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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Angela gives Domine back to Rob, and says she's going for a walk on the beach, to think. Rob tries to stop her, but Jill tells him to let her go. Rob remarks that at least his wife isn't hysterical. Jill sets off to catch up with Angela and talk to her. Rob tells Domine that she doesn't know who he is, but he's her daddy.

Inside, Kerry tells Fiona that things have turned out to be a lot harder than she thought - Domine takes time, but all she wants to do after work is put her feet up. She adds that she does love the child. Fiona says she's sure something can be sorted out. There's a knock at the door, and Fiona shouts that it's open. Rob comes in, carrying Domine, and he explains about how he and Angela bumped into Jill outside. He tells Kerry that Domine is a great kid. Fiona asks if Angela is coming in, but Rob tells her about his wife going for a walk.

On the beach, Angela tells Jill that she was hoping not to meet Domine. She says she thought the child was cute until she found out who she was. She tells Jill that she can't really explain, but Jill says she knows what Angela means. She suggests that Angela just needs time, but Angela says she doesn't think so.

Rob tells Kerry that her letter rocked him - but he's glad she wrote. Kerry tells Rob that he doesn't know how much she hated him when she found out she was pregnant. She adds that she wanted to have Domine, but it was a tough decision. She explains that she tried to let him know when she found out, but then got possessive, and she's only contacted him now because she has nowhere else to turn. Rob remarks that it's funny: he and Angela are hoping to adopt a child, yet he has a perfect one, already.

As Angela and Jill walk back up the road to the boarding house, Angela thanks Jill for listening. Jill asks Angela if she's coming in, but Angela decides to wait in the car.

Rob tells Kerry that he's glad they had the chance to talk, and he thanks her for giving him the chance to see Domine. He says he'll help as much as he can, but he warns Kerry that he has to put his own family first. Kerry accepts this. Rob tells her that they were never really in love. Kerry replies that she'd probably never have thought about him again if Domine hadn't come along. She says she has to get moving.

Angela is sitting in the car when the front door of the boarding house opens and Kerry comes out, carrying Domine. As Kerry walks down the path, she and Angela start staring at each other, until eventually, Kerry is right by the car. The two women stare into each other's eyes for a few seconds before Kerry walks off.

Fiona tells Rob to go and stop Angela waiting, but she warns him that it may take a while for his wife to come around. Rob says he'd like to help Kerry as much as possible, as he thinks she's counting on him, and appears to be at the end of her tether. He tells Fiona that he'll talk to Angela, adding that she might understand. He leaves, and Fiona stands by the door, looking thoughtful.

In Melbourne, at the truck depot, John is walking across the yard when Ron Jackson approaches him and asks to talk to him, adding that it's a bit embarrassing. John asks what the problem is, and Jackson explains that he's been getting 'phone calls from Patricia, asking him to sack David. John incredulously says, "What?" Ron Jackson tells him that the calls have been very strange. John says he'll try and stop her. Jackson asks if Patricia is unwell, and John replies that she's not too good at all. He asks Jackson to let him know if there are any more calls. He also agrees with him to keep the matter private. John asks if David knows any of this, but Ron Jackson says he doesn't, to the best of his knowledge. Jackson walks off, and David calls over to his son. John says he's heading over to see Patricia. He asks his father if Patricia threatened him in any way about his job. David asks why John's asking, but John says he's just wondering. David asks John what Patricia's been doing, and John tells him about the calls she's made to Ron Jackson. David snaps that Patricia knows where they stand with each other, and he curses, "Ruddy women!" John tells him that Patricia is a bit of a case right now, and he asks his father to let him handle it. David asks John to let him know how he goes. He then tells John that he's found the truck he's going to buy, adding that it's a little beauty! John tells David he'll see him this afternoon.

At the South Yarra property, Patricia is reading a magazine when John gets in. He asks to talk to her, about David, but Patricia asks why she'd want to talk about him. John tells Patricia that she's not being very sensible, but Patricia snaps that it makes perfect sense to her - she wants him sacked. John tells her that there's no good reason, but Patricia says Hal Mason wanted him sacked - he told her before his death. John tells his mother that she's not making sense, as she was bending over backwards for David to keep his job, a week ago. Patricia accuses John of siding with David, but John says he isn't. As Patricia pours herself another drink, John tells her that she's not achieving anything, but Patricia says it does a hell of a lot for her. John asks Patricia to think about how David feels, but Patricia yells that she doesn't give a damn about him - just as he doesn't give a damn about her. John suggests to a hysterical Patricia that she should see a doctor, but Patricia asks him what he's implying. John says he's worried, and he shouts, "Mother, you're sick." Patricia throws her drink in his face. Realising what she's done, she then bursts into tears and runs and hugs him, telling him she's sorry.

