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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Greg Shears

Gordon and Wayne arrive at the boarding house, but Fiona tells them to talk to her solicitor, as there's no way they can justify what they've done. Gordon asks her to let him try, and he points out to Fiona that he's always been fair to her. Fiona just says, "If you want to waste your breath..." When Gordon and Wayne enter Fiona's room, she asks them to be quiet, as she has a guest who is trying to sleep. Gordon tells Fiona that he's sorry for the terrible mistake, and he'd never have let the bulldozers go ahead if he'd known the facts. Fiona reminds them that they had no permission, and Gordon replies that he takes full responsibility. Wayne stands there looking sheepish. He then chips in that he was wrong, but Patricia thought Fiona would understand. This just causes Fiona to realise that Patricia knew what had happened all the time she was at the boarding house earlier, asking Fiona to look the plans over. Wayne adds that Patricia couldn't see why Fiona would say no. Gordon tells Fiona that she'll be compensated, and Wayne adds that Jill told him how much Fiona needs the money, but Fiona asks Gordon and Wayne if they really think they can pay her back, as they've destroyed something incredibly precious to her. She tells them that she's withdrawing permission for the use of her property. Wayne yells that they've spent a fortune, and Gordon asks her to be reasonable, but Fiona says she'll be suing them for every penny, as she wants to take as much from them as they've taken from her. Wayne snaps that it was only a kid's grave, for God's sake, but Fiona yells, "It was my son's grave." Gordon suggests that everyone's upset, and that they should talk when Fiona's had time to think, but Fiona says there's no point, as she's made up her mind. Gordon tells her that if she goes ahead, he'll be ruined, but Fiona replies that it was his fault for letting Wayne make a decision, and it was also Wayne's fault for letting Patricia talk him round. Fiona also mentions again about Patricia standing in the boarding house and lying to her face. She turns to look at Gordon and adds, "Mind you, it shouldn't surprise me - she's had enough practice with you over the years." Gordon says he'll talk to Fiona when she's calmer, but Fiona just says to tell Patricia that she's about to find out what it's like to be on the receiving end.

At Dural, and in front of Patricia, Gordon yells at Wayne, saying they might have got somewhere if he'd been less antagonistic. Wayne says Fiona is trying to con them. Patricia tells Gordon that he should have gone on his own, but Wayne then interjects and says he's had an idea that might work. He suggests that he get Jill to talk Fiona round, but Gordon says they shouldn't drag Jill into it. Wayne points out that John is Fiona's golden child, but Patricia says she doesn't want her son involved. She adds that the last thing they need at the moment is Gordon's principles. Later, at dinner, there's virtual silence, forcing Angela to ask what everyone's being so mysterious about. Patricia says it's a business problem. She then suggests to Wayne that he 'phone Jill after dinner, but Wayne says he'd rather talk to her face-to-face. Patricia then tells Gordon that they need to arrange a driver to return Wayne to Woombai, and she looks at John, but John hurriedly suggests that perhaps Rob would like to do it, seeing as he doesn't start his new job until next week. Patricia says she didn't realise Rob had found a job, and so Rob reveals that he's going to be a used car salesman. John sarcastically says Rob can talk anyone into anything. Patricia tells Rob that he can stay at Woombai for a while if he likes. John asks Rob if he needs any more money, but Rob says he's alright. He adds that he wishes he had someone to show him around up there, and he looks at Angela. Gordon takes the hint and tells Angela that she can take a couple of days off. Angela says she can't wait!

The next morning, Gordon and Wayne agree to talk again later, when one of them will hopefully have made progress. Gordon tells Wayne that he wishes he'd leave Jill out of it, but Wayne says it will save a fortune in legal fees if she can help. Angela comes downstairs and has a go at John for his cheap shots at Rob the previous evening. She tells him that he sounded like Patricia when he first arrived on the scene. Rob comes in to escort Angela to the car, as Wayne yells to the two of them to come on.

At Woombai, Jill dials the number of the boarding house. In Sydney, James offers to answer the call, but when Jill asks to speak to Fiona, Fiona loudly says she doesn't want to speak to Jill. James tells Jill that 'Mrs. Thompson' isn't available, but Jill says she heard - a piece of information which James relays to Fiona. Fiona says she meant Jill to hear. She then explains to James that some friends have let her down badly. James asks if it's anyone he knows, but Fiona says, "No, noone you know." At Woombai, Rosie offers to ring Fiona and talk to her, but Jill declines the offer. She has a rant about Wayne, finishing up by saying that he expects her to take everything he dishes out, and she doesn't know how much longer she can take it. Rosie tells Jill to tell that to Wayne, not to her.

