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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Fiona is trying on dresses, as, with Jill's help, she decides what to wear to a cocktail party at Ramberg. She says she's glad Jill's going with John, but Jill explains that she's only accompanying him because he needed a partner. Fiona asks Jill if she isn't just a little bit fond of John, but Jill assures her that they're just friends. Fiona tells Jill that if you hold friends at arm's length for too long, you'll turn round one day and find they're not there any more. Jill just replies that it's her business. She explains that everyone she's ever got close to has hurt her - even Fiona. Fiona says she thought they'd sorted that out, and Jill agrees that they have, but she says it's changed things - " just has."

Angela is still out picking roses, while Paul gets on with the gardening a short distance away. When she eventually stands up and goes inside, Paul watches her.

Indoors, Rob is having a heated discussion with Gordon, telling him that it's just a loan. Angela comes in, and discovers that Gordon has found out about Fiona lending David the money for the wedding - Rob tells her that Gordon overheard him talking about it on the 'phone. Gordon says Fiona is the last person David should have asked, but Angela snaps that she just wants a quiet wedding, not a great big family argument.

Fiona is dressed in a bright pink dress while Jill is still changing. There's a knock at the door - it's John, who's early. He asks where Jill is, and Fiona explains that she's busy looking in the mirror! She asks John how many people are expected tonight, and John says it's about thirty. Fiona says she plans to have a good time! Jill emerges and John asks her how she's been. She just says, "Alright." John tells her she looks terrific, but Jill virutally ignores him, and says she's glad Wayne is in Melbourne, as she couldn't face being in the same room as him - it can only be a better party without him there.

Wayne is talking to Hal Mason at James Sheppard's old property. Mason says he's not keen, as David hasn't had very much training, but Wayne points out that it's what Patricia wanted. He asks why Patricia's doing it, but Mason says he doesn't know - she's a board member, and he just goes along with her wishes. Wayne points out that Fiona is a board member as well, and she's bound to work out that Mason and Patricia are on the same side. He asks what will happen if Fiona smells a rat in the takeover, but Mason says she already has - and he tells Wayne that this is where he can help. Mason tells Wayne that he wants him to get to know Fiona better, and get on-side with her. Wayne replies, "Are you kidding?!" Mason explains that he wants to keep one step ahead of Fiona, but Wayne tells him that Fiona's not likely to give him the time of day. Mason tells Wayne that, if he can't handle it, he can get someone else...

Angela comes into the lounge at Dural with roses, and Gordon comments on how nice they are. He apologises for earlier, telling Angela he didn't mean to upset her. Angela says it's just that people are arguing all the time. Gordon goes off to the study, and Angela notices that Rosie has laid an extra place at the dinner table. The housekeeper explains that it's for Paul, as he's new in town and doesn't have many friends. She smiles at Angela. Angela asks Rob if they can go and see a movie after dinner, but Rob says it's been a long day. Angela tells him that there are some good shows on in town, but Rob says he'd prefer a quiet night - plus he'd like to meet Paul. A card game duly fills the hours after dinner, and Rob and Paul appear to get on well. When the evening is over, Rosie tells Paul that she'll get him some extra blankets, as the nights are quite cold. The two of them leave the room, leaving Rob to gloat about him and Paul beating Angela and Rosie four-one! Angela snaps that it was just a game of cards, but Rob tries to calm her down, asking her if she's still upset about the wedding business. Angela looks at him and says, "I love you." They both head off to bed, but as Angela crosses the hall, she pauses as she hears Rosie and Paul talking.

John and Jill get home and remark on Fiona having stayed behind! Jill opens her door, but, still standing in the corridor, thanks John for a nice evening. John reminds her that they're playing tennis tomorrow afternoon. He kisses her goodnight, hurriedly explaining that it was only a friendly kiss. As he leaves, he tells her not to forget they're going on a picnic on Sunday.

The next day is Saturday, and at Ramberg, Di Miller comments to John that Fiona seemed to have a good time last night. She adds that she could do with that sort of energy when she goes to see the estate agent later - she explains that she has to move because her rent has gone right up. John tells her that she should have mentioned it last night, as Fiona lets out rooms in Manly. Wayne comes in and says, "And she's not choosy who she lets to, either!" He asks Di if Hal Mason is in yet, but she tells him he isn't. She tells Wayne she'll give him a buzz, but Wayne says there's no need. As John heads home to play tennis, Di tells him that, if she can't find anything, maybe she will give Fiona a call.

Jill asks Fiona what time she got home, but Fiona says she doesn't know. Jill asks her if it was her she heard knocking over milk bottles at 4am? Fiona replies, "How could you suggest such a thing?!" She adds that it wasn't a moment after 3:30am! She tells Jill that she thinks Hal Mason is up to something with the transport division of Ramberg - and she's convinced Patricia is involved up to her armpits. She tells Jill that she made some discreet inquiries last night, but noone seemed willing to talk shop. Jill suggests that Fiona might be asking the wrong people, but Fiona says even Di Miller was no help. Jill asks Fiona what her next move is, and Fiona says it's another cup of coffee! Jill decides to go and get her shopping, as she's playing tennis with John later. Fiona says she's glad Wayne's not puttng Jill off going to the Hamiltons, but Jill says she thinks he's in Melbourne - and if he isn't, she'll just have to handle it.

