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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Greg Shears

Fiona finishes drinking her coffee and picks up the 'phone. At Woombai, Patricia finds Rosie sitting and reading, and comments on the lack of work being done. Rosie says she's entitled to a break. The 'phone rings and Patricia answers it. A surprised Fiona exclaims that Patricia was the last person she expected to answer the call, and so Patricia explains that she and Gordon are together again. Fiona says she's calling about the note she found to ring Gordon, but Patricia says she can explain what it's about. She proceeds to tell Fiona about the airstrip, and how it encroaches on Fiona's land, meaning they need her permission to proceed. Fiona asks what part of her property is involved, but Patricia suggests it would be better if Gordon visited Fiona with the plans. Fiona says she has a better idea: Patricia can bring them herself. She then explains about James returning to Australia with her, and she tells Patricia that he wants to see her. Patricia asks why James is there, and Fiona tells her that he's ill, and is currently in a nursing home, getting over the flight. She adds that he's spending his final days with her for Auld Lang Syne. Patricia says she'll come straight away, and Fiona says she'll tell James. Patricia remarks that she bets Fiona will love doing that, but Fiona replies, "He's dying, Patricia - I'm not about to use him to start scoring points." As Patricia leaves, she tells Wayne that she may be staying overnight, although she just says she might do some shopping, or catch up with friends. Wayne tells Patricia that he's sorry for what he said that forced her to talk to Gordon. Patricia replies that it was emotional blackmail, and she tells him, "You won't do it again - will you." Wayne replies, "No." He asks what they'll do if Fiona says no, but Patricia asks, "Why should she?"

A shocked Jill stands on Fiona's land, which has now been completely cleared.

Rosie serves Wayne with tea, and remarks that she doesn't like Patricia lying to Fiona, and not mentioning that they'd started clearing her land. The two of them hear Jill entering the property, and when she comes into the room, she yells, "Why did you do it?" and she adds, "You bulldozed a gravesite - Fiona's grandparents and little baby were buried there." Wayne asks what Jill's talking about, asking if she means 'those few old gravestones'? Jill is incredulous that Wayne knew about them, and she asks why he gave the go-ahead. Wayne tells her that they're up to their neck in debt, and they have to get the place up-and-running. Jill tells him that there's no chance of that once Fiona finds out what's happened. Wayne asks Jill to talk to Fiona, but Jill snaps that he's got to get himself out of it. As Jill storms out of the room, Wayne yells after her that it was a mistake.

Lynn watches Noel as he plays with Kevin's video game. Noel asks Lynn if she's going to work, and Lynn says she is. She then suggests that perhaps Noel would like to contribute something to the kitty, to help pay his own way. She tells him, "You're not broke," and he replies, "Well you'd know!" He adds that he thought not saying anything about finding Lynn in his wallet might have earned him a few brownie points. Lynn says Susan is almost broke, and she and Kevin don't have very much, and they can't afford to pay for another person. Noel tells Lynn that he's looking for a job, but Lynn doesn't look impressed. She leaves for work. Noel gets up, opens a draw in a nearby cabinet and takes out Susan's bank book. He is looking at it when Kevin comes in, and so he quickly hides it. Kevin explains that he's got sport this afternoon, and he forgot his gear. He spots Noel 'looking' at the job pages of the newspaper, but Noel says jobhunting is getting him down. Kevin challenges Noel to a videogame, but Noel declines. Kevin then suggests they go to the oval for a kickaround, and Noel goes for this. Kevin goes to get changed, and Noel puts the bank book back in the drawer. Kevin says loudly that he's thinking of doing an article on Noel, about what it's like to get out of jail, and Noel agrees to be in it.

At the oval, the two men run around with the football for a while, until Noel ends up on the ground, causing Kevin to tease him about being out of breath. Noel says he'll go to the nearby shops and get some food before going home, but Kevin has a better idea - he says the Palmer house is just round the corner, so they may as well go there. Noel agrees, saying that Beryl seemed like a nice lady, and he'd like to get to know her better...

Over lunch, Noel tells Beryl that the food is nice, and Beryl tells Noel to enjoy it. She adds that it's lonely without David there, and it's nice to have some company. She then asks Kevin to clean out the shed this afternoon, but when Kevin is reluctant, Noel says he'll do it as repayment for the food. Beryl says she doesn't expect payment, but Noel says the work will make him feel useful, and so Beryl accepts the offer. Noel asks if David's job keeps him busy, and Beryl says it does, although it will be better once he gets his own truck. She adds that they've already got a bit put away. Noel says it's a good feeling saving for something, and Beryl replies that it's better when you've got it! Noel says, "Right - certainly is..."

As James Sheppard is wheeled into Fiona's room at the boarding house, Fiona tells him to stop being so irritable. The nurse that is accompanying James tells him that she'll be back later to give him his medication. James' assistant asks his boss if he wants arrangements for the trip to Melbourne to be progressed, but James says no, not yet. He then makes it clear to both the nurse and his assistant that he doesn't want to be disturbed any more. He is relieved when they leave, and he makes a comment about being left to spend his last few days in peace. Fiona looks upset at this, but James tells her that she should be used to the idea by now - he's dying and there's nothing he can do about it. He then says that it's good to see the old place again, and adds that it must be a year since he was last there. He asks Fiona if she's been in touch with Patricia, and Fiona says she should be there very soon. James comments that he'll have his two favourite girls with him.

