but she could have fooled him. He storms off to go for a drive.

John turns up at the boarding house, and tells Fiona that Angela is being stubborn. Fiona says that's unfair, as Angela can't forgive and forget overnight. John says she's had a lot longer than that, but Fiona points out that coming back to the divorce can't have helped. She tells John that he's fighting an uphill battle. John asks Fiona to talk to Angela, but Fiona says Angela would just resent her for interfering. She says Angela and Patricia have to sort out their own battles, but she adds that she would always help John if she thought it was the answer. Fiona then asks John how things are between him and Angela, and he says he hasn't really seen her as Prue keeps dragging him off. Fiona asks if there's any jealousy from Angela, but John says of course not, as they're over all that. Fiona points out to John that Angela did come to see him, but John bluntly replies, "I thought you were butting out." John goes, and Fiona makes a 'phone call.

Kevin tells Susan that the house has turned into a police state since David returned! The 'phone rings, and Beryl answers it. Fiona asks if she can come down and stay for a few days. Beryl tells Fiona that they'd love to have her. Fiona says the sooner she gets out of the boarding house, the better. She tells Beryl that Patricia is back in town, seemingly to get on-side with Angela again, although Angela's having nothing to do with it. Fiona says John asked her to mediate between them, and she also adds that she's broken up with Scott, and that she'll miss Jill like crazy. Beryl tells Fiona they'll cheer her up. Fiona says she'll be down tomorrow, and adds that she can't wait. Beryl goes and tells David about their guest, and David says, "Good." She tells him that Fiona knows all about their problems, as she ran to her after she left Woombai. David says, "Good old Fiona - always around when you need her." He tells Beryl that he couldn't have handled coming back if the kids had known the truth. He adds that he doesn't regret coming back, but he is still slightly worried about work. He suggests that he and Beryl move to the country when he retires, and Beryl is all for it!

Angela is sitting alone when Patricia walks in. Patricia asks her daughter when she's going up to Woombai, but Angela says she hasn't made up her mind yet. John comes in and tells Angela that Woombai is looking terrific. Patricia asks Angela if she'll be going to the opening, and Angela asks, "Will you be there?" When Patricia replies, "Probably not," Angela says she'll ask Gordon for a ticket, then. Patricia asks Angela if she'll be in for dinner, but Angela says she's eating out. When Patricia leaves the room, John tells Angela to give Patricia a go, as the last thing she needs is her daughter making things hard for her. John says he was looking forward to seeing Angela, but now he can't wait to see the back of her. Angela tells John that Patricia's got him fooled, but John tells Angela to sort things out with Patricia, or he doesn't want to know her.

Fiona gives Wayne a drink, and goes into the kitchen where Jill is preparing for her leaving party. Jill tells Fiona that Wayne had to sell his catamaran today. Fiona reckons Jill's in for a tough time, but Jill doesn't think so, and she says she and Wayne are spending a romantic weekend at a luxury hotel before they go out to Woombai. Fiona says, "It's no more than you deserve." Fiona tells Jill that she must really love Wayne. Jill says, "I'm going to miss you so much." Fiona says, "I'll miss you too, love." They hug.

Patricia finds that Angela hasn't gone out, and comments on the fact. Angela asks her mother if she wants to know why, and she explains that John thinks she came back with a closed mind about Patricia - and he was right. Patricia says she can't blame Angela, and she tells her daughter that being away on her own has done her a lot of good. Angela says she's not promising anything, but maybe they can sort out a few things while she's there. Patricia asks, "Are you sure you want to try?" Angela replies, "I'm sure."


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