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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

There's an impatient knocking at Fiona's door, and when she answers it, she finds it's Jill, who immediately says Patricia rang and John is fine about everything. Fiona says that's wonderful, and Jill says it's all systems go for the wedding. She asks Fiona if Kevin and Lynn know what's happened, but Fiona says it's just between David, John and Patricia.

At Dural, Patricia tells John she hopes he won't say anything to Angela, and John agrees. Gordon and Angela arrive home, and Patricia tells her daughter how lovely her hair looks. Angela asks John how he hurt his face, and John tells her that he went three rounds with a swinging door. Angela says it looks like the door won! Patricia chips in that John enjoyed the buck's party so much, he had one of his own! Angela and John leave the room, and Gordon comments to his wife that he gathers John wasn't too difficult. Patricia says her son behaved amazingly, and she thanks Gordon for keeping Angela occupied. She adds, "What would I do without you?"

Paul is setting chairs out in the garden when Patricia comes out and asks him how things are going. Paul says everything's under control, but there's no sign of the flowers. Patricia says she'll get onto the florist straight away.

Rob escorts his parents into Dural, and introduces them to Rosie, who says she's pleased to meet them. Patricia joins them, and introduces herself, asking how the trip was. She's told it was fine. She tells Bob and Aileen that Rob will show them to their room. They head off, but Rob lingers a moment, to ask if there's any news on John, and Patricia replies that she had a long chat with her son, and he's fine. She adds that she's glad it all came out, as it brought them closer. She goes into the lounge, where she announces that the first disaster has taken place - their flowers have been mixed up with those for another wedding, and they can't even have that wedding's flowers because the order has been lost. She says that by the time she's finished with the florist, they'll be lucky if they open their doors again. Rosie offers to pick some flowers from the garden, but Patricia says no thanks. Gordon and Paul gang up on her, though, causing her to storm off, snapping, "Do what you like."

Beryl is in the kitchen at the Palmer house, but she looks very sick. The 'phone starts ringing, and after pausing a moment, Beryl starts staggering over to it. It has been ringing for several seconds by the time she finally answers to hear Fiona saying she almost hung up. She tells Beryl that she's just calling to find out when her plane's due to land, so that they can come and pick her up. Beryl says she can get a taxi, but Fiona assures her it's no problem. Beryl asks how Kevin and Lynn are getting on, and Fiona replies that they're regular tourists! She says Kevin is so excited that she doubts whether he'll be any trouble. She then asks Beryl how she is, explaining that she heard she felt off yesterday, but Beryl says she's alright now. Fiona tells her she'll see her later, and adds that she has some news for her. As Beryl hangs up, she looks very poorly.

David asks Patricia why everyone else is busy, while he's just sitting around, but Patricia tells him that it's because he's a guest. She sits down and tells David that she owes him an apology for barging in and demanding to take over the arrangements. She adds that she was very lucky with John this morning, as it could have been nasty. David then apologises to Patricia for the way he walked out on her and went back to Beryl. He suggests that the two of them call it quits, and Patricia agrees. She asks David if he's worked out his father-of-the-bride speech, but David asks her not to remind him! Patricia says Gordon is a very good speaker, and it's a pity he's not proposing the toast, as he's probably had his speech prepared for years. She leaves the room, as David sits looking thoughtful.

In the study, Jill says her hair is a mess, and Angela offers to help her fix it, to keep her mind occupied. Jill tells Angela that she's just suffering from pre-wedding jitters. She goes out into the hall and runs into John. She tells him he's looking bright, and John replies that it doesn't matter what David and Patricia did - he feels great about them both. He thanks Jill for her help, and she dashes off to wash her hair. John knocks on the study door and goes in. He asks Angela how it's going, and she replies that she's just waiting for something to happen. John tells his sister that he probably won't see her so much once she's married. He adds that he's going to be nice to Fiona today, and Angela says she doesn't like it, but they can agree to disagree. John then says there was something he never told her: when she had the accident in David's truck, he knew she was in trouble - he doesn't know how; he just felt it. Angela says they both always knew there was something like that there - although it doesn't always work. She tells John that, when she was in bed last night, she felt there was something wrong with him, but he's on top of the world. John looks slightly guilty, but it passes, and he and Angela hug tightly.

Out in the garden, Bob and Rob reminisce about life in Ararat. Aileen chips in that she thinks Dural is very fancy. Rob suddenly notices his mother is carrying a small box, and Aileen explains that it contains marshmallows, which she bought as a present for Patricia, but she doesn't think they're really her thing. The two men try to persuade her to give them as a gift anyway, with Rob telling her that Patricia's alright once you get to know her, but Aileen changes the subject, saying Gordon seemed very nice. Bob tells his son that he's done well for himself, and Rob agrees that Angela is one out of the box.

Beryl takes some medicine, but appears to be very unwell. Susan arrives and asks her how she's feeling. Beryl says she's fine, but Susan says she doesn't like the way her mother looks. Beryl says she'll be OK when they get there, but Susan tells her to ring David if she really doesn't feel like going. Beryl says, though, that she promised David, although she adds that it wouldn't have hurt for him to have called this morning to see how she was. Susan looks worried.

At Dural, David tells Gordon that, in a few hours, the Palmers and the Hamiltons will be related more than ever. He tells Gordon that he supposes they'll never be friends, and Gordon agrees that he doubts it. David says he'd probably feel the same if things were the other way round. He adds that he's glad things are good between Gordon and Patricia, and he tells Gordon that he's been more of a father to Angela than he ever has, and he wondered if Gordon would like to make the father-of-the-bride speech. Gordon looks taken aback, but then thanks David.

As Fiona drives Jill's car to Dural, it breaks down on the driveway. Kevin notices that it's run out of petrol! John and Rob quickly head towards them, and they, together with Kevin, get out and start pushing! When Lynn finally gets inside Dural, she's impressed. David comes out and greets them, and he tells Kevin that he's glad he could make it. He asks where Beryl and Susan are, and Fiona explains that they're catching a later 'plane. David remarks that they're cutting it fine. John takes Kevin and Lynn off to show them around, leaving David and Fiona alone. Fiona tells David that Beryl was expecting to hear from him, but David says it's too late to call now. Fiona says there's no harm trying.

Susan picks up Beryl's suitcase and the two women head outside. Just after the front door slams, the 'phone starts ringing. At Dural, David eventually gives up, causing Fiona to tell him that she wishes he'd tried earlier. David says there's not much they can do now, and they'll sort things out when Beryl and Susan get there. Fiona says she's going to get a drink, and then go and sit somewhere where she can't be found too easily.

Rob and John show Kevin and Lynn where the marriage ceremony is taking place in the garden. Rob shows off the wedding ring. Rosie comes over with a pavlova, and Rob introduces the kids to her. Kevin comments that Beryl goes ape over pavlovas, and Rosie says she looks forward to meeting her.

In Melbourne, Susan and Beryl go back into the house, and Susan says she'll call the doctor. Beryl says she's fine, and David will never believe her, but Susan points out to her mother that she nearly passed out between the door and the car. She goes to the 'phone. Beryl suddenly starts breathing erratically, taking a lot of short, sharp gasps. With an anguished look on her face, she calls out, "Susan... call the doctor - something's terribly wrong..."


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