At Woombai, Wayne is looking thoughtful when Rosie comes in. She suggests to him that he get things sorted out, but Wayne says there's no point doing anything until he's spoken to Gordon, as there's still a chance Fiona won't be interested in the plans and the property. Rosie comments about Wayne not facing up to things like a man.

James' nurse tells him to take his pills. James privately comments to Fiona that his nurse has the same spunk that Patricia had when he first met her. He takes his medicine, and there is then a knock at the door, which Fiona goes to answer. It's Patricia, who immediately asks if James is there yet. She adds that she didn't appreciate the way Fiona broke the news to her, but Fiona replies, "I'm sorry - you have a way of bringing out the worst in me!" Patricia asks about James, and Fiona tells her that James' doctor has said it could be nearly time. From his chair, James calls out, demanding to know what the two women are talking about. Fiona tells Patricia to act as naturally as possible, and Patricia snaps that she knows how to behave. She goes in, and Fiona hears James telling her how much he missed her. He explains to Patricia that he wanted to make one last trip to Australia to say goodbye to the country, and to her and Fiona. Patricia asks after James' grandson, Paul, and is told that he's bumming around America somewhere. James adds that he and Paul have already said their goodbyes, as he wanted his grandson to remember him the way he was. James then asks Patricia how things are with her, as her letters suggested she was having problems, and so Patricia explains that she and Gordon have patched things up. James says that's good, and adds that it's a pity he never got to know Gordon - although he adds that it wasn't easy seeing as he was having an affair with Gordon's wife! He tells Fiona and Patricia that he's glad to see the two of them talking, as things were grim when he left Fiona for Patricia. Fiona says, "That was sixteen years ago. Why harbour old grudges?" She looks at Patricia and says, "Right?" Patricia smiles a devious smile and says, "Couldn't agree more..."

Rosie is looking for Plan C when she sees Jill, who says she ended up crying herself to sleep. She asks where Wayne is, and Rosie says he's out the front. She adds that Jill shouldn't be too hard on him. Jill asks Rosie if Wayne's told Fiona yet, but Rosie explains that he's waiting for Gordon. She then tells Jill that it's Patricia who's really to blame, as she told Wayne to go ahead, and stop whinging. Rosie adds that not even she knew about the importance of the graveyard, and she thought she knew everything about the area. Jill explains that Fiona's grandparents helped keep it a secret. Rosie tells Jill that she can't blame Wayne too much.

Patricia tells James that he's looking tired and frail, and she says she'll make a move - but she'll be back tomorrow. She and Fiona go to the door and don't see James grimace and put his hand to his chest. Patricia tells Fiona to look at the plans and then call Gordon. Fiona says, "As soon as you're gone." Patricia says she doesn't like playing at being friends, but it's best not to disillusion James. Fiona says that, if she told James the truth about Patricia, he wouldn't have any more to do with her. Patricia says she loved James, but Fiona tells Patricia that she used him from the moment she introduced the two of them to each other. Patricia says sixteen years is a long time, but Fiona says she's seen Patricia over that time, and knows what she's like. She shuts the door. Back in her room, she picks up the plans and explains them to James, asking him for his help.

Wayne is on the verandah staring into space when Jill comes out. Wayne snaps that he's not in the mood, but Jill just goes up to him and puts her arm round him. She tells him that it's still up to him to let Fiona know what's happened, and she adds that she doesn't know how she'll face her. Wayne sees Gordon's car approaching. Jill smiles at her boyfriend.

Inside, Gordon yells at his son, asking what sort of lame-brained idiot Wayne is. Wayne says it's bad luck, but Gordon points out that Fiona could sue, and that the whole contract is now null and void. The 'phone rings - it's Fiona. Gordon asks her if she's seen Patricia, and Fiona says she has, and she's just been looking at the plans. Gordon says he can't hear Fiona, and she explains that she has someone in the next room who is trying to sleep. She raises her voice slightly, and tells Gordon that he will have to relocate the airstrip - she adds that she imagines Gordon has been to the site and seen the graves, and Gordon explains that Jill told them their significance. Fiona looks startled, and she then asks if there is somewhere else that is suitable. Gordon then says he's sorry, but the work's already been done. Fiona says she doesn't understand, and so Gordon tells her about Wayne jumping the gun, meaning the ground was levelled that morning. He says he and Wayne will come to the city and explain, as it'll be easier face-to-face. Fiona hesitatingly says, "No... No, that can't be true." Gordon says he's sorry - he can't explain on the 'phone, but he'll do everything he can to make it right. Fiona looks totally shocked. She puts the 'phone down, and stands, staring into space. She then breaks down, and, putting her hands over her face, starts to cry.


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