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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

At Woombai, Gordon takes a stroll in the grounds in the early morning air. Inside, Wayne asks Angela when she and Rob are leaving, and Angela tells him half an hour. Wayne says he thinks he'll go with them, as he's fed up with Gordon spending all his time sniping at him. Angela says she can't blame Gordon, particularly after the way Wayne treated Jill. As Rob enters the room, Wayne tells him that he'll be accompanying him and Angela, and when Wayne is out of earshot, Rob sarcastically says, "Whoopee!" Angela explains to him that Wayne has outstayed his welcome. Outside, Gordon is standing looking thoughtful, when Angela comes out. Gordon tells her that he was thinking about how much he'll miss the place. Angela tells Gordon that Wayne is going with her and Rob as he's fed up with Gordon's remarks. Gordon says he's being honest with Wayne for a change, but he admits that things will be more relaxed without his son around. He adds that he really thought Wayne was going to make a go of his life, and Angela suggests maybe another car crash is the answer - "At least he was human when he was flat on his back!" Inside, Rob is eating some breakfast when Rosie comes in and tells him that he's just the sort of bloke Angela needs - down-to-earth and no-nonsense. Rob smiles and then goes out and tells Angela that he's got Rosie's seal of approval. He adds that it's probably because Gordon doesn't like him - and then he notices Gordon standing nearby! Gordon tells Rob that he's sorry if he's been unpleasant, but fathers are fathers. He tells Rob to talk to his boss, and maybe they can do a deal over the cars.

At Dural, James is lying in his bed when John comes in to say hello. He explains that he has the day off, and James asks him if he's still enjoying the job, to which John replies that he's loving it. James asks John if Patricia managed to get through to Fiona, but John says he didn't know she was even trying. James asks John to ask Patricia to make sure she does keep trying. In the lounge, Charlie asks Patricia what James' doctor said, and Patricia replies that it's just a matter of time. Charlie remarks that the solicitor is taking his time, but this causes Patricia to snap that if Charlie can only sit there and drop nasty one-liners, she can go home. Charlie points out that Patricia wants the signature on the will, saying, "Who wouldn't? - love or no love." John comes into the lounge and tells Patricia that James is asking for Fiona. Patricia says she's been trying to contact her but noone's at home, so John offers to go round and see if he can find out where she is. Patricia, though, hurriedly tells him that he's on his day off and he should relax. John accepts the arguments and leaves the room. Charlie asks Patricia how long she can keep on pretending Fiona is away, and Patricia says, "Long enough, I hope." In his room, James is lying still when Patricia enters, and he motions to her to sit on the edge of his bed. He remarks that the stuff they put in needles doesn't make you the world's greatest conversationalist. He suggests that perhaps he'd be better off in hospital, but Patricia tells him that he has everything he needs at Dural. James then suggests that Patricia send someone round to Fiona's, but Patricia says she got onto Bunty and Thel, and they said Fiona has gone out for the day on a harbour tour with friends. James comments that he thought Fiona might have rung, but Patricia says Fiona knows James has the constitution of an ox, and she knows better than to worry.

Susan gets home from work after doing a double shift, and she asks Noel how his job is going. Noel tells her that he's still not getting on with his boss. He then says he's going to have a shower and go and see Bill. Susan offers to drive him, and Noel hurriedly tells her that she's tired, but Susan says she'd like to go. Noel points out to her that sitting outside the prison won't help, and she's better off getting some sleep. Susan says she supposes so, but she tells Noel that he can still take her car. She asks what they can do if Bill is being threatened, but Noel says he wishes he'd never mentioned it, as Bill's probably fine.

At the Palmer house, Beryl asks Kevin if Noel will mind him prying into his background, but Kevin says he doesn't see why - all he has is a load of old newspapers that he photocopied from the library. He tells his mother that he spoke to Noel and he was fine about it. Beryl points out that it's digging up the past, but Kevin says it's good journalism. Beryl says it's muck-raking. She asks who's going to print Kevin's story, but Kevin says noone will - he's just doing it so he has some stories to show round. He adds that that's why he's borrowed Vic Hardy's typewriter - so that he can type his story up neatly. He then reveals, though, that he picked it up from Muriel Hardy when Vic wasn't there, and Beryl remarks to Kevin that he's as bad with Vic as he is with David. She tells her son that Noel was honest enough to tell them about himself, and that's good enough for her. She looks concerned, though.

Noel is sitting in Susan's parked car, looking at a magazine, when another vehicle runs into the back of him. He gets out and tries to start a fight with the other driver, who points out that it's only a small dent. Noel tells him to watch it when he leaves. He returns to his car and magazine.

Gordon tells Rosie that he has a possible buyer for Woombai, so he'd like the place tidied up by this afternoon. Rosie says she's glad things worked out well with Rob, as she likes him. Gordon says, "So he told me!" Rosie asks Gordon why he didn't take to Rob, and so Gordon explains that he found him brash. Rosie remarks that it's more likely because he's related to the Palmer family, and she points out that he's Beryl's brother, not David's. "She's a lovely woman."