In the Palmer kitchen, David shows Beryl a pamphlet about the truck he's buying, and, as he enthuses over it, he says he can't believe he's picking it up at last. He asks Beryl if she's sure she doesn't mind it costing a bit more than he expected. Beryl admits that it'll stretch the budget, but adds that she won't complain. She points out that when she's working, things will become easier. David jokes that he doesn't want her to come all women's lib at him! Changing the subject, he says he hopes that John will be back before he has to go. Beryl says she hopes John told Patricia where to get off. David says that one thing's for sure: Patricia won't hurt them again. Beryl goes to call Kevin and Lynn for lunch. In their room, Kevin and Lynn are discussing Kevin's cheating. Lynn tells him that he has to let his parents know what's going on, but Kevin says he doesn't know how, and he curses himself for doing such a stupid thing in the first place. Lynn tells him to go into the exam hall this afternoon and do his best. Beryl calls them again.

A while later, at the table, David is telling Kevin all about the truck, but Kevin doesn't seem very enthusiastic about it. Beryl asks David to stop talking, as Kevin has an exam. David wishes his son luck. Beryl says it occurred to her last night that it's John and Angela's 21st in a few days. She asks if anyone else has remembered, but David says he had a bit on his mind! He decides to fix it for the twins to have a great party, adding that it'll have to be at the Palmer house, and saying he wants to make up for the wedding. Beryl points out that they'll have to invite Fiona and Jill, and she says she'll also ask John and Angela who they want to come. Kevin gets up to go, and Beryl wishes him luck. Lynn goes outside with him, leaving Beryl to remark to David about how quiet their son was. David puts it down to nerves. Outside, Lynn asks Kevin why he didn't say anything, and Kevin replies that David was happy about his truck, and Beryl brought up John and Angela's birthdays - it didn't seem the right time. Lynn tells him that he can't keep putting it off. John pulls up and tells Kevin to do the best he can this afternoon. He asks if David and Beryl know, but Kevin explains that they don't. He tells his brother that what he's dreading most is seeing the other kids. John tells him to go, as the last thing he wants is to be late. Kevin heads off. John says to Lynn that Kevin would have done really well if he hadn't had so many things to think about. Lynn quietly says, "I'm part of it."

Inside, John tells David and Beryl that Patricia was really odd, but David says they're not going to feel sorry for her. John points out that there's blame on all sides, as David did walk out on her, twice. He adds that he's her son, and he can't help feeling something for her. David, though, says he couldn't do anything even if he wanted to. John says he just wants people to understand he has to help her. He goes, and Beryl tells David that it's no use trying to talk to him. David gets up to go and collect his truck.

At Dural, Rob tells Angela that they have to talk about what to do with the money from selling the land. He points out that they won't be able to buy such a big house, and he's going to have to get a job, and some money's going to have to go to Kerry... Angela says she knows. She says she doesn't mind a smaller house, and she knows Rob's going to have to pay maintenance, and she knows about the job - she just wants to be sure they can still adopt. Rob tells Angela he loves her. Angela tells Rob she feels the same about him.

Lynn looks upset, and Beryl asks her what the matter is. Lynn says she's just feeling tired, and Beryl suggests she get some sleep. When Lynn just sits there, Beryl realises there's something more, and asks what the problem is. Lynn says Kevin will kill her for saying something, but, "It's his exams..."

David pulls up outside the house in his big red truck, parks, and gets out. He pats the vehicle and then sees a neighbour, Mrs. Blake, who asks him if he's intending to leave it parked there. She adds, "It's big." David replies, "It's beautiful!"

Lynn tells Beryl that things have been hard for Kevin, but Beryl says they can help out. Lynn says she doesn't know if she can stand another year if Kevin has to go back to school, or if he gets a dead-end job without his HSC. Beryl asks why Kevin didn't say anything to her and David, and Lynn replies that he thought he'd be letting them down. There's suddenly a loud hoot from the horn in David's lorry, and Beryl rushes outside, with Lynn following her. David delightedly says, "Well, is it a nice truck?!" He says it's good to feel that he's his own boss, and he hugs his wife. David asks Lynn what she thinks, but she just says, "It's good." Beryl tells David that Lynn just told her something. They go inside.

Rob rushes into the boarding house and knocks on Fiona's door. She answers, and Rob starts gabbling that he's come from the estate agent, as they're selling their block of land and buying a house in Melbourne. When Fiona's face stays emotionless, Rob realises something's wrong. Fiona tells him, "Kerry's gone, and she's left Domine behind..."


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