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    Written by: Sally Webb   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Fiona is about to organise some coffee when Paul says he hopes he's not causing problems, but Fiona assures him he isn't. Paul thanks Fiona for bringing his grandfather back from America. He tells her that it was a bit of a surprise for him to find out about his inheritance, as he and James had a few problems towards the end. Fiona asks what they were, but Paul says it's pretty personal, and maybe he'll tell her later. He explains that he rang a contact address he had and learned that Patricia was waiting to see him, although he thought she was just a friend wanting to offer condolences. He says he didn't realise how close Patricia was to James until Fiona told him. Fiona says, "You don't discuss your mistress with your grandson!" Paul says he knew about Fiona and James, though, because he remembers all the good times he had when he was young. He explains that he decided to come back to Australia to sort things out. Fiona tells him to see the solicitor tomorrow, as he'll tell him anything she can't. Paul says he thinks he knows why James made the crazy will to get Patricia and Fiona to work together - it's because James didn't think his grandson capable of looking after himself - for various reasons. Fiona tells Paul that he's a mysterious one, but Paul replies that he doesn't mean to be. He tells Fiona that there are reasons why she may have to look after things for him - he trusts her, but he wants to get to know Patricia, and see if he can trust her or not. He asks Fiona, "What do you think of her?" but Fiona tells Paul he had better make up his own mind. She tells him that James assumed she and Patricia would be able to work together, and Paul asks why they can't, but Fiona just reiterates that he should make up his own mind about her.

Angela is on the 'phone to David, and she assures him that she's fine. David says he'd never have forgiven himself if anything had happened. Angela asks him about his new job, but David says the main thing is that Fiona is paying for the wedding and he doesn't have to pay her back. Angela wishes him luck at work. When she hangs up, she tells Gordon about her father's promotion and pay rise, and how it'll mean there's no problem with him paying for the wedding. Gordon says there never need have been a problem if David had just accepted the money, but Angela asks him if he'd accept money from David. Gordon says, "Nope." He tells Angela that David is trying to cut him out of the wedding, but Angela denies this, and she tells Gordon that she loves him. Gordon says it's a pity David's not prepared to share, but Angela says that's not fair, as David never said a bad word about Gordon. Gordon says it would be best if he didn't come to the wedding, as getting him and David together always causes trouble, and he'd hate to spoil it, but Angela tells him she wants him there. They hug, and Gordon says, "Anything you want, darling, anything you want."

Paul gives Fiona a gift from Arizona, and says he'll unpack fully when he gets back. Fiona asks him where he's going, and he says he's off to Dural, to meet Patricia. Fiona suggests that he call first, but Paul says he'd like to get some fresh air walking over there. Fiona warns Paul that Patricia is shrewd, and she tells him not to let himself be conned, but Paul replies that he's not as helpless as his grandfather thought.

When Lynn gets home, she finds a textbook on the doorstep, together with a note inside, which she shows to Susan. It reads, 'Thanks for the help last night. Donna.' Lynn says that it's no wonder Kevin didn't want to come out last night, but Susan says it sounds like Kevin was just helping Donna with her homework. Lynn asks why Kevin didn't say anything, then, and Susan points out that her brother probably thought he'd get it in the neck. She asks Lynn if Donna is a stirrer, and Lynn admits that her friend plays up to all the boys at school. Susan tells Lynn to give Kevin the benefit of the doubt, then.

When David gets back from the depot, he tells Beryl that he thought the blokes would be annoyed about his promotion, but they weren't. He says that, in his new role, he'll be able to repay some of the favours that others have done him over the years - a mate, Ted, for example, who has arranged a fishing trip, and asked for three consecutives so that he could go. David says there's no harm doing favours, but Beryl is worried. David just says, though, "Job's not worth having if you can't do a few favours for a mate."

Lynn tells Susan that it's not that she doesn't trust Kevin - she just feels left out. Susan says, though, that when the baby's born, neither of them will feel like going out. Lynn says Donna could have asked someone else. Kevin walks in at that moment with a pizza, explaining that he couldn't find flowers! Lynn tells him that Donna dropped his book back, together with a note. Susan decides to leave the young couple to themselves. Kevin tells Lynn that he wishes she wouldn't discuss private things with Susan, but Lynn replies that things would be better if she could talk to him. She adds that things were alright when they were still living with Beryl and David. Kevin tells Lynn that she's the one causing problems, and he storms out.

Paul Sheppard rings the bell at Dural, and Gordon answers. Paul asks if this is where Patricia Hamilton lives, but Gordon says she's overseas. He tells his visitor that the housekeeper is doing the interviews - he assumes Paul is there about the gardener's job. After a very brief moment of hesitation, Paul agrees, and Gordon directs him to the study. As he waits, Paul sees Rosie just escorting another candidate off the premises, and apologising to him for not getting the job. As soon as she sees Paul, she remarks that at least he's better dressed - she just hopes he has lots of experience. Paul says he's had quite a few jobs, but he's good at using his hands. He suggests that one of the plants in the entrance hall should be put outside. Rosie smiles at him, and agrees.