When they get back to Dural, Wayne, Angela and Rob argue over the route Rob took. John, who is sitting on the couch indoors, reading, overhears. When Wayne and Angela get indoors, he tells them to keep it down, as Patricia has a sick friend staying - James Sheppard. Angela asks, "Who's he?" and Wayne says he's an old guy, but they haven't seen him for something like six years. Angela asks why he's there, and John says James isn't well. He adds that he thought James was a good friend of the family, but Wayne says he thinks Gordon and Patricia just saw James at a few social dos. He and Angela appear to accept the situation and go off to unpack. Rob comes in and he and John stare at each other. John curtly asks Rob if he had a good time, and Rob says he did, adding, "Still like that, is it?" John says, "Think it wouldn't be?" Rob goes upstairs, to where Angela is waiting for him. John goes into the lounge.

Outside, Patricia tells Charlie that she had to do some fast talking with the kids, and she thinks Angela accepted it, but you can never be sure with Wayne. She explained to them that James was a better friend than they ever knew. Charlie asks, "What if they talk to Gordon?" Patricia says he'll confirm it - if anything else is said, she'll talk round it if necessary. She announces that she's off to see the solicitor, and Charlie comments that she's sure Patricia would like to be a fly on the wall. Patricia says she doesn't like what she's doing - she has to do it, but she doesn't like it.

In James' room, the solicitor asks James to sign the will in front of the doctor and nurse. James asks if Fiona Thompson is there yet, and he is told that Patricia is still trying to get through to her. The solicitor asks James if he's going to tell Patricia about the will, and James says he is - he wants to explain about Paul. He thanks his solicitor for all his work over the years. As the solicitor leaves, Patricia comes in. Out in the hall, Wayne asks the solicitor how James is, and is told that he's very weak, and there's not long left. Wayne remarks that there'll probably be a few smiles on faces when the will is read out, but the solicitor suggests that Wayne keeps his voice down. He tells Wayne that when James dies, there will be a lot of very sad people. When the solicitor has gone, Charlie tells Wayne that he wasn't very tactful, but Wayne just asks if Patricia is likely to be getting anything. Charlie says, "How do I know?" but Wayne points out that Patricia tells her everything. Charlie says, "She might be.." Wayne says, "Well, things might not be so glum after all." Patricia looks at James as the doctor attends to him and then leaves. She sits on James' bed and he tells her that he said he was only hanging on until his house was in order. He asks if Fiona is on her way, and Patricia tells him that she finally got through to her just before she came into the room. James tells Patricia that he has changed his will to protect his grandson, Paul. He has made Patricia and Fiona beneficiaries, but he's using his will to protect his interests, and he knows they can work together to do that. James says Paul is very trusting, and he doesn't want him being fleeced. He says Patricia and Fiona are the only people he knows he can trust one hundred percent - "...not much of a comment on the human race, eh?" Patricia says, "You see people differently when you love them." James says he hopes Fiona can make it, as he wants to explain it to her. He puts his hand on Patricia's, and murmurs, "It's to protect Paul." He closes his eyes and slips away. Patricia sits on the bed and looks thoughtful.

Beryl puts down the 'phone and turns the TV up. She sits down but is immediately interrupted by Lynn coming in. She tells Beryl that Kevin will be coming round later, and she remarks on the way her husband avoided her father earlier. She says, though, that she thinks Vic is getting used to her and Kevin. She goes into the kitchen to make some tea, leaving Beryl to watch TV. She notices Kevin's folder of photocopied newspaper clippings and starts reading them. After a few seconds, she looks up with a worried expression on her face. She goes into the living room and tells Beryl that she should read the articles. She says, "He's dangerous."

Noel remarks to Susan about 'poor old Bill', and Susan says she had a feeling he was in trouble. She asks what they can do, and Noel says that, if he was in there, he'd flatten the person who hit on Bill, but as he's not, it's going to cost, although he doesn't think Susan's few bucks will get them far. Susan suggests she should talk to the prison authorities, but Noel tells her money is the only way. He says he'll try talking, but he can't see it working.

Lynn and Beryl read the articles and Lynn points out that she said they couldn't trust him. Beryl says eleven years is a long time, and maybe he's changed, but Lynn reminds Beryl that Noel didn't mention anything about an attack. She reads out one of the headlines - 'Vicious Attack' - but Beryl says they at least need to give him the chance to explain. She says they'll wait until after school when Kevin comes round, and then speak to Noel face-to-face.

Patricia is sitting outside when Wayne comes out to tell her that everyone has gone. Patricia remarks that she should go and break the news to Fiona, and Wayne asks what the story is, as Fiona rang, and Charlie told him to put her off. Patricia says Fiona has been causing too much tension, but Wayne comments that he thought James would be past caring. Patricia snaps, "The poor man's dead - show a little respect." Wayne asks exactly how good a friend James was, and adds, "The closer you were, the more we stand to get." Patricia slaps him round the face and walks off, as Wayne yells after her, "What the hell was that for?"


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