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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

David tells Patricia that that's not an easy question to answer. He says he can see the sense in it, but then reminds her that he did walk out on her at Woombai. Patricia says that was different, but David says he left not because he felt obliged to return home, but because he loved Beryl - and still does. Patricia says she knows how David feels, as it's very hard after you've been married for so long. David tells Patricia that he cares for her, and he says it's been good since she came down. He says they should give it a go if it's definitely over with Beryl. Patricia tells him that he has to discover wheher he really loves Beryl, or if he's just missing the security. David suggests they let it ride for now. He says he has to decide how he feels about Beryl, but he can't just forget he loved her. Patricia agrees that it's not like turning a tap on and off. She tells David that at least they understand one another.

Hal Mason looks at the picture from Lindy on the wall of his office, and then goes over to his desk and picks up the holiday brochures. He stares at them for a few seconds before chucking them in the bin. He puts a file in his briefcase and is walking towards the door when Paul and Wayne barge in. Mason snaps that they should knock, and Paul says he's sorry. He then tells Mason that Wayne has made some serious allegations, and he needs to check if they're true.

A while later, Mason tells Paul and Wayne that he believed he was acting for the good of the company - he took a gamble because he believed the board would vote for him, thinking it was a foregone conclusion. He invested the money, thinking he'd be able to return it to the company when the deal came off. A disbelieving Wayne points out to Mason that he would have made a fair amount of personal commission on the deal, but Mason replies that he didn't do it for his own benefit. He tells Paul and Wayne that he's never done anything against the company in the 25 years he's been associated with it, and he never will. Wayne tells Mason that the board only have his word for it, but Mason points out that it's always been good enough before. He sits down and then confesses that everything has gone wrong. Paul asks him what has happened, and Mason explains about being notified not long ago that the deal has failed. Wayne says, "Charming." Mason tells Paul that the money has gone down the drain, and he's sorry. He says he was going to call an emergency board meeting in the morning to explain the situation. Wayne suggests that they'd be better off calling the police straight away, but Paul snaps that there'll be no police until after Mason has spoken to the board. Mason also snaps at Wayne, pointing out that Wayne's an employee, and that he's in charge until the board decides otherwise. Wayne asks Paul if he's going to let Mason get away with saying that, but Paul replies, "You heard what he said." Wayne snaps, "Oh, great, that's the thanks I get," and he storms out. Paul tells Mason that he's sorry things have worked out this way. Mason manages to laugh as he says, "That's business, I'm afraid." Paul says he'll call the company solicitor and arrange the emergency board meeting for the morning so that Mason can put his case to them. Mason tells Paul that he's very like James in some respects, and he thanks him for his support. Paul tells Mason that he believes he was doing it for the good of the company, but he can't see the board letting it go, and the police will probably be called eventually. Mason says, "At least it will have been handled in a gentlemanly fashion."

Having left Ramberg, Mason goes to the boarding house, where Beryl tells him that she was just thinking about him. She adds that she wanted to speak to him about the brochures he sent. She says she started thinking about the trip, but she realised she can't go away with him. She likes him, but just as a friend. She tells Mason that it may sound old-fashioned, but she's realised she's a one-man woman, and she loves David - she's very fond of Mason, but she loves David. Finally managing to get a word in, Mason laughs and tells Beryl she chose a great day to tell him. Beryl says she's sorry, and she asks him if he had a tough day. Mason replies, "You could say that, yeah." Beryl says she supposes she should get Mason a drink, but he declines. He tells Beryl that she's right, and he shouldn't have pinned his hopes on her. He heads towards the door, raises his hand in a wave, says, "Bye," and walks out.

The next morning, Beryl is going to fetch the milk from the doorstep when she bumps into Jill, who is just coming back with the bottles. Jill remarks that she supposes Fiona is still curled up. She notices that Beryl seems chirpy, and Beryl explains that she had a good sleep because she told Hal Mason how she felt. Jill says it must have been hard. Beryl says that, once she started, she just kept going - but it was probably the best thing that happened to her, as it made her realise how much she loves David. Jill tells Beryl that she's really happy for her. The 'phone starts ringing in Fiona's room.

At the breakfast table at Dural, Paul tells Gordon that he felt rotten, but Gordon assures Paul that he did the right thing. Wayne watches the mutual admiration society with a look of annoyance on his face. Gordon points out that, had the deal worked, everyone would have been praising Mason for his forethought, but as it was, he took a gamble and lost. Wayne snaps that he thinks Gordon and Paul are both being naive, as they're forgetting the commission Mason would have made. Paul, though, tells Wayne that he's glad for the company's sake that he found out what Mason was up to, but he's not happy at his motives for doing it. Wayne looks at his father and says he supposes he agrees. Gordon says he thought that would be obvious. Wayne says everyone has overlooked the fact that he saw Hal Mason with some brochures, and he was probably planning to get away. He says he bets Mason isn't at the board meeting, and then they'll find out who was right and who was wrong. Paul says that, whatever happens, he takes full responsibility.

When Fiona gets up, Beryl tells her that Lindy rang from the US. Her father had called her last night and told her that he's facing criminal charges, but he wanted her to know he did it for the company. He told Lindy that she'd be alright because of a trust fund set up for her, and then he hung up. Fiona agrees that it's strange, but then points out that that might be what this morning's meeting is all about. Beryl says she tried to call Mason, but there was no answer either at his home or at the office. Fiona says they'll soon find out.

