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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Mason tells Beryl that she's been good for him, and Beryl replies that Mason has been a great help to her, too. She reminds him that they're supposed to be having dinner, but Mason says he just wants to talk. He tells Beryl that with all the tension in the office, it helps to relax with her. Beryl tells him he works too hard, and Mason replies that he realises that - which is why he needs a break. He says he's been planning one for ages, and now he means to take it - he wants to go to the Greek Islands. Beryl says it sounds lovely. Mason tells her that it's time she saw some of the world, and he invites her to come with him. Beryl says she couldn't. Mason tells her it's what they both need, but Beryl replies that she can't afford it. Mason tells her that money doesn't matter, as any day now he's expecting a boost in his finances. Beryl points out that they hardly know each other, and she repeats that, as with the flat idea, she'd prefer to be independent. Mason tells Beryl that he owes her a lot, and he asks her to think it over and have lunch with him tomorrow. Beryl says she can't, and she adds that she needs more than a night to make a decision. Mason tells her to just make sure the answer is yes. Beryl goes to get the dinner out of the oven, but looks worried as she does it.

David and John get in to the Palmer house, and John remarks that it's good not having Hal Mason breathing down his neck. He asks his father if he wants to talk about what's going on between Mason and Beryl, but David replies that there's not much to say. John tells David that they've been seeing more of each other, but he thinks Beryl belongs in Melbourne. David points out that Beryl has to make up her own mind. John says he was looking forward to them all being together again, but he can't see it happening now. Patricia arrives, blaming her lateness on the traffic. David tells her that Lynn has left some dinner in the oven for them, and Patricia remarks that Lynn spoils him. She suggests they open some wine, but David has to tell her that it's not drunk much round there. He offers to go out and get some, though, and he leaves. Patricia tells John that she never expected she'd be serving dinner in the Palmer house for the three of them, adding that the food smells good. She asks John if there have been any problems between him and David at work, but John says it probably just needs time. Patricia tells him to leave David to her. John says he hoped she'd say that!

Later, at the dinner table, Patricia remarks that it's a shame Angela couldn't make it, as the four of them still haven't had a family meal together. She laughs as it occurs to her that it could almost be a business dinner for the Southern Freight contingent. David asks her how come she never mentioned that Ramberg had taken the company over, and Patricia replies that she was overseas when the deal took place, and she's only just caught up with the news. She jokes that she's surprised David didn't resign on principle, but David replies that he probably would have - once. John offers more wine, but David declines, and so John points out to him that he's a white collar worker now. David, though, says he doesn't feel as if he belongs behind a desk. He says he had to prove he could do it to start with, but now he'd much prefer to be back on the road. Patricia tells him that that's negative thinking, and she points out that he and John are in a wonderful position - they just have to learn to work with each other, and not let pride get in the way.

Wayne pulls into a space at the Ramberg car park, and gets out of his car. Hal Mason, who is parked next to him, asks him what he's doing there. Wayne replies that he does still work there, but Mason tells him that he's parked in a space reserved for senior staff. He orders Wayne to go and park in the street, or risk his car being towed away. Wayne reluctantly gets back in his car and reverses out.

Mason is hanging Lindy's picture on his office wall when Paul comes in and admires the artwork. He asks how Lindy is, and Mason replies that she's fine, although he misses her. He asks Paul why he's there, and Paul reminds Mason that he asked him to come. Mason remembers, and proceeds to tell Paul that he has accrued four months' leave, and has been putting it off for ages, but now he wants to take a holiday - almost immediately. Paul says they'll need some notice, as the transport division is going through a rocky patch, and they need Mason there. Mason, though, reminds Paul that the deal went against him yesterday, so he can't expect him to try and find an alternative. Paul points out to Mason that he is the MD, but Mason says he's done the work and earned the break - and he'll only be away for four or five weeks, not the whole four months. He adds that he's not being bloody-minded, just selfish. Paul tells Mason to keep him posted on any decisions that are made. Mason says he hopes Paul understands. Paul says he does - although he's not sure the board will...

Jill arrives at Dural to see Gayle, and is let in by Gordon. He tells Jill that he's glad Gayle has found a friend. Jill says she felt sorry for the girl. She remarks that Rosie's son can't have been much of a father, and Gordon replies that he was certainly a no-hoper 25 years ago. He then asks Jill how Fiona is, and Jill tells him that she appreciated the advice. Gordon says he was glad to help. Jill asks him if he and Fiona really want to be friends, and Gordon admits that he should bury the hatchet. Jill tells him to give Fiona a ring, as she'd really like it. She goes to look for Jill, and Gordon goes to the 'phone. He dials a number and gets through to a florists, from whom he orders some flowers to be delivered.

