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    Written by: Sally Webb   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Bates reminds David of the time he brought John in for a job, but John just asks Bates if he has work to do, and Bates walks off. David says he didn't know Ramberg owned Southern Freight, and John replies that neither did he until a few days ago. David says there must be other jobs, and John replies that he told them he didn't want to work at the depot, but he was told that it was either that or nothing. He tells his father that he's decided he's going to chuck it in and find something else, but David tells him not to be stupid, pointing out that they've worked together before without any problems. John says that wasn't quite the same, but David says he'll show his son the office, and then get back to work, as he hears the new boss is a real slave driver!

At the boarding house, Hal Mason shows Beryl a picture he's received from Lindy, which contains a message for her. Beryl offers to get it framed. Mason says he has to go. Beryl thanks him for organising John's transfer, but Mason tells her that he just passed-on the papers - it was up to the Melbourne office to find John something to do. He adds that he thinks John being in Melbourne might be good for his and Beryl's relationship, as it'll give John a chance to get used to the idea of them being together. Beryl tells Mason that he doesn't know John! Changing the subject, Mason asks Beryl if it isn't time she moved into a place of her own, adding that he could help out if money is a problem. Beryl declines the offer, though, saying she spent years being dependent on David, and she doesn't want to be dependent on Hal, now.

At Dural, Paul asks Gordon to look at the papers for the deal that Hal Mason wants to push through. He tells Gordon that he thinks there are some details missing, and adds that Fiona feels the same. Wayne, who has just joined them, asks what they're talking about, but Paul says it's just a board matter. Wayne says he thought employees were supposed to show an interest in their company, but Paul says, "Only if it concerns you." Wayne takes offence at this, but Gordon reminds him that he was demoted because he couldn't handle the work. He also reminds Wayne that it was his big mouth that caused all the trouble at Woombai. Wayne snaps that that's unfair, and he storms out. In the hall, Gayle is just coming in from tennis, and Wayne notices her wooden racket. He offers her his aluminium model, but Gayle sullenly says, "No thanks." Wayne goes upstairs to get it anyway, and Gayle asks Rosie why Wayne doesn't need it any longer. Rosie tells her that Wayne can't play any sport following an accident after a row with Gordon, where he turned to drink and then crashed his car. She comments that Wayne never could handle the drink, and adds it turns him into a different person. Wayne comes back downstairs and gives Gayle the racket.

Angela tells David that it might be hard, but it could do both him and John some good. Susan pours some tea. Angela says the situation should be approached with a sense of humour, as it's pretty funny John being the boss. David takes his tea and says he'll sit outside. When he's gone, Susan tells Angela that she's not making it easy on him, as he's worked for the company for years, and now he's got to take orders from someone who's years younger than him. She tells Angela that David and John are both so stubborn, and the first time they disagree, it won't be funny.

John calls at Susan's, looking for Angela, but Rob is there on his own. John says he was looking for some sisterly advice, but Rob offers to help instead, if he can. John tells him about the job, and Rob agrees that it's a difficult situation. John then asks Rob what he's doing at home at this time of day, and Rob replies that every bloke needs an afternoon off every now and then - but he'd rather not talk to John, as he doesn't want Patricia knowing his business. John promises he won't tell anyone, and he asks what the problem is. Rob says it's the yard: they're a pack of crooks. He tells John about how he tried to hint to a customer that the family car he was after was a dud, but his boss then sold it to the bloke anyway, and this morning the car broke down and the bloke was furious. His boss sent him home in case he gave too much away. John suggests that Rob should find something else, and Rob says he's looking, but he can't afford to take a pay cut. He asks John not to say anything to Angela.

Gordon tells Paul that, in his opinion, it would be suicide for Ramberg to go anywhere near the deal. He says he spoke to some of his contacts to find out about Berry, the man who was putting the deal through, and what he heard wasn't good. Paul listens, and then says he isn't looking forward to going against Mason again. Gordon suggests to him that he might like to pass the information onto Fiona. Gayle comes in to clear the dinner table, and Paul asks her why she's doing it. Gayle explains that she wanted to get away from the typewriter. Paul says he thought Gayle was enjoying learning to be a super-secretary, but Gayle says she'd rather have a job like Paul's. Paul assures her she wouldn't.

In the reception area at Ramberg, Fiona tells Paul his information has put things in a different light. Paul says Gordon thought it would be useful. Fiona asks Paul to thank him. Hal Mason joins them and asks if everyone's ready. Paul asks to have a quiet word with him before the meeting. He tells him that he did some checking on the man putting the deal through, and he doesn't like what he learnt. Mason says Berry is as sound as a bell, but Paul makes it clear he doesn't believe this. Mason asks him if he's going to vote against the deal, and Paul says he is. Mason remarks that it'll be interesting to see how much influence Paul has over the rest of the board as far as business is concerned.

Susan offers to make some tea, but David says he'll make it. John comes in and David tells him that the reports are on the table. John picks up some sheets of paper and looks at them, but a 'look' comes over his face, and David asks what's wrong. John says nothing's wrong, but David can tell there's a problem, and asks again what it is. John says Ron Jackson wanted monthly figures, rather than weekly. David says he'll do them again. John apologises, saying he should have made himself clear. He offers to do them himself, and then tells David that he's not trying to give him a hard time. David says he knows.

