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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Fiona tells Rob that Kerry dropped Domine off at the babysitter's, then called her and asked her to tell him to look after the child. She went and collected Domine straight away. She tells Rob that Kerry just couldn't cope, but Rob points out that she didn't seem too bad this morning. He asks Fiona if she didn't try to talk Kerry out of it, but Fiona replies that Kerry had made up her mind and that was that. She adds that she can understand why Kerry did it, as she was at her wits' end emotionally and financially, and she was worried she'd take it out on Domine. Rob says there was no way he could have helped out any more. He then wonders how Angela will react, and Fiona agrees that it won't be easy for her. She offers to take Domine for a while, until Angela is ready. Rob says he wouldn't hear of it, but Fiona says it reminds her of the time David left Johnny with her all those years ago. Rob asks her if she's sure she doesn't mind, and Fiona replies that Domine has taken quite a shine to her, already. Rob asks Fiona if she thinks Kerry will come back, but Fiona tells him that his guess is as good as hers. Rob asks what they'll do if she doesn't come back. Fiona tells him to speak to Angela.

At the South Yarra property, John makes a 'phone call to Charlie. When she answers, she asks John how he is, and he replies, "Fine." He explains that he's calling about Patricia, as David has left her to go back to Beryl, and she's taking it hard. Charlie asks how hard, and John replies that he's pretty worried, as everything's falling apart on her. Charlie says she warned Patricia. John tells her that Patricia needs friends, and he asks her to come down. Charlie says she's just got back from her holidays. John says it would only be for a couple of days. Charlie gives in, and agrees to catch the 'plane down this afternoon. She tells John she'll see him tonight.

Kevin walks up the road towards the Palmer house, and sees David messing about with the engine of his new truck. David spots him, and jokes, "Dave Palmer, Independent Trucker!" Kevin says that's good. David asks him how his exam went, and Kevin replies that he'll know when he gets his results. Kevin asks his father if he's taken Beryl for a spin, but David says Beryl would rather look, than ride in it! He walks over to where Kevin's standing and tells him that they know about his cheating. Kevin asks, "How?" and David explains about Lynn being upset. He adds that he and Beryl don't mind. Kevin says he feels like he's letting them down, but David tells him they understand. They go inside, to sort it out. Inside, David tells his son that it's his and Beryl's fault, mainly. Kevin points out that he's the one who cheated. He adds that it almost felt the right thing to do at the time. David tells him to forget about it. They suddenly hear the front door open and shut, and Susan comes in, telling David that she'd like a ride in the truck! She asks where Beryl is, and David tells her that she's at a job interview, at a bistro. Kevin remarks that it'll be strange Beryl going to work after all these years. David says he hopes his wife won't be disappointed if she doesn't get it. He and Susan go outside.

Rob arrives back at Dural, and Gordon asks him if he got the land sorted out. Rob says, "Yeah." He asks if Angela's around, and Gordon tells him that she's upstairs. Rob asks Gordon if he's going out, and Gordon replies that he's putting in a couple of hours at the office. Rosie comes out into the hall and reminds Gordon that it's the celebration dinner tonight. She adds that she's looking forward to seeing Barbara again, and Gordon says, "So am I." Gordon then asks Rob how long he and Angela will be staying in Sydney for, but Rob says it won't be long. Gordon says it's Angela's 21st in a few days, and they should have a celebration, but Rob says they can't stay that long - in fact, they should really head off tomorrow. Gordon suggests they should make tonight a double celebration, then. Angela comes downstairs and asks Rob if everything went OK. Rob says there are no worries. Angela says she can't wait to get into a place of their own, so they can get things started with the adoption. She starts to walk off to see Rosie in the kitchen, but Rob stops her, and asks her how she'd feel if Kerry gave Domine up and they could adopt her. Angela replies that she can't see that happening...

Beryl offers to take over the vegetable preparation from Lynn, so that Lynn can set the table. Susan comes in, closely followed by David. She asks Beryl if she got the job, but Beryl says she doesn't know yet, as they had a few other people to see. David remarks that the roast dinner smells good, and he invites Susan to join them - an invitation she accepts. She then tells David that she had a letter from his father today. Beryl asks how the old man is, and Susan says she thinks he's pretty lonely. She tells David that she thinks Doug is keen to come for a visit, but David says it'll just lead to an argument, and he reminds his daughter of what happened at her wedding. Beryl points out to David that he should forgive and forget, but David reminds her that she says that every time, and things always turn out the same. Beryl tells David, "He is your father." David replies, "Don't remind me!"

There's a ring on the doorbell at Dural, and Rosie answers it to find Barbara standing there. Rosie is delighted. She remarks on Barbara being early, and Barbara explains that she's come to give a hand. Rosie admits that she could do with some help. She asks Barbara if it's good to be back in Sydney, and Barbara agrees that it is. She asks if Gordon's in, but Rosie tells her that he's at the office. She adds that Angela is in the kitchen. Barbara goes to see her, but they end up meeting in the lounge, because Angela saw the car pulling up. Barbara remarks on how everyone in the house is being so pleasant! She tells Angela that, despite what Patricia said, she and Gordon never had an affair - but she does feel very deeply for him. Angela tells Barbara that she's never seen Gordon so happy.