James is reading the paper when Fiona comes in, all dressed up to see her solicitor. James offers the use of his people, but Fiona tells him that she doesn't want to drag him into it. James tells Fiona that her so-called friends should get what's coming to them, and Fiona says they will. He asks who is involved apart from Jill, but Fiona tells him not to bother about it.

Charlie is surprised when Patricia tells her about James, and the affair they had. Patricia explains that she and Gordon needed money, and she used James to get Dural. She adds that she also obtained information from him which she fed to Gordon, enabling him to make a killing on the stockmarket. She tells Charlie that Gordon must never find out how James helped, and Charlie promises she won't say anything. Patricia goes on to say that James eventually became more of a father figure to her, so she ended the affair. Charlie asks where Fiona was involved, and Patricia tells her that Fiona was James' mistress when Fiona introduced him to her. A surprised Charlie remarks that Fiona isn't as clever as she thought, but Patricia explains that Fiona felt sorry for Gordon - and she did alright out of it herself, because she got James to buy her Manly Terrace. She then tells Charlie that Fiona will probably have told James all about that 'nasty woman' bulldozing her baby's grave by now. Charlie asks Patricia if she'll tell James her version, but Patricia says she'll give Fiona time to calm down first, and she doesn't want to worry him, as he's sick. Charlie realises that Patricia really does care for James.

Rob tells Angela that Woombai is great. Angela replies that Rob's not to let John upset him, but Rob says it's not John - it's money - he tells Angela that he's not out for everything he can get. They kiss, and then Rob tells Angela that he's glad she came, as he wouldn't have liked to have been stuck out there with Wayne's po-faced girlfriend. Angela says Jill's alright. Inside, though, Jill is yelling at Wayne for not 'phoning her last night. Wayne says he rushed back to talk to her face-to-face, but he admits that he's hurt her by taking his problems out on her, and he says he's sorry. He adds, "Forgive me?" They hug, and Wayne tells Jill that he struck it lucky when he met her, but she got the raw end of the deal. He then tells Jill that Fiona's going to sue them, and she wouldn't listen to him or Gordon last night. He adds that they're going to court, and it's all his fault. He says there's only one thing that might change Fiona's mind, and that is if Jill talks to her. Jill explains that she's tried, but Fiona wouldn't listen to her. Wayne snaps, "You could at least try." Jill looks taken aback as Wayne continues by saying that only Jill can get them out of the mess. Jill suddenly realises that this is why Wayne's been so nice to her and she storms out of the room. As she goes, Wayne yells after her, telling her not to be so stupid, but when she's gone, he mutters, "Damn."

Patricia pays a visit to the boarding house, but Fiona tells her that she can't see James because he's resting. Patricia says she'll wait, and she goes in. Fiona explains that she's going out, and she doesn't want Patricia there while she's away. Patricia says she supposes Fiona's told James, but Fiona says she didn't have the heart - for him, not for Patricia, as she didn't want to upset him. Patricia says she'll come back later, and she gives Fiona a gift, which she says is for James. Patricia tells Fiona that she can't understand why she's out to ruin the Hamiltons, and so Fiona tells her, "I want you to go under." Patricia says she had nothing to do with it, but Fiona says she knows Patricia knew she was in Palm Springs because a secretary told her there was a call from an Australian lady. She asks Patricia why she didn't tell Gordon that there was a contact number, and Patricia sarcastically replies that she was really going to tell him that Fiona was visiting an old lover of hers. She explains that Gordon thinks her friendship with James was an acquaintanceship that Patricia let slip. Fiona tells Patricia that it was she who let Wayne go ahead, but Patricia denies this, saying she just told Wayne to make up his mind. She says she's not interested in Fiona's persecution complex, and Gordon is talking to his lawyer, so there'll be no problem. Fiona says, "Don't bet on it."

When Patricia gets back to Dural, she finds Charlie sitting on the couch. Patricia tells her that Fiona didn't say anything to James, but they still had words. Charlie tells Patricia that Gordon is in the study, and he didn't look too happy. Patricia goes into the study, and Gordon tells her that it's very bad - there's no way they can win, and he's been advised to go for an out-of-court settlement. He adds that Jill has refused to contact Fiona, and they'll have to accept their situation and try and get out of it without ending up bankrupt. He says they'll have to sell up everything to pay their debts and compensate Fiona. Patricia asks if there are exact figures, and Gordon says he was just about to ring his accountant. He tells Patricia not to worry, but Patricia says, "We'll have to start all over again, won't we?" Gordon replies, "Yes, I'm afraid we will." Patricia goes back into the lounge, where she tells Charlie that she's back to square one. She says she'll never forget how she and David had nothing all those years ago, and they had to live in seedy boarding houses, even running away from one once, when they couldn't pay. She says there's nothing romantic about being poor - she made up her mind to be rich, and she did it. She says that if Gordon wants to sit by and be poor, then let him, but she'll do anything to make sure that doesn't happen...


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