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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Rob and Wayne stare at John, and Rob says, "Oh, hell." John asks if it's true, and Rob says he's sorry. Wayne closes the study door. John asks Rob how long he's known, and Rob says it's been ages. He adds that John and Angela are the only people who don't know, and he tells John that he's just sorry he had to find out like this - they were worried how Kevin would be with David and Patricia tomorrow. John asks where his parents are, and Wayne replies that they're out by the pool. Rob tells John that he hopes he won't do anything to spoil the wedding, and John hesitatingly replies, "OK." He says, though, that he can't think straight. Rob says he doesn't know any of the details, but he does know things are OK between Beryl and David and Gordon and Patricia, so he thinks John should leave it. He asks himself why he had to open his big mouth. Wayne tells John that he knows the two of them don't get on, but he really doesn't want to spoil the wedding. John says the best thing would be if he made himself scarce until tomorrow night, but Rob is worried about how he'll explain the sudden disappearance. John gets up and walks out of the house. Rob chases after him, yelling again to ask how he'll explain it. In the study, Wayne smiles to himself, and looks at John's unfinished report lying on the desk...

Di Miller knocks at Fiona's, saying she's there to pick up the key and unload her stuff. Fiona tells her that if she needs any help, Kevin will be around. Jill emerges from her room, and she and Di reacquaint themselves. Di then says she'd better get on with it, and Jill tells her that if she needs anything, to give her a yell.

Wayne is drinking a glass of scotch when Rob comes in and announces that he couldn't find John. Wayne says he's sorry, but he didn't have a clue that John was working in the study. Rob asks what he should do, and Wayne advises that he'd better tell David and Patricia - but he asks Rob to play down his role in the fiasco, as he's not in Patricia's good books at the moment. Rob agrees that he'll take the blame. Wayne offers to keep Angela out of the way, but Rob says he'll wait until she's in bed before he says anything. Wayne asks Rob what he'll do if John comes home, but Rob replies that he has a feeling that that's the very last thing John will do. He tells Wayne that he, John and David were going to go to Fiona's, but he'll put it off. Wayne points out that John is quite likely to go to Fiona's or Jill's, and Rob agrees to let them know in case John turns up, but, until then, they must act naturally until tonight. Wayne smiles to himself again.

A while later, David asks Angela about the block of land she and Rob have found, but she and Rob both reply that money is the main problem. David points out that it would be cheaper to live in Melbourne, but Patrica hurriedly chips in that there's plenty of time to worry about that. She and Gordon go into the study, to arrange the furniture so that Angela can prepare for her wedding in there. Patricia asks her husband if he got the gist of what David was trying to do - getting Angela and Rob to live in Melbourne - but Gordon says the couple seem set on staying in Sydney. Patricia suggests they could buy the block of land as a wedding present, but Gordon says he can't afford it. Patricia replies that she can. Later, in the lounge, Wayne comments to Patricia that she's chirpy for someone whose daughter is about to marry Rob Keegan, but Patricia replies that they were a laughing stock over the Simon business, and she doesn't want a repeat of that. Wayne suggests that they're stuck with Rob then, but Patricia just says, "Until the divorce..."

In the study, Angela is looking at some dresses hanging on a rack. Gordon and David decide to leave her and Rob to it. When they're alone, Rob tells Angela that he loves her, and Angela replies that she feels the same about him. Rob tells his fiancée that he hopes she won't let anything muck up tomorrow, but Angela asks what could? Rob says he was just being stupid. Angela asks what made him say it, but he just kisses her.

Wayne offers drinks as Patricia enters the lounge after failing to locate Rosie. Angela decides she'd rather go to bed, and when she's left the room, Rob closes the double doors, saying he doubts whether anyone will get much sleep tonight...

There's a knock on Jill's door at the boarding house, and when she answers it, she finds John standing there with a cut on his face. He asks to come in, and when Jill asks what happened, he replies that he got his injury from a bloke who didn't like the fact that he wouldn't stop drinking. He tells Jill that he had nowhere else to go. Jill says she knows, as Rob contacted her and Fiona.

Patricia snaps, "How stupid - discussing it in the middle of the house." Gordon points out that it had to come out sooner or later, and David chips in that John might be alright about it, but Patricia just asks how everyone can be so calm. David suggests to Rob and Gordon that they should go to bed, as, if John comes home, it'll be between him, David and Patricia. Wayne goes off to bed, and Gordon follows shortly after. Patricia starts pacing round the room, while in the hall, Wayne says to Gordon that it's a bit of a mess, and he could kick himself. Gordon tells Wayne that he wasn't to know.

