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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

David leaves the room, and tells Susan, who's sitting in the corridor, that Beryl doesn't want to see him, as she expected him earlier. Susan says she'll talk to her, but David warns his daughter not to push it - just calm Beryl down.

At the boarding house, everyone is trying to decide what to do for the day. Kevin says he'd like another look round Manly, but not everyone's keen, so Fiona suggests they split into two groups and meet up later for a cruise round the harbour. Jill suggests that she and Kevin go sightseeing, while the rest can do their own thing. John gives her a look. He says he's concerned about Lynn, but Lynn says she's happy with that arrangement. They all head out, and Kevin remarks to Jill that John didn't look keen on the two of them spending the morning together. Jill says John gets funny when he doesn't get his own way, and Kevin says he knows - he spent 15 years sharing a room with him! They leave the boarding house, and Kevin tells Jill that this will be a break for him as well, from Lynn. Jill comments that living in each other's pockets all the time must drive them round the bend. Kevin points out that David and Beryl go everywhere together. The two of them then have a race to the corner, which Kevin easily wins!

Susan tells Beryl that she's being unreasonable, but Beryl says it's between her and David. Susan tells her mother that she'll be able to go home this afternoon, but Beryl says she can't go back to her own house - not with David there. She asks if she can stay at Susan's, but Susan ignores the question and says she wishes her mother would understand. She explains again about the bad line, saying that there's no need to take it out on David, but Beryl says she just wants a 'yes' or 'no'. Susan tells her mother that she's making a mistake, but she agrees. She says she'll go and get some things from the house, and then she'll come back to pick her mother up.

Angela and Rob arrive at Macedon, and Angela finds a note from Bob and Aileen telling them to have a good time. Rob tells Angela that it was a great night at the hotel, and Angela replies that it'll be even better at Macedon. Rob offers to cook, and they start laughing and joking about his culinary skills. They end up on the settee, with Rob tickling his wife. Rob tells Angela that she can ring home if she wants, but Angela says she doesn't think everyone will want to be disturbed. Rob agrees, saying Rosie and Paul are probably working their socks off clearing up. Angela tells Rob to leave it, and keep everyone in suspense. Rob agrees, saying they have better things to do...

Kevin and Jill arrive back at the boarding house, and Kevin tells Jill that they'll be skinned alive for not arriving at the jetty in time to meet the others. Jill points out to Kevin that he has the watch! She notices Plan C wandering around on the porch, and takes her inside. Kevin tells Jill that she's right, as there's no way they could have contacted the others. The two of them go into Fiona's kitchen, where Jill teaches Kevin to shell prawns. Kevin remarks that living in Sydney must be like having Christmas all year round, which prompts Jill to say that things can't be that bad. Kevin admits to her that things haven't turned out like he expected since he left home: he was going to be a big journalist, and Lynn was going to be able to relax at home, whereas it's Lynn who's working all day in a cake shop and he's doing a paper round. Jill laughs when she hears this, and Kevin tells her that she wouldn't think it funny if she had to do it. Jill asks him if he couldn't ask David for some money, but Kevin says no way. Jill says the paper round is a dead end, and she suggests that maybe he could work behind a bar, or in a bottle shop instead. Kevin says he's not old enough, but Jill reminds him that he'll be 18 soon, and Kevin agrees, saying he'll start looking round. He tells Jill that she should come down to Melbourne for a visit sometime, as they could do with her brains there!

At the Palmer house, David tells Susan that he can't believe Beryl is going to live with her, but Susan says she had no choice. She tells her father that Beryl won't be staying with her for long, but David just asks why his wife's being like this. Susan says it's a natural reaction, and in a day or two, Beryl will be ready to be talked around. David asks what Rob and Angela will think, but Susan suggests they shouldn't be told, as a honeymoon is special. David says Kevin and Lynn will have to be told, as they need to know what they're letting themselves in for when they get back.

Angela and Rob are out for a walk in the woods, and Angela tells Rob to stop dragging his feet. Rob immediately jumps in a nice muddy puddle! He asks Angela which way it is to the house, but Angela doesn't know! Rob tells his wife that they'll have to start thinking about having children of their own, but Angela says there's no rush. Rob says that he was born late in his parents' lives, but Angela points out that the two of them are not over the hill yet. Rob says they have their own land, and they can start building soon - he just hopes there's not too much of an age gap between them and their kids. Angela replies, "Who needs kids, when I've got you?!"

