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    Written by: David Allen   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Greg Shears

Patricia tells James to go to sleep, but James says he's wide awake. Patricia tells him to try. She then lets Fiona know that she's going, but she'll be back tomorrow for James. Fiona says she knows exactly what Patricia's after, and if James leaves her anything, he doesn't have as much sense as she credited him with. Fiona says she can stop Patricia if she wants to, but Patricia says Fiona won't hurt James to get at her. She throws the king from the chessboard at Fiona and says, "Checkmate."

Wayne is sitting reading 'Farm' magazine, and Jill is just sitting looking glum when Rosie comes in and tells them both that things will be alright, as Fiona will listen to Gordon. Jill says she's going to bed, and Wayne snaps that he supposes it'll be separate rooms. Jill replies that it's for the best. Rosie tells Wayne that he's being very cruel to Jill, and she adds that she wouldn't blame Jill if she got up, packed her bags and left. Wayne sourly says it could be the best thing all round.

Fiona is watching TV when James emerges from his room, saying he can't sleep. He asks if his nurse has come back yet, but Fiona reminds him that he gave her the night off. James explains that he wanted to talk to her about the move. Fiona starts to tell James that she has something she wants to discuss, but James suddenly notices that one of those 'stupid spy things' is on the tele. He tells Fiona that what he's going through has made him realise what the truly important things are in his life - Fiona, Paul and Patricia. He says all the money and the power doesn't mean a thing - in the long run, it's love that's important. He asks Fiona if this sounds corny, but Fiona shakes her head. He then asks her whether she minds him going to stay at Dural for a couple of days, but Fiona says of course not - as long as he's happy.

When Patricia gets home, she finds John lying on the sofa. She asks how his meeting went, and John says it was fine. He adds that he thinks he's doing well at his job. He then tells Patricia that he went to Fiona's earlier and met some old guy there, who he reckons must have been down on his luck! He then brings up the subject of Gordon going back to Woombai, and he asks Patricia how things are with Angela and Rob. Patricia tells him that they're having fun, and no harm can come from it, but John warns Patricia to watch Rob, as he's a bit of a freeloader. He tells Patricia to tell Rob to move on if he steps out of line. Patricia says, "Don't worry - he won't get any second chances from me."

Angela and Rob get back to Woombai after seeing a movie, and Angela comments that it was terrible. Rob, though, says he liked it! He tells Angela that he could understand how the bloke in the film felt, not being able to say what he really wanted to. Angela remarks that she didn't think Rob was lost for words, but he tells her that, up north in the mining towns, you had to be very careful what you said, otherwise you got rubbished - you certainly couldn't mention your finer feelings. Angela tells Rob that she likes finer feelings, so he needn't pretend with her.

At Susan's, Susan tells David that Noel has got a job at the carwash, working three-or-four hours per day, Monday to Friday, so he'll be paying his own way from now on, and he'll also be saving up to retrain in computers. David asks if there was a problem about Noel having been in jail, and Susan has to admit that the carwash thinks Noel's name is Rob Keegan. David says he doesn't like the sound of that, but then adds that it's probably OK as long as Noel behaves himself. He suggests, though, that Noel should give the carwash his real name, but Lynn says that would mean Kevin losing his job, because he was the one who did most of the talking. David mutters that he thought Noel might have got the job off his own back. He adds that he doesn't like it, and he'll make sure Kevin knows that. Changing the subject, Susan asks David why he came round, and he tells her that he'd like her to have a look at Beryl. Lynn asks what's wrong, and David says, "Nothing much - well I hope not," but Susan looks concerned.

Beryl is dusting when she suddenly sits down heavily on the couch. She hears someone coming in the front door - it's Noel, who tells Beryl that she looks terrible. She starts to say, "I feel as if I..." and then faints. When she comes round, Noel has a glass of water, which he offers to her. She recovers her composure just as David and Susan are coming in, and Susan tells her mother that it's OK. Noel explains that Beryl fainted, and Susan tells her to go and lie down. Beryl says she felt a bit strange. Noel tells David that he could do with a beer, and David grudgingly organises one for him. In the kitchen, Noel tells David that he dropped round to show Beryl something - a reference that he can use to find other work, and which he thought David might sign, but David is reluctant, saying he doesn't really know Noel. He suggests one of Noel's ex-prison warders might be a better bet. Noel says he'll leave the paper with David in case he changes his mind, but David says he won't. He adds that he doesn't want this mentioned to Susan, as it might cause trouble. Noel gets up to go, and David apologises again to him. Outside, Noel screws up the paper. Back inside, Susan emerges from Beryl's room and asks her father where Noel is. David says he's gone, as he didn't want to get in the way. He asks how Beryl is, and Susan says she's alright, but she's worried about her mother. She tells David that she's just seen some women at the hospital who are Beryl's age and who have had a bad time - plus Beryl has a bad history... David points out that Susan has just said that Beryl's alright, and the doctor has said Beryl's OK, and Susan says Beryl is OK, but this could be a warning. Susan reveals that the doctor is concerned, and she thinks Beryl and David ought to make a decision. David asks what about. Susan tells him she means about whether or not to go ahead with the pregnancy.