John is lying asleep on Jill's bed - it's 1:30am. Jill puts on her jacket and quietly leaves her room.

Patricia is asleep on the couch when David disturbs her. She asks if John's there, but David says he isn't. He tells Patricia to go to bed, or she'll be a mess in the morning. Patricia says she wishes they could talk to John, but David reckons it wouldn't do much good, as nothing they could say will make it sound better. Patricia says she doesn't want what happened between David and Kevin happening between her and John. David tells Patricia about how he got drunk last night, and told John about how good Woombai was. He says John must think his father's a real mongrel. The 'phone suddenly rings - it's Jill, who's calling from Fiona's room. She tells David that John is at her place, and he's really angry. David says he'll come over, but Jill asks if she could try and talk to him first, as she might be able to help. David tells Patricia what's happening, and Patricia asks to talk to Jill. She asks Jill what she thinks she can do, and Jill replies that she can try and calm him down a bit, so that he'll listen. She explains that he talked himself off to sleep, and he sounded really angry. Patricia asks Jill to call in the morning when she's spoken to him. Jill returns to her room and looks at John. She brushes his hair with her hand, and then snuggles up on an armchair to get some sleep.

A few hours pass, and Jill is awoken by another knock on her door. She gets up out of the chair, and stretches to try and get rid of the backache she now has. She opens the door and finds Di Miller standing there. Di immediately notices John asleep on the bed and jumps to immediate conclusions, but Jill quickly explains that he has problems, and she's just his shoulder. Realising that John is still on probation at work, Di asks if John had his briefcase with him, as he had an urgent report due in, but Jill says he didn't - and he's unlikely to have completed the report anyway. Di asks if she can wake John up, and Jill agrees. Having disturbed the slumberer, Di tells him she knows he has some troubles, but he could be heading for more unless he gets the report in this morning. John says it's nearly finished apart from a couple of paragraphs, and so Di says she'll go to Dural and find it. John says he doesn't want anyone to know where he is, but Jill tells him that she's already 'phoned Dural, so they know.

At Dural, Rob comes downstairs and asks if there's any news, and Wayne tells him that John is staying with Jill. Patricia puts down the 'phone and says that that was Di Miller, and she wants to get John's report to her. Rob asks about Angela, but Patricia says Gordon is keeping her out of the way at the hairdresser's. She then asks Wayne to drop in at Manly Terrace on his way to work, as she saw John's report in the study last night, and she'd like it to get to Di. Wayne says he doubts it's finished, as John was working on it when he heard about the affair, but Patricia replies that there are apparently only a few paragraphs to do, and Di will finish those. She tells Wayne to get the report, and go and make a good job of his story. She then warns him that if he does anything to cause John to lose his job, he'd be the next to go. Wayne innocently asks what makes Patricia think he'd do anything like that, and Patricia replies, "Maternal instinct."

Jill tells John that he's as bad as Wayne, in that he's doing to the Hamiltons what Wayne did to her - finding out something and then cutting them off. John says affairs only happen because two people fancy each other, but Jill replies that they can happen because people are lonely, or hung-up. John says, though, that if two people are attracted to one another, and they know it's wrong, they should keep away from one another. He tells Jill that Patricia and David used him to get together. Jill suggests to John that he should tell them that and see what they say, and if it's not good enough, he should go to the wedding, and then leave afterwards and never see them again if he doesn't want to. She warns John not to spoil the day for Angela, though, and she asks him to do this for her. John says, "OK." Jill smiles at him.

At Dural, John tells David and Patricia that the fact of the matter is that Beryl and Gordon have been affected by this more than he has, and if they can handle it, he can hardly jump up and down. Patricia tells her son that she's glad he's being sensible. John asks when the affair started, and David tells him it was the day he heard the strike was over. He says he knows John's thinking about the call his father made to Beryl, saying he wanted to stay on because of John, but the truth was that he couldn't handle John for years while he was growing up, as everything he did rubbed him up the wrong way, but John had changed, and so had he. He tells John that they couldn't have talked like this six months ago, and he says he's really proud of his son for making a go of his life. He admits that he used John, and he feels lousy, but he's sorry - "...we're sorry." David tells John that he loves him, and he offers his hand. John doesn't take it, but does say, "I love you too, Dad."


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