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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Patricia and Mason go back into the study, where Patricia says someone must have put Paul up to it. Mason says, though, that he thinks it was more likely to have been Paul's own idea. Patricia wonders what Paul's up to, but Mason replies that the lad is probably just trying to get to know her. He adds that he hopes Patricia's been on her best behaviour, and so Patricia is forced to reveal that she's actually just sacked Paul. At this moment, Rosie comes in to tidy up and Patricia asks her how she came to hire Paul. Rosie just says she interviewed him and hired him, but Patricia says she meant how did he hear about the job. Rosie says she put an advert in the paper, and he probably saw it. She leaves the room. Patricia tells Mason that she can't see Paul, having just jetted in from the US, reading a small, local paper in Australia. She says she thinks Paul probably came to see her, got stuck with Rosie and went along with it. She asks Mason if Paul has been in contact with the lawyers, but Mason replies that if he had, they would have been on to him like a shot. Patricia says Paul must have a contact, and Mason suggests Fiona. Patricia says it could be, and Mason points out that if it is, Paul probably won't have a very good picture of Mrs. Hamilton. Patricia says that, in that case, she'll have to make sure he gets one - she'll get him on-side.

A short while later, on the verandah, Patricia tells Paul that she's sorry for her reaction earlier, but she'd hate to see Angela and Rob hurt. Paul says he'll be gone soon, but Patricia tells him she'd like him to stay, explaining that she and Angela were under pressure over the wedding, and it was probably that that led to Angela's confusion. Paul tells Patricia that he'll think about it and let her know tomorrow morning.

At the Armstrong residence, Barbara is on the 'phone, saying that she'll pick her ticket up in the morning. After she hangs up, she looks at her golf bag, sadly.

The next morning, David finally arrives back at the Palmer house and finds Susan there. She tells him that Beryl is in hospital and has lost the baby. David looks stunned. He and Susan immediately go to the hospital, and Susan points out Beryl's room, before telling her father that she'll find the doctor. A nurse emerges from Beryl's room and tells David that the doctor has been waiting for him to turn up. Dr. Stevens comes up and David asks him if Beryl is alright. Dr. Stevens replies that she had a very bad emotional reaction to the loss of her child. He tells David that it was a great shame he wasn't there, as from what he's seen, Beryl seems to think her husband is partly to blame for the miscarriage. David queries, "Me not showing up?" but Stevens just replies that it will be necessary to be patient - Beryl may not seem logical, but it is all logical to her. David tells Stevens that when Susan 'phoned, the line was bad, and he misunderstood the situation. The doctor says he understands, but Beryl might not. David tells Susan that he'll go in alone. He enters Beryl's room and looks at her lying in bed, before bending over and kissing her.

At Dural, the 'phone rings in the study and Wayne answers it. The call is for John. While he's talking, Rosie is telling Gordon that it was very nice of David to let him give the speech. Gordon agrees. Rosie says she's sorry she missed Barbara leaving, and adds that it's a shame the gossip wasn't true. Gordon tells the housekeeper that Barbara is going to Melbourne, and Rosie disappointedly replies that Barbara didn't say anything to her about it. Gordon tells Rosie that Barbara looked for her, but couldn't find her. As he finishes his call, John says he'll let everyone know. He turns to Gordon, Patricia and Wayne and tells them that Beryl has lost her baby. Patricia immediately says, "Oh, John, I am sorry." John says he'll go and tell Bob and Aileen. When he's alone with Patricia, Wayne remarks that it was a bit stupid having kids at their age anyway. Patricia replies, "Oh for God's sake, Wayne," but Wayne tells Patricia that he heard her and Charlie bitching about Beryl enough times, so he can't believe that she really gives a damn about Beryl, either. Paul comes in and tells Patricia that he's decided to stay on, although he'll see how it goes when Angela gets back. Patricia asks him to join her for a nightcap, and Paul accepts. Patricia explains that it's the least she can do to say thankyou for all his hard work.

At the hospital, Susan tells David to go home and get some sleep. David says he wants to stay, but Susan tells him that he'll feel better after some rest. David says, "I really wanted that baby, Susie." Susan says she knows. David kisses the sleeping Beryl and tells her that he'll see her in the morning.

The next morning, at the boarding house, Fiona tells Jill that they're not going to say anything to Kevin and Lynn until tonight, otherwise it will spoil their break. She adds that John is taking his grandparents to the airport, and then coming back to join them at the boarding house. She asks how things are between her lodger and John, and Jill replies that every time she turned around at the wedding, John was giving her moon-eyed looks. Fiona tells Jill that John must be pretty much in love with her, and Jill replies that she spent most of the day with Kevin, so that she could keep away from John. She heads off and bumps into Kevin on the way. He tells her that he's going for a swim, and Jill is incredulous because it's the middle of winter, and freezing cold! The two of them leave the boarding house together, as Fiona laughs.