Beryl is cleaning when the 'phone rings. It's Susan, who tells her mother that there's going to be trouble, and she doesn't know how she's going to handle it. She explains about John being David's boss, and Beryl says she can imagine the problems it'll cause. Susan says John is trying to keep the peace, but all Beryl is concerned about is that David will be really hurt. She tells Susan that the best way to handle it is to make David laugh about it, and she tells her daughter that she'll be able to sort it out. Susan says she'll try. She tells her mother that she misses her, and Beryl says she feels the same about Susan. She adds that she wishes she could be more helpful, and she tells Susan to ring if she needs to. The call ends, and Beryl looks thoughtful as she hangs up.

As Mason emerges from the board meeting, Wayne asks to talk to him, but Mason snaps that Wayne should see his secretary. Wayne goes over to where Fiona and Paul are standing and asks them if the vote went against Mason. He's told it did. Fiona says she doesn't like to admit it, but Patricia was right this time. Paul remarks that it was strange how Mason reacted when the result was reached - it was as if he didn't want to know. He says it was like Mason took it as if the board was having a go at him personally. In his office, Mason calls Berry, and says he needs reassurance that the deal will come through. Berry says, "Haaaalllll....." Mason says he's been hearing disturbing rumours, but Berry tells him he has nothing to worry about. Mason says he has to replace the money he took from company funds. Berry tells Mason to trust him.

At Dural, Rosie tells Gayle that she's a silly girl, but Gayle says she refuses to wear a dress, as she's never worn one before, and she's not going to start now. Rosie tells her she can't go to church dressed as she is. Paul tells Gayle to let Rosie make her a dress for church, and then she can wear it when he takes her out to dinner. Gayle tells Paul that he wouldn't take her out, and Paul says he wouldn't in jeans! He adds, "A deal?" and Gayle enthusiastically replies, "Yeah, alright!" She and Rosie leave the room, and Gordon asks Paul how things went at Ramberg. Paul tells him that the vote went against the deal. He adds that Fiona is grateful, and said she owes Gordon a favour. Gordon replies, "I'd say I'm the one who owes her."

Beryl is preparing food at the boarding house when Fiona gets in. Beryl explains that, as Fiona will be going out later, she's preparing a meal for Hal. Fiona tells Beryl that there's something she should know, and she explains about the vote going against Mason. She tells Beryl that she didn't vote against it because of the way she feels about her and Mason's relationship, but Beryl says she knows Fiona better than to even have thought that. She says she knows Fiona's concerned for her. She tells Fiona about David having hassles and John being his new boss. Fiona says, "Oh, Lord." Beryl says that, when Susan called, she felt so sorry for David - she just couldn't help herself. She says she knew it wouldn't be easy, but now she's so confused, and she doesn't know what to do. Now Hal is on at her to get a place of her own... Beryl tells Fiona not to look at her 'like that'! She asks her if she'd mind her staying for a while longer, and Fiona happily replies, "What do you think?"

John tells Angela and Rob that he'll have to quit. Angela says that might make it worse, but John says neither he or David can handle it. Angela points out that Patricia might be able to talk to David, but Rob chips in that he thought Patricia was better at splitting people up. John asks Angela if she thinks Patricia would mind, but Angela says their mother would want to help. Rob says, "Don't say I didn't warn you."

Rosie and Gayle are looking at dress patterns, but Gayle isn't impressed by what she sees, comparing one particular design to a school uniform. She says she'd like something clingy, but Rosie says Gayle won't get that if she's making it! Wayne comes in, and Rosie says she supposes he wants something to eat. Wayne says he's alright, as he had a steak sandwich on the way home. He asks what's going on, and Rosie tells him that she's making Gayle a dress. Wayne looks at the patterns, and agrees with what he heard Gayle saying about school uniforms, saying it reminds him of when he used to be at boarding school. Rosie reminds him of how he used to bawl his eyes out every time he had to go back. Wayne offers to make some coffee, and goes into the kitchen. Gayle asks Rosie how come Wayne went to boarding school if he hated it so much. Rosie replies that Wayne was spoilt in many ways - he had toys, and later, cars and a yacht, but Gordon always put Angela first. She did what she could, but Patricia always interfered to make Wayne just like her. They saw him as a nuisance most of the time, though, when all he needed was some love. Gayle says, "That's all I wanted."

Beryl is sitting in a chair at the boarding house when there's a knock at the door. She answers it and finds Hal Mason standing there. She remarks that she didn't think he was coming, and Mason apologises, saying he had a cow of a day. He gives Beryl some flowers and tells her that he was late leaving the office, and had to see a fellow on the way over. Beryl goes into the kitchen to put the flowers in a vase. Mason starts to open a bottle of wine as Beryl tells him that she cooked a roast, but it's probably burnt by now. Mason says he doesn't care for food. He goes into the kitchen and puts his hands on Beryl's shoulders, saying, "I really do need you, Beryl."


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