Beryl is ready to leave the hospital when Susan enters her room with Bob and Aileen. Beryl asks her parents about the wedding, and Aileen says it was wonderful. She asks Beryl if she's reconsidered, but Beryl says she's still going to Susan's. She suddenly notices David standing out in the corridor, but when she leaves her room, she walks straight past him without making any signs of acknowledging him. Bob tells David that he'll come home with him.

Rob gives Angela a piggyback onto the settee and then has great difficulty pulling her boots off! When she's finally barefoot again, Angela says she'll go and make lunch.

Jill and Kevin are playing cards when everyone else arrives back at the boarding house. Fiona immediately comments that she knew they'd find them at home! John looks sullen. Kevin apologises for him and Jill missing out on the cruise. John goes into the kitchen and asks Jill if she had much trouble missing the hydrofoil, but Jill replies that it was an accident. John tells her that he had a ticket, but Jill snaps that if he wants the money, he can have it. Fiona comes in and suggests that perhaps a cup of tea would be better.

David offers Bob a cup of tea, and Bob asks David if the kids have been told. David says he's been putting it off. Bob says Beryl is in familiar surroundings now, and if anyone can talk sense into her, Aileen can.

Susan heads off to work. Aileen asks Beryl if she's warm enough, and Beryl replies that she's glad her mother's there. Aileen says Susan has brought her up-to-date. Beryl says David should have been with her, but he was too busy worrying about himself - if David had been there, she might still have the baby. Aileen tells her daughter that she can't be sure about that, but Beryl says she can - she tells her mother that David doesn't care. Aileen points out that she and Bob and the kids all stayed at the wedding, and Beryl's not holding anything against them, and she adds that David had no inkling that there could be a miscarriage. Beryl asks how she knows, and Aileen tells her that they all got the same message, and it didn't sound urgent. Beryl says, though, that David turned his back on her, to stay with Patricia. Aileen says she doesn't understand, and so Beryl tells her about the affair between David and Patricia, and how she took him back, convinced he was over her. She says, "He can beg all he likes - I won't forgive him a second time."

David is on the 'phone and asks Fiona to tell the kids. Bob is busy tidying up, explaining to David that he's trying to make himself useful. David apologises to his father-in-law for him and Aileen being dragged in to it, and he asks Bob what he thinks. Bob says he and Aileen have never interfered in their children's lives, but he can't understand what Beryl is up to - it was always Rob who gave them the trouble. David admits that he's given Beryl a rough trot on and off, and he probably deserves what's happening. Bob says he's sorry about the baby, as it would probably have given the family a new lease of life.

John asks Fiona if David said anything else, but Fiona says not much. Kevin says David knows Beryl's right, but John tells his brother not to be stupid. The two of them start yelling about David's indiscretions again, until Fiona interrupts, saying David's too decent not to do everything he could. John says David has made mistakes in the past, but not this time. Lynn points out that it must have been a shock for David to find out how bad Beryl really was when he got to Melbourne. She and Kevin decide to pack and head back home, and John tells Kevin to give his father a go. Fiona agrees that Kevin should hold fire, as the problem is between David and Beryl.

Outside, Jill is just returning from shopping when John comes out. He says he supposes she was hoping he'd be gone by the time she got back, but Jill tells him not to be stupid. John tells Jill that he's figured out what gives with her - she really feels something for him, which is why she's backing off. Jill replies that she's backing off because he's beginning to be boring again. She tells John that he's the one with the hangup, not her.

Late that night, Rob is setting the fire when Angela emerges from the kitchen. Rob says he wants to talk, and he asks Angela how she'd feel if their first child was a girl. Angela says she doesn't really want to talk about kids on their honeymoon, but Rob replies that he thought she couldn't wait to start a family. Angela says she doesn't want to rush into things, as the two of them have got to be ready, but Rob says he could never be more ready. Angela says she can't explain, and she tells Rob to drop it, but Rob replies that he knows she wants kids. Angela repeats her request to drop it, but Rob says he wants to know what's wrong. Angela suddenly snaps and agrees to tell him her problem - she yells, "I made a huge mistake marrying you, and having kids would only make it worse." She runs out of the house, leaving Rob looking stunned.


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