By the reception at Ramberg, Wayne says he bets he's right. Paul snaps at him to shut up. Fiona arrives and asks where Mason is, and what's going on. Paul tells her that Mason hasn't arrived at Ramberg, and he isn't at home, either. Fiona asks again what's going on, and Paul tells her about Mason going ahead with the deal that the board rejected the other day, and then losing the lot. Wayne chips in again that he's sure Mason has skipped the country. Paul tells Fiona that Wayne put him onto it, and they were going to let Mason explain this morning, but because he hasn't turned up, the police have been called and are looking for him. Fiona says she thought Mason would do the right thing. Wayne says, "What's that old saying? ''Never trust anyone in business'?"

In the hall at Dural, later, Gordon tells Paul that it's hard to believe Mason walked out. Paul says he shouldn't have let him just turn up this morning, but he trusted him. He adds that it's the emotional side of the business that he likes the least. Gordon assures Paul that he would have done the same thing, and any decent-minded businessman would have made the same decision. He tells Paul to try not to feel down. Paul goes into the lounge, where Gayle is cleaning. She says she heard about the problems with Mr. Mason, and she tells Paul not to let it get to him. She then tells him that her dress is nearly ready, and she asks Paul to take her out tonight. Paul says he's not in the mood, but Gayle tells him it will take his mind off business. After saying he'll check it's alright with Rosie, Paul relents.

A while later, in the flat, Paul tells Rosie that going out will help him take his mind off business - plus he did promise Gayle. Rosie tells Paul that she's glad Gayle has someone worrying about her. Paul says Gayle is a nice girl. He asks where he should take her, and Rosie says it mustn't be somewhere too posh, but it should be somewhere different. Gayle comes in and asks Rosie if she can go. Rosie pretends to think about it, but then smiles and tells Gayle the answer's yes. Paul suggests they try one of the revolving restaurants in town.

At the South Yarra house, David finally has his sling off. Patricia tells him about her having to go to Sydney soon until the mess with Mason is cleared up. David remarks that it must have been a shock to Beryl, and Patricia agrees that it's hard to understand why he did it. She says, though, that she heard on the grapevine that Mason's wife was bleeding him dry for alimony, which is probably why he and Beryl were planning to go on a world trip. Upon hearing this, a look of shock comes over David's face, and he asks Patricia when she heard that. Patricia says she's sorry - John told her yesterday, but didn't want David to be hurt by finding out. David says he didn't think Beryl and Mason were that serious, but now it's patently clear that Beryl has no intention of coming back...

Later, Angela is at the South Yarra house, but says she has to make a move because Rob will be home from work soon. Before she leaves, Patricia tells her about receiving a letter from Gordon's solicitor, letting her know that Gordon is filing for divorce. Angela says she hoped her talk to him would have worked. A surprised Patricia asks what her daughter is talking about, and so Angela explains about going to see Gordon the day after Patricia came down to Melbourne. Patricia points out that she did tell Angela what Gordon was like. Angela says it must have been really horrible being kicked out like that. She says she never thought she'd say it, but she's glad Gordon's left Patricia. Patricia recalls the first time she and Gordon split up and started talking about divorce - she felt way out of her depth then, but this time, she can handle it. She adds that it's a relief not to have to fight anymore, and then says David has been a big help. David comes into the room at this point, and asks Patricia if she's ready. Angela asks them where they're going, and Patricia says they're reliving their childhood by going to a drive-in! Angela laughs, and says she supposes they're going to a horror movie. Patricia replies, "Of course!"

In the flat, Gayle asks Rosie what she's going to do if she looks stupid in the dress, but Rosie assures her that she won't. Gayle says Paul might hate it. There's a knock at the door, and Rosie tells Gayle to hurry up and change. She answers the door and lets Paul in. He asks if Gayle is ready, and Rosie explains about her getting changed. She tells Paul that he looks terrible, and Paul explains that he's been in touch with the police, but there's no news on Mason. He tells Rosie that he'll have Gayle home by 11pm, but Rosie says it doesn't matter if they're a bit later. Gayle emerges from her room and Rosie tells her she looks lovely. Gayle asks Paul what he thinks, and he replies, "Terrific," adding that she looks good enough to invite out to dinner! They go out.

In the lounge at Dural, Wayne hangs up the 'phone and tells Gordon that that was the Ramberg solicitor, who was after Paul, but left a message because he wasn't around. Wayne reveals that Mason's car has been found at Eden, on the south coast. He remarks that it's a funny place to leave it if you're making a getaway, as you would have thought Mason would want to be nearer the city. He then speculates that Mason might have an accomplice, so he could swap cars, head inland and catch a light 'plane. Gordon, though, tells Wayne to stick to the facts, and remember that Hal Mason is a respected businessman. Wayne says, "There's more to it - you'll see."

Fiona is watching the news to see if there's anything on there about Mason, when Beryl comes in. Fiona remarks that she's home early, and Beryl explains that she was sent home because she was contacted by the police. She says, "Fiona, they've found Hal's body."


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