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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Greg Shears

Patricia goes back to the boarding house, where she asks Fiona how James is. Fiona says he's about the same, and she adds that Patricia will be on her own, as she has to go shopping. She asks Patricia to stay there until she returns. When Patricia goes in, James tells her that he was wondering where she'd got to. Patricia asks him if he liked his present - a chess set - and James says he it likes now, just as he liked it when he gave it to Patricia all those years ago. Patricia asks James how he is, and James says he's fine, before asking how things are for her. Patricia says the Hamiltons are in a mess - Gordon made some bad business decisions and everything could be down the drain very soon. James remarks that he thought the Hamiltons had plenty of reserves, but Patricia tells him that that's enough talking about that, and she challenges him to a game of chess. James tells Patricia that it's so good to see her. The chess game doesn't last long - James quickly tells Patricia that she's left herself wide open, and he manages to checkmate her in three moves! Patricia humourously tells James that he didn't teach her properly, and this makes James think back to the weekend the two of them spent in the mountains, where all Patricia wanted to do was play chess, and all he wanted to do was go to bed because it was winter! He then brings up the subject of the job that was created for John, and he asks Patricia if John's her son. Patricia tells James that John doesn't know she had anything to do with setting it up, as he'd be furious if he found out. There's a knock at the door, and Patricia remarks that it's too soon for Fiona to be back. She goes to the door and is startled to see Gordon standing there. He explains that he saw Patricia's car outside and was wondering what she's doing there. Patricia tells Gordon that he's had a lot on his plate, so she didn't want to worry him with more bad news, but she's had a call from a old friend - and a friend of Gordon's as well - who's dying, and who is now staying with Fiona - James Sheppard. Gordon says he's there to have it out with Fiona, and so Patricia invites him in to wait. He and James shake hands, and Patricia asks Gordon how long it's been since they've seen James. Gordon reckons it must be a good five years. He notices the chess set, and remarks that he and Patricia had been married six years before he discovered how much she loved the game...

Later, when James is sleeping, Patricia explains to Gordon that James tires easily. She offers Gordon a cup of coffee, and the two of them go into the kitchen. Patricia asks Gordon how he feels, and Gordon says he's not looking forward to it, but Fiona will hopefully see sense. At that moment, Fiona comes in and sees Gordon. She curtly says, "Hello." Patricia offers her coffee, but she declines, and tells Gordon that she's not changing her mind about suing him. Gordon points out to Fiona that they've been involved in business deals together for a very long time, and he's never done anything that hasn't been in her best interests. Fiona retorts, "You've made one hell of a start," and she reiterates that Gordon's wasting his time. Gordon tells Fiona that if she's not prepared to talk sense, he'll go. Fiona says, "Good." When Gordon is by the front door, Patricia, still in the kitchen, tells Fiona that she'll be back, and she'll keep coming back until James goes to Melbourne.

In Melbourne, David tells Beryl that the long trips are starting to take it out of him. He notices that Beryl doesn't look well, and she admits that she's finding that she's getting tired and she's sitting down more, but she adds that she's not as bad as she was with Kevin. Susan tells Beryl that she should be more honest about things, but Beryl says the doctor told her she's fine. David says that, after lunch, he'll clear out the shed, but Beryl tells him that Noel has already done it, plus he's mowed the lawn. David asks if Noel's had any luck with finding a job yet, but Susan tells him that Noel keeps getting the same knockbacks as he got with Bates. She adds that he has been trying, and he's not lazy. David says he didn't think he was.

Noel is lying back on the couch at Susan's when he hears the front door slam, and he quickly sits up and pretends to look at the job ads in the newspaper. Kevin comes in with a tape recorder which he has borrowed from school to interview Noel, but Noel reckons he should keep on looking for work. He tells Kevin that the jobhunting is starting to get him down, and he really needs to go on a computer refresher course because he's ten years out of date, but he can't afford it. He adds that he wishes he could get a loan. Kevin suggests Noel get a part-time job, but Noel says his prison record will still count against him. Kevin offers to find out if there's any work going at the carwash. Noel declines the offer, but Kevin says it's worth a try.