Beryl is serving dinner for Kevin. He tells his mother that he felt like getting out, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Beryl takes him to show him what she's done to his room.

Rosie explains about the lawns, and how Patricia likes them kept like a bowling green. Paul asks what Mrs. Hamilton is like, explaining that he needs to know about his boss. Rosie tells him that if he does what he's told, he won't have any problems. Paul says, "Difficult?" Rosie replies, "You'll know soon enough." Angela comes in and Rosie introduces her to "Paul Clark", the new gardener. Paul asks if that means he's got the job, and Rosie tells him to start at 8:30am tomorrow. Angela looks at him intently.

Later, back at the boarding house, Fiona tells Paul that he's just like James - always falling on his feet! Paul asks about Rosie, and Fiona says she's the salt of the earth. Paul remarks that Rosie didn't seem to have much time for Patricia, and Fiona replies, "She's on my team!" Paul says he'll get to know Patricia soon enough. He tells Fiona about how he had to think on his feet, and call himself "Paul Clark" - 'Clark' being his mother's maiden name, so it wasn't totally a lie. He tells Fiona that he'll be moving in tomorrow, living in a self-contained flat at the back of Dural. He adds that as far as the solicitor is concerned, mum's the word. At this point, Jill rushes into Fiona's room, with only a towel around her to protect her modesty! She is taken aback to see Fiona has company, but soon recovers her composure. Fiona introduces her to "Paul Clark" and Jill leaves, telling Paul she'll see him around. Fiona comments to Paul that at least Jill had a towel round her, but Paul replies that, where he's been recently, that would have caused quite a stir. A bemused Fiona says, "What?" but Paul tells her to forget it.

Angela tells Rosie that they don't know anything about Paul Clark, but Rosie replies that she trusts him, and that's good enough for her. Angela says he doesn't have any references, but Rosie asks how he's supposed to get those if he's only had odd jobs since leaving uni. Angela asks why he left uni, and Rosie says he took a year out. Angela says Paul was quick to take the opportunity to move in, and she thinks he's out to wangle his way into the house. She adds, "Let's wait and see what mother has to say when she gets back."

Beryl shows Kevin the nursery, but Kevin's muted response is, "Beaut." Beryl asks him if that's the best he can do. Kevin goes over to the wardrobe and has a look inside, but just says, "It's nice." Beryl asks him if he minds, but Kevin says of course he doesn't. She explains that it seemed as if he and Lynn were never likely to move back, so she went ahead - but she can change it back. Kevin says, though, that that would be pretty dumb. Beryl tells him that if he and Lynn did want to come back, they could have Susan's room. Beryl leaves the room, and after looking round once more, Kevin follows her. He is about to shut the door when he decides to take one final glimpse. Only then does he leave the room in darkness. Out in the lounge, David asks what's up, and Beryl replies that she thinks Kevin and Lynn have been arguing. She adds that she's worried about them, as they're still very young, but David points out that they're growing up fast. Beryl says Kevin is still her baby, but David says he and Lynn will manage - they've got to.

The next morning, Angela answers the door when Paul arrives, but she tells him to go round the back in future. Rosie joins them and tells Paul she's glad he's early. She asks Angela to show Paul to his flat, but Angela just tells him to go down the corridor and out the back. Paul says, "Right you are - thanks Miss. Hamilton!" When he's gone, Rosie asks Angela what the idea was, carrying on like that with Paul, and she adds that she wonders what Beryl would think. Angela says he's only the gardener, but Rosie tells her to treat him with more decency, or she'll have her to deal with.

Kevin is at home, having his arm tended to after falling off his bike, and he makes a remark about one lousy thing happening after another. Susan says things will get better, and Kevin replies that he tries and he just wishes Lynn would try harder as well. Lynn comes in and asks her husband if he's OK. She goes to prepare breakfast, but Kevin says he doesn't want any, as he has to get to school. He rushes off, leaving Lynn to remark to Susan that he's gone to study with Donna. Susan says that both Kevin and Lynn have been carrying on like kids lately, but Lynn replies, "One of us is for sure - and I don't think it's me."

Angela is standing on the balcony, watching Paul gardening. She turns her back to him for a few moments, but then goes back to staring at him. She then goes inside and sees Rosie with a basket. She immediately volunteers to pick some flowers, but Rosie says it'll take more than that to get back into her good books. She tells Angela to be nice to Paul if she sees him, and Angela replies that she'll do her best. She goes back outside, but Paul is nowhere to be seen. She starts cutting some flowers, and is just about to snip at a rose when Paul comes up behind her and says it's a nice garden. Startled, Angela pricks her finger on a thorn. Paul immediately takes her hand, and Angela says she wishes roses weren't prickly. Paul says, though, that that would make them too perfect. He kisses her finger better, and notices Angela's ring, commenting that 'he's' a lucky fellow. Angela looks away. Paul says this isn't getting any work done, and he stands up, leaving Angela looking at the ring, and appearing to be confused...


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