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    Written by: Melvyn Morrow    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

While Rosie sweeps the verandah at Woombai, she tells Wayne that he's been too much like Patricia lately. She says Jill was a decent girl who was good to him, but Wayne says, "Me and how many others?" Rosie says it's who Jill is, not who she was, that matters. She adds that none of us are perfect, and she tells Wayne that he in particular has nothing to be proud of, the way he ruined Gordon. Wayne reminds Rosie that they're talking about Jill, but Rosie says, "Forgive and forget." She points out the way Jill kept visiting Wayne at the hospital while all his other friends deserted him, but Wayne just snaps at Rosie to forget it. Rosie tells Wayne that he's a fool if he doesn't go after Jill and say sorry. Wayne says, "Don't hold your breath." Elsewhere at Woombai, Rob is running across a field while Angela follows him on a horse. They eventually stop, and Angela tells Rob that they can stay a day longer. She adds that she doesn't know how Rob manages to run so well after all the food he put away, but Rob says it gives him energy to burn up. Angela tells Rob that she rang Beryl earlier, and Rob asks how she is. Angela says Beryl's glad that Rob's keeping out of trouble!

In Melbourne, Beryl tells David that it came as a bit of a shock to hear about Rob and Angela, but she reckons it'll be good for them both, and Angela will probably be able to steady Rob out. David remarks that he can't see Gordon and Patricia being too keen, but Beryl points out that it's not as if they're getting married. David says, "I should ruddy well hope not!" Beryl glares at him, and David quickly says that Angela is his daughter. Beryl replies, "And I'm Rob's sister."

Rob runs up to where Angela is standing by a fence, and the two of them hug as Gordon watches from a distance, looking slightly taken aback.

At Dural, Patricia tells James that John said to say good morning. James remarks that John looked surprised at seeing him, and Patricia explains that she didn't say anything, as John's description of James as one of Fiona's 'down-on-his-luck' friends was priceless! The two of them admire the garden, and James says that these are the sort of things he'll miss. He says he's not afraid of what's coming, but he wants to hang on until everything's in order. He tells Patricia that he's spoken to his solicitor as there are one-or-two changes to make to his will. Patricia looks slightly guilty as James continues by telling her that he's always provided for her, but with the way things are now... He says he knows things are difficult, but Patricia says she doesn't care - "I just want you to - you know..."

Noel tells Susan that the work at the carwash is OK, but the manager rubs him up the wrong way. Susan suggests that the manager may just have had a bad morning, but Noel says he knows that kind of person - always looking for someone to pick on. Susan suggests that she and Noel take in the two o'clock movie, but Noel says he's broke. When Susan offers to pay, Noel says he couldn't, as he knows she doesn't have very much. Susan tells him that she does have some money put by in the bank - $200 - which was a wedding present from her grandparents. She adds, though, that she won't touch it unless she's desperate. Looking very shifty, Noel says he hopes she never has to dip into it.

David is attempting to make himself some sandwiches, but is failing miserably! He tells Beryl that he's worried about her being on her own while he's away, but Beryl says she'll be OK. Kevin and Lynn comes in, and Kevin and David stare at each other for a while, until there are curt greetings: "Dad." "Kev." Beryl tells Lynn that she's looking well. Lynn offers to take over the sandwich-making. Kevin asks Beryl how she is, and Beryl says she's just run down, but she'll be alright. Kevin tells his parents that he asked at the local paper if he could stand in on layout night, and they said yes, so he'll be doing that one day a week. David says Kevin might learn something, and Kevin sharply says, "That's the idea." Beryl takes Lynn to look at a pattern, leaving David alone to tell his son that he's worried about Beryl and he'd appreciate it if Kevin could drop by while she's on her own. Kevin says, "Sure," and he adds that he was going to anyway.

Noel is looking at the film listings in the newspaper, but tells Susan that there isn't much to choose from. Susan tells him that whatever they see will take his mind off the carwash. Noel says the manager there is treating him like the warders did in prison - he's being a real mongrel. He tells Susan that he had a warder like that while he was in jail, and he had to use his fists to get the bloke off his back. Susan asks what happened, and Noel tells her that he was really scared, but he made his point after a few punch-ups - he needed to get involved in those to survive. Susan asks Noel if he thinks Bill will be OK, and Noel says that there was no problem while he was there. He then quickly says that perhaps he shouldn't have brought it up, but Susan wants to know if Bill's likely to be having trouble. Noel tells her that he's seeing Bill tomorrow and he'll ask him - he adds that Susan's not to worry. Susan asks Noel to make sure he tells her if Bill's in trouble. Noel says he will, but adds that Bill can take care of himself.