Wayne is looking through a file when Mason comes in and asks him what he's doing in his office. Wayne says he was following orders - finding out about Fiona. Mason says there's nothing in the file Wayne is holding, but Wayne says the file is on Di Miller, and, with the chance that she'll be moving into the boarding house, it's someone Fiona could become friendly with. Mason says Di's not the type to inform on people, and even if she gets on with Fiona, he can't see her running back to Wayne with information. Wayne says he didn't know Di's husband had been killed in an accident, but Mason makes it clear that this is not to be mentioned, as it took her a long time to get over it - "I just don't want her getting upset." Mason tells Wayne that, whatever he does, he should be subtle, and Wayne replies, "That's my middle name - 'subtle'!" Outside Mason's office, John tells Di that he's calling it a day, but Di says she still has a lot to do. Wayne comes out and John leaves. Di asks what the story is between the two men, and Wayne explains about how John used to work for Gordon, when Wayne was in a wheelchair, but he and John didn't get on. Looking down at his legs, he adds that he was told he'd never walk again! He leaves, telling Di he'll see her on Monday.

When Jill pulls up at Dural, she notices Paul, and he explains to her about him being the new gardener. He asks her not to say anything about seeing him at the boarding house, attributing this request to the animosity between Fiona and Patricia. Jill agrees. She asks if John is around, but Paul says he's not back yet. Angela calls over to Jill, and Jill asks Paul if he'd like to join them for tennis. Paul says he's not dressed for it, but Jill tells him it's not a fashion parade, and he accepts the invitation.

Inside, Jill tells Angela that if she sees Wayne, she'll pretend she's never met him. She asks Angela what she thinks, but quickly realises Angela's not actually listening! Jill asks her what the problem is, wondering if it's the wedding, and Angela admits that she's worried about who will give her away, and who's going to pay for the reception - and she adds that Patricia's going to scream blue murder when she finds out who her daughter's marrying. Jill remarks, "Who invented families?!" She asks if that's all, but Angela reveals that she's met someone, and can't stop thinking about him. Jill asks Angela if she loves Rob, and Angela says, "Of course," so Jill tells her that she's probably worrying about nothing. Angela says she was just remembering how things used to be, when she went from man to man. She explains that, when she met John and went to Melbourne, she thought she'd found what she was looking for. She says all she wants is to marry Rob and have a family. Jill tells Angela she's being hard on herself, but Angela asks what she's supposed to do about the other guy. Jill tells her that she'll forget about him in a couple of weeks. She then hears a noise and looks out the window to see Wayne approaching. She hurries out to the tennis court.

Wayne comes in and asks Angela if it's Jill's car outside. Angela explains about the tennis match, and Wayne says he'd better go out and 'make her feel welcome'. Angela tells him that Jill is John's guest, and she says to butt out. She then asks Wayne why he's so perky, and Wayne replies that he's been given promotion after less than a week with the company - "...better going than wonder boy!" Angela warns Wayne not to cause trouble for John, but Wayne replies that he wouldn't dream of it. He tells Angela to leave the business to him, while she concentrates on being the good little housewife. Angela asks him what he means, and Wayne replies that Rob's the 'little woman in the kitchen' type. Rob emerges from the lounge at this point, and Wayne comments to Angela about making sure she has her fiancé's slippers ready. He goes upstairs, leaving Rob to ask Angela what that remark meant, and Angela explains that Wayne thinks he'll want her running around after him all the time. Rob tells Angela that he meant what he said about her past, saying it's what you are that matters, not what you were. He then jokingly says he's the jealous type, and he tells Angela not to invite any old boyfriends, but, failing to see the joke, Angela snaps, "Of course not." She immediately apologises, but then closes the lounge door and says she has an idea: she suggests to Rob that they elope. Rob smiles...

A short while later, Wayne comes downstairs and finds John in the entrance hall. John sarcastically says, "Hello, smiley!" but Wayne replies that John has a nerve, bringing the lady of the night to the house. He tells John that Jill isn't welcome, but John says he can invite whoever he pleases. He tells Wayne that if there's any trouble, he'll have him to deal with.

In the lounge, Angela tells Rob that she's sick of arguing, and she knows her mother will hate the wedding plans. Rob suggests that Patricia will relax at the actual wedding, but Angela says the whole thing will be a disaster. Rob tells her that they can't just elope, but Angela asks why not? Rob says there are other people to think about, such as Beryl, but Angela says she knows a lot of people will be disappointed, but it would save a lot of hassles. Rob says eloping is old-fashioned, but Angela says it's romantic. Rob says it would knock everyone for six, and Angela replies that Patricia would blow a fuse! Rob asks Angela if she's dead set, and Angela nods. Rob says, "OK - if that's what you want!" John comes in and asks Rob and Angela if they'd like to join him and Jill for a game of doubles later on, but Rob says they'll be busy - making wedding plans! John leaves the room and Rob asks Angela what they do first, as he's never done this before! He asks if they should leave now, and Angela replies that that's the whole idea - just pack and go. They both head upstairs.

Paul is playing tennis with Jill, and when he beats her, he runs towards her, leaping the net on the way. John joins them, noticing as he approaches that Paul has his hand on Jill's shoulder. Jill tells John that she's invited Paul to join them and she quietly adds that she thinks he's nice. John sullenly replies, "Seems OK." Jill tells him that she's invited Paul to the picnic, and John looks annoyed.

As Rob and Angela come downstairs with their packed bags, Rob asks what if someone sees them driving off, but Angela tells him just to act naturally and pretend they're going for a drive. They put their bags down in the hall, but just then, the front door opens. A startled Angela says, "Mother!" Just home from her 'holiday', Patricia replies, "Hello darling. Oh - where are you off to...?"


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