David enters the Palmer house with Lynn, and Beryl motions to her to sit down. She asks what's wrong, and Lynn says it's Noel again - she had a go at him about working and he almost went ballistic. She says she feels that if she'd said any more, he'd have punched her. Beryl points out that Noel is very sensitive about his lack of work at the moment. David overhears what Lynn says, and she tells him that she wasn't imagining things - it was the vicious way he looked at her that got to her. Beryl suggests that it might be best if Lynn didn't stay there, but Lynn says Kevin and Susan think Noel's wonderful. David says he doesn't want to interfere unless Lynn can pinpoint a particular incident.

John calls at Fiona's to say hello, and Fiona tells him that she has a friend with her. She introduces John to James, and James asks John if he likes his job. John says he does, so far. James asks what the name of the company is, and John tells him that it's Ramberg Industries - they took a punt on him, and he doesn't want to let them down. John explains that he bummed around after he left school, but now he wants to make a future for himself, and James says he knows the feeling well. He tells John that he got his break and got back what he put in. John says that's what he's going to do.

At Dural, Gordon tells Patricia that an out-of-court settlement is still their best bet, and Patricia says, "Damn Fiona." She adds that she'd love to take Fiona to court, but Gordon says they can't as he's had a second opinion, and there's no other option. Patricia tells Gordon that he should ring Wayne and tell him the bad news is final, but Gordon says he'll go up to Woombai tomorrow and tell him, as Wayne's moods are unpredictable at the moment. Gordon starts talking about selling Woombai and the stud, which causes a shocked look to come over Patricia's face. She asks him how long he'll be away, and Gordon says, "A while." He asks why she inquired, but Patricia says, "Oh, nothing..."

John asks James how long he'll be staying, and James says it'll be a few days, or maybe a week. John says it would be nice to take James and Fiona on a drive to West Head, and Fiona says she'll see, but James says, "Thankyou." John has to go. Fiona asks James if Ramberg Industries is one of his companies, and she tells him that he's got a very good employee in John. James suddenly clutches his chest and tells Fiona to call his nurse. A while later, Fiona is on the 'phone to Patricia, telling her that James is quite bad. Patricia says she'll come over, but Fiona tells her to stay away, and adds that it's doctor's orders. Patricia, though, says, "I'll be there." When she puts the 'phone down, she tells Charlie that she'll never see enough of James while he's at Fiona's. Charlie tells Patricia that it's a bit much of her to go after James' money, but Patricia says she's not after his money - she just doesn't want to have to get past Fiona every time she wants to see him. A slightly disbelieving Charlie says, "Alright - good luck..."

David is watching TV when Beryl comes in all dressed up for the two of them to go to the cinema. David says he's been thinking about Noel, and would rather he didn't visit the Palmer house while he's not there. He adds that Lynn's a sensible girl, and if there was nothing to it, she'd be over it by now. Beryl says Noel is a nice chap. David says he can't do anything when Noel is at Susan's, but he doesn't want him at the Palmer house. He tells Beryl not to encourage Noel.

Noel announces to Susan and Lynn that he's got a job at the carwash. Kevin adds that Noel is going under the name of Rob Keegan, and Susan says it's risky, but Kevin says it was the only way. Lynn asks what Rob will say about it, but Kevin says Rob will think it's a joke. He, Susan and Lynn decide to go to the cinema, and they invite Noel, but he says he'd prefer a night to himself.

The Palmer house is in darkness when someone suddenly enters, shining a torch around. The person wanders round the lounge and the light eventually falls on a drawer in a cabinet. The drawer is opened, and the person takes out a savings account book. A withdrawal slip is removed, the book is returned to the drawer, and the drawer is closed. The person leaves the house - it's Noel, who smiles to himself...

James tells Patricia that he's feeling much better, and he's sorry she's come over for nothing, but Patricia says it's not for nothing. James says the attack made him panic, as he thought he'd never see her again. He asks Fiona to make some coffee, and Fiona grudgingly leaves the room, leaving Patricia to tell James that he's very subtle! James tells Patricia that he realised this morning how much he loves her. Patricia says she spent the morning wondering how she could repay him, and she decided that she'd invite him to stay at Dural. James asks what about Gordon, but Patricia tells him that Gordon will be away for a while. She adds that if James comes to Dural, it'll place less of a stain on Fiona. James says he'll do it, but only if Fiona agrees. Patricia tells him to go and lie down, as she'll talk to Fiona - and she says she's sure Fiona will understand. Alone on the couch, Patricia smiles a very devious smile.


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