At the breakfast table at Dural, Patricia complains about having toast instead of croissants, and she tells Gordon that she thinks they should pension Rosie off, as they don't need her. Gordon points out that for someone they don't need, Rosie is kept on her feet for most of the time, and so Patricia says Rosie's attitude is getting her down. Gordon says Rosie's attitude has always been much the same, and he can't see it getting any worse, but Patricia says it has been worse since Barbara came on the scene - it was just Nancy she'd replaced, but now it's Nancy and Barbara. She tells Gordon that it's very hard to make their marriage work with Rosie around, but Gordon says that, if it is a problem, it'll sort itself out with Barbara in Melbourne. He says, "You know I could never get rid of her, so why suggest it?" He goes into the study, picks up the 'phone and dials Barbara's number. When she answers, he asks to see her before she leaves, adding that it's important. Barbara says it'll have to be straight away. Gordon looks at the picture of Woombai hanging on the study wall.

As Kevin and Jill are running up the road to the boarding house, John pulls up outside the place in his car. He says he's just taken Bob and Aileen to the airport, which causes Kevin to say he thought they were staying on another night. John just says they changed their mind. When Jill goes inside, John tells his brother that he knows about David and Patricia, and he went burko for a while, but he talked to them, and everything's fine now. He tells Kevin that David is a really good bloke, and to give him a go.

Patricia asks Rosie if she's seen Gordon, and Rosie replies that she saw him heading off twenty minutes ago with something under his arm. Patricia asks what it was, but Rosie says it was none of her business. Patricia goes into the study, picks up the 'phone and dials Ramberg. When she gets through to Hal Mason, she tells him that she's talked Paul into staying, but she'll take things slowly from now on. Mason says he's keen to get it sorted out quickly if Paul is to accept his responsibilities with Ramberg. While Mason is talking, Patricia suddenly notices a space on the study wall.

Gordon tells Barbara that he'd like her to have the picture. Barbara says she can't, but Gordon says he wants her to. He tells her that saying goodbye to her yesterday seemed wrong, and adds that he'll understand if she doesn't want it, but Barbara says she does. Gordon says he has to make it work with Patricia, but he tells Barbara that he loves her. He says he doesn't want an affair, but, with her going away, he just wanted her to know. Barbara trembles as she says, "I do." She tells Gordon that the picture is a lovely thought, and she smiles tearfully. Gordon holds out his hand and Barbara takes it. Gordon tells her to look after herself. Barbara says she's too old to cry in public. As Gordon leaves, Barbara says she'll treasure it. She stands, crying.

Wayne snaps at Paul that he's done a lousy job of cleaning the pool, and he orders him to do it again. A horrified Patricia immediately asks Wayne if she can have a word with him, as there's something he should know. Indoors, having found out what's going on, Wayne asks how the hell he was supposed to know, and he asks Patricia why she didn't say anything. Patricia says she wasn't going to say anything, but after that exhibition... She tells Wayne that she and Hal Mason want to keep Paul on-side, and she reminds her stepson that Mason could fire him at any time, so he's to keep his mouth shut. She suddenly asks Wayne what happened to the picture of Woombai, and Wayne replies that he didn't even know it was gone. Patricia says, "Whatever happened to it, good riddance."

A nurse tells David that he can go in to see Beryl, but he's to take it quietly. David says to Susan that he feels crazy being scared, but Susan tells him he'll be alright. David goes into Beryl's room and cheerfully says, "Hello, love - brought you some flowers." Beryl immediately asks why it took him so long to get there, and David tells her that he was there last night, and he's there again this morning. He explains that when Susan 'phoned, there was a bad line, and he didn't know it was to do with the baby. Beryl tells David that he never really wanted a baby - he was the one that wanted to get rid of it. David tells his wife that he couldn't let Angela down, but Beryl snaps that Gordon could have given her away. David says he didn't know the urgency, but Beryl asks him if he thought she was stacking on a turn, and she tells him that he should have known she wouldn't try to ruin Angela's day. She says to David that he just wanted to stay with Patricia and Angela. She then tells him that she's been there for him for twenty years, but the only time she's ever really needed him, he chose Patricia over her. She asks David to leave - "I want you to get out, and I don't want you to come back."


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