Later, David is making Beryl a cup of tea, and Beryl says she feels fine now, but David tells her that Susan says there's more to it. He asks Beryl why she didn't tell him what the doctor said, and Beryl replies that she didn't want to worry him. David says he wouldn't hold it against Beryl if she decided not to have the baby, but Beryl says of course she's going to have it. David says they have to make the choice, and he knows what his will be. Beryl says, "It's not going to happen - I know it won't."

At Woombai, Gordon tells Wayne that there's no point burying his head in the sand - they have to sell. Wayne says he thought they were partners, but Gordon snaps that it hasn't done him much good. He says they'll have to sell Woombai and hope they get half what it's worth. Wayne suggests that it might be worth more if they got the riding school up-and-running, but Gordon says they can't afford to do that. Wayne tells Gordon that he'd better let the men know they're being laid-off straight away, but Gordon yells that Wayne was the one who continually had a go at John, letting him know who was boss - Wayne was the one who got them into this mess, and so Wayne can get off his backside and do something about it.

Outside, Wayne tells the men that they'll have to let them go, but references will be provided. The men walk off, and Jill looks at Wayne regretfully.

Later, Angela says to Gordon, "Goodbye to Woombai," and Gordon replies, "'Fraid so." Angela says she guessed something was going on, but Gordon tells her that she'll be able to stay at the stud for now, but she'll have to cancel bookings and return deposits. He adds that he's glad she's taking it so well, and Angela says she's changed, and she'll survive.

Inside, Jill tells Wayne that his handling of the men was great, and Wayne replies, "Makes a change." Jill asks him if they can sort things out, but Wayne snaps that the men have gone, and she can too, as he's not much of a prospect now. Jill says money doesn't mean much to her - she's got along in the past on virtually nothing, so she can understand how he feels. Wayne asks how she can possibly know, and Jill says she knows what it's like to be down and out, but she got out of it, and Wayne can too. Wayne sarcastically says, "Poor little Jill, an orphan and she handled it." Jill snaps that Wayne doesn't know what he's talking about. As her voice gradually gets louder, she yells that before she met him, Fiona helped her get her life back together after she spent time as a prostitute. Wayne looks shocked, and Jill suddenly realises what she's said. She hurriedly tells Wayne that she wanted to tell him when the time was right, but Wayne snaps, "Just my luck. What a good day this has been." He rants about losing Woombai and getting mixed up with a pro. "That's just great!"

Angela tells Rob that Jill and Wayne had a fight, but she won't say any more. Rob goes off to get a beer, and Angela goes to the 'phone and calls Beryl. When she gets through, Beryl tells her that David is out getting a takeaway, but Angela says she's just calling because she felt like it. She explains about the money problems and having to sell Woombai, and Beryl says it can't be that bad. Angela then says, "Guess what?" She tells Beryl that she's found herself the perfect guy - the first one she's been really interested in since John. Beryl asks, "Who is he?" and Angela replies, "Rob!" Beryl's jaw drops!

Jill thanks Gordon for the loan of his car, as hers has conked out. Gordon says he's sorry, but he did warn her that Wayne wasn't ready to handle her past yet. Jill says they were finished anyway. She says she's going to get Plan C from Rosie, and then she'll get out of Woombai. After that, who knows? Inside, Angela tells Jill to keep in touch, as they'll still be friends. Rosie brings out Plan C in his basket and comments to Angela that Rob is eating them out of house and home! She then tells Jill that she's sorry she's going. She adds that she overheard what Jill said to Wayne, but she still thinks Jill's a bonzer girl. As Wayne hobbles past, Rosie tells Jill that she'll be missed. Outside, Gordon offers Jill some money for all the work she's done, but Jill says she didn't do it for the money. She drives off, smiling, as Gordon and Rosie watch, but when she gets round the corner, she stops the car, puts her hands over her face, and starts crying uncontrollably.


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