Beryl and Lynn discuss sewing when Kevin comes in with some tea. He tells his mother that if she needs anything while David's away, she only has to call. Beryl tells Kevin that he doesn't need to worry about her. Kevin says he heard that she fainted the other day, but Beryl says she was bunging it on to get some attention. Kevin tells her to call, though, even if she only feels a bit sick.

At Dural, Patricia and James are playing chess when James' nurse comes in and tells him that it's time for a lie down. James says he'll go when he's finished his game. The doorbell rings, and James tells the nurse to answer it. When she's gone, he clutches his chest. The visitor is Fiona, who comes in with flowers. Patricia doesn't look impressed, but, for the sake of appearances, she tells Fiona that it's a pleasant surprise. She offers Fiona some coffee. The nurse tells James that he can have ten minutes longer, and when she's gone, he comments that he's supposed to be her boss! He then tells Fiona that it's good having her and Patricia looking after him, and he adds that he's glad the two women are getting along so well. He says he has arrangements to make, and it would be making things a lot more complicated if they weren't. Fiona asks, "What do you mean?" James replies, "You'll see in time."

Rosie is watering the plants when Gordon appears and says the bonfire is under way and Rob is looking after it. Rosie asks Gordon what he thinks of Rob, and Gordon replies that he seems nice enough. Wayne comes out and asks Gordon to take a look at some figures. He says they'll be broke by the time it all goes through, but Rosie tells him that he brought it on himself - with Patricia egging him on. Rosie says Patricia should have kept out of it. Wayne says the price they are asking is too low, and they'll barely break even, but Gordon says that's been obvious for quite a time. Wayne complains that he placed all his trust fund money into the venture, and he asks what he's going to live on now? Gordon suggests that Wayne should get out and find a job - work for a living like everybody else! "You can't be featherbedded all your life."

At Dural, James has nodded off, but Patricia wakes him up again. He tells Fiona that Patricia has been running around after him all day. The nurse comes in and tells James that he's had enough. She wheels him off to his room in the study, and as he's leaving the lounge, he suggests to Patricia that Fiona could stay for dinner. Looking at Patricia, Fiona apologises and says she can't stay as she has people calling by. James tells her to call by and see him again soon. Fiona says of course she will. When James has gone, Patricia tells Fiona that she can let herself out - and she adds that she's to call before coming round next time. Fiona says, though, that she'll see James as and when she likes, and if Patricia starts being obstructive, she'll carry out her threat. She says James said something to her that put her in two minds, so Patricia's not to start. She says she doesn't want to ruin his last days, but she's not going to stand by and do nothing, either. Patricia says she doesn't know what Fiona's talking about, and Fiona says neither does she yet, but when she gets it out of James, she thinks she might have to tell him the truth about Patricia. She leaves.

At Woombai, Angela and Rob get in, and they tell Gordon that the bonfire has virtually died out. Rob says he has a great idea for getting rid of all the vehicles - in his position as a used car salesman, he can get Gordon a good price, particularly as they'd make a ready-made fleet. Gordon says, though, that he can dispose of them without Rob's help. Rob says, "OK," and heads off to clean himself up. Angela asks Gordon what that was all about, and Gordon says he doesn't like Rob's brash approach, and the way he's trying to make a quick buck from the Hamiltons. Angela says there's more to Rob than that, but Gordon says he hadn't noticed anything. Angela says it's not like Gordon to be unfair, and she asks if it's because Rob's interested in her. She tells Gordon that she's not a baby - and besides, everyone is out to make a quick buck these days - "...except for us."

From his bed, James tells his solicitor to have the will drawn up for his signature by the morning - he adds that money's no object, but time is. Patricia enters the room and says the nurse told her that James wanted to see her. The solicitor gets up and leaves. James asks Patricia to ring Fiona and get her to come back, as he has something important he wants to tell them both. Patricia tells James that he's not up to having vistors, but James says time is running out. He starts clutching his chest, and Patricia says she'll call an ambulance, but James says he doesn't want to go to hospital. He reiterates his plea to Patricia to call Fiona and get her to come over.

Out in the hall, the solicitor comes off the 'phone and tells Patricia that he had to call his colleagues, as they'll need to work all night to prepare James' will by the morning. In his room, James clutches his chest again, and starts yelling out in pain. Patricia calls the nurse, and James asks Patricia again to ring Fiona. The nurse tells Patricia to leave them alone, and she gives James a shot. He says again, "Call Fiona." Patricia goes out and stands in the hall, looking at the 'phone.

At the boarding house, Fiona busies herself in the kitchen, while the 'phone quietly sits on the table, in darkness.

The nurse emerges from James' room and tells Patricia that it's bad - she adds that Patricia should call whoever it was James was asking for. Patricia stands frozen on the spot for several seconds, and then picks up the 'phone and dials the first digit. She stops, and then replaces the handset, before standing and staring into space.


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