Paul is in his office when Wayne comes in. He remarks on how small the office is, and Paul tells him that it was his grandfather's. Wayne says it was good of Gordy to give Paul that business advice, and Paul agrees that he was glad of it. Wayne remarks on how he saw Mason's secretary taking some holiday brochures into his office. Paul tells Wayne that that's Mason's business. Wayne tells Paul that being in accounts has its benefits - it's quite an eye-opener really, as you come across all sorts of interesting titbits. He says he hasn't found out much at the moment, but if he comes across something useful, Paul will be the first to know...

At the South Yarra house, John asks Patricia if she knew Hal Mason was going on leave. She says she didn't. John tells her that Mason has booked for two. He adds that he doesn't want David to find out about that - and at that moment, David comes in. He's surprised to see John there, and so John makes up an excuse about needing Patricia to sign some papers. David offers his son a lift home, which John accepts. As they leave, John says to Patricia that there's not much they can do about it. Patricia says, "No, there isn't."

Susan is vacuuming when David gets back to the Palmer house. She stops what she's doing and gives David a letter, which she says looks as if it's from the bank. David opens it, reads it, and then exclaims that, because it wasn't his and Beryl's fault, the bank is giving them a refund of the $7,000 Noel ripped off. Susan looks shocked when she hears this, and David suddenly remembers that they never told her what had happened. He explains about Noel stealing his bank book and forging his signature. Susan asks why she wasn't told, and David tells her that there was no point, as she was already upset. He adds that it was alright, particularly with the way it has turned out now. Susan tells her father that he and Beryl are incredible. David points out, "Were incredible." Susan suggests to him that he should go and talk to Beryl, but David replies that, from what John said, things could be serious between Beryl and Mason. He remarks that it's funny the money turning up now, as he and Beryl were going to put a deposit on a truck, and he was going to strike out on his own. Susan tells him he can still do it, but David says half the money is Beryl's. Susan says that, however things turn out, she'll always think David is the best there is.

Jill calls at Fiona's, but Beryl answers the door and says Fiona is out. Jill tells Beryl it was actually her she wanted to see, and she gives her a parcel which was delivered to the restaurant. Beryl opens it, and finds it stuffed full of brochures for the Greek Islands. She tells Jill about Mason's plans, and how he wants her to go with him, but she isn't sure of her feelings. Jill says she knows how Beryl feels, as she put John through hell when she split with Wayne, and it must be even harder for Beryl after twenty years. Jill tells Beryl not to make the same mistake as her, when she wouldn't let John get too close, and then missed out. Beryl says it's strange to admit it, but there's never been anyone other than David. Jill tells her that she has to decide if her marriage is really over, and if it is, and she cares for Hal, she should consider that he could be just what she needs.

An angry Hal Mason is on the 'phone to Berry. Berry tells him that they've missed out. Mason yells that Berry said it was a no-risk deal, but Berry just says it fell through. Mason snaps that he went against the board. Berry says there's nothing he can do, and he tells Mason that he'll just have to sort it out himself. Mason slams the 'phone down, and looks at it in disbelief.

Jill goes to see Fiona, but meets her outside Fiona's front door, as Fiona is just on her way out. She tells Jill that she got some flowers from Gordon, and then he called her to invite her for dinner at Dural. Jill remarks that he didn't waste any time, which causes Fiona to remark that she thought Jill must have had something to do with it. She adds that she's grateful, as she really wanted to sort it out. Jill says she's pleased to help Fiona for a change. Fiona heads towards the front door, saying, "Here goes..."

When she arrives at Dural, Gordon thanks her for coming, even though there was a lack of notice. Fiona says she could hardly refuse. Gordon offers her a drink. Fiona says she was beginning to think she'd never be invited to Dural again. Gordon says, "Friends?" and he tells Fiona that he only has himself to blame for letting Patricia pull the wool over his eyes for so long. Fiona tells him not to be too hard on himself, as Patricia's a very cunning woman. Gordon tells Fiona that she was right about Patricia and James as well, but Fiona points out that it's all over now. Gordon says he thinks Patricia only has feelings for John and Angela. Fiona says, "Not David?" Gordon says he doubts it.

At the South Yarra house, Patricia tells David that she's had a letter from Gordon's solicitor, and he wants to start divorce proceedings as soon as possible. She adds that it's probably for the best. She tells David that neither of them have had any real life after Woombai, as they went back to their families because they felt obliged, rather than because they loved them. She says they've never been able to please themselves, but now, with the kids there as well, she feels as if they're closer than ever. David says it's been great. Patricia says, "After the divorce, do you think we have a chance together?"


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