Patricia is sitting on the settee at the South Yarra house, while John is sitting at the table, working. There's a buzz at the door, and John goes and answers it. It's Charlie. When Patricia sees her, she asks what she's doing there, and Charlie replies that there was nothing much happening in Sydney, so she thought she'd come down. Patricia asks her if she's come to see what everyone is saying is true. She then has a go at John, telling him she doesn't like him arranging things behind her back. Charlie, though, chips in that her visit has nothing to do with John. When Patricia makes it clear that she doesn't believe this, Charlie tells her that she's never lied to her before, so why start now? Patricia says she's sorry, but Charlie says John is the one she should be apologising to. Patricia tells John that she doesn't know why he puts up with her.

Beryl is on the 'phone while most of the rest of the Palmers have dinner, and Lynn feeds Davey. When the call is over, Susan asks her mother what it was about, and Beryl replies that it was the bistro - she's got the job! Susan and David both congratulate her. Kevin jokes that he hopes they'll get free drinks! Lynn asks her when she starts, and Beryl tells her that it'll be Monday night. She adds that she'll have to arrange things so that she's around for the twins' 21st. Susan assures her mother that she and Lynn will take care of the cooking. Suddenly looking upset, Lynn says she has to change Davey's nappy, and she heads off to the bedroom. Susan brings up the subject of Doug again, and tells David that she doesn't think his father has many friends. Kevin says he's going to see how Lynn's going. Susan asks her father to invite Doug to the party, and Beryl tells him not to be such a stubborn old coot. David gives in!

Lynn is sitting on her and Kevin's bed, holding Davey. Kevin asks her what the matter is, but Lynn says, "Nothing." She then asks Kevin if he can't see what's happening: Beryl getting her job means that she's going to be in the house alone all day. She adds that if Kevin doesn't pass his exams, it'll be another year before they can stop living off David and Beryl. She tells Kevin that, now that Beryl's working, she's going to have to do everything around the house. Kevin says he and David will help. Lynn points out that Susan put her down to help with the food for the 21st birthday party, without even asking her. She tells Kevin that she feels like she's being taken for granted, as noone asked her if she minded. Kevin says he thought Lynn was happy being at home, but Lynn tells him that, when they went to Sydney for the wedding, and she saw how other people lived, it made her realise there's more to life. Kevin tells his wife that she's been spending too much time around Patricia, but Lynn says she's just starting to feel trapped. She and Kevin hug.

Charlie tells John that she had no idea. She says she thought Patricia was almost back to herself, but then she started carrying on about David dumping her, and she didn't know how to handle her. John asks what Patricia is doing now, and Charlie says she's having a long bath. She tells John that Patricia needs a doctor, but John tells her that he tried, and Patricia went off at him. Charlie suggests Patricia could do with a holiday, then, and John tells her that Patricia might listen to her. Charlie says she was planning on a couple of weeks in Europe, and she could go straight away. She asks John why he's hanging around, and John replies, "She's my mother." Charlie asks him if he's not angry for the things his mother has done, but John says he feels more sorry for her. He tells Charlie that if Patricia doesn't get some help soon, she could have a breakdown. Charlie remarks that she can't believe John is the same awkward young man she met six months ago.

When Gordon gets home from work and sees Barbara, he tells her that he's glad she could come. Barbara hugs him. Rosie comes in and remarks that they make a lovely couple. She and Barbara both order Gordon to go and get changed! Rosie warns Barbara that she'll have to fix Gordon's bow tie for him, as he's hopeless at it! As Gordon emerges from the lounge, he passes Rob, who's making a 'phone call in the hall.

At the boarding house, Fiona is all dressed up. The 'phone suddenly rings, and she answers it. When she hears Rob's voice at the other end, she tells him she's just about to leave. Rob asks her if she managed to get a babysitter for Domine, and Fiona replies that Jill's looking after her. Rob asks if Jill will be able to manage, and Fiona assures him that there's always Bunty and Thel. Rob says he hopes the dinner won't last too long. Fiona asks him if he's told Angela yet. Rob replies that he tried, but it wasn't the right time. Fiona assures him she won't put her foot in it tonight, and then tells him that she has to go, or she'll be late. They both hang up.

Patricia is sitting on the settee, and John comes in and gives her a hot drink. He remarks on Charlie getting an early night, and Patricia jokes that her friend is exhausted from looking after her! John tells his mother that he's glad she's going on holiday with Charlie, and Patricia admits that she's quite looking forward to it. She tells John that she'll never forgive David for what he did, but she adds that she won't let it get her down. She then says her one concern is that everyone will try to turn John against her while she's gone, but John promises that he'll be there when she gets back.

Gayle is all dressed up, and is putting on lipstick, when Paul calls for her. After telling her she looks great, he then brings up the subject of the guests. He tries to explain that they're going to be a bunch of old fuddy duddies, but he's going to have to mingle with them. Gayle says she understands. Paul says he could be busy for most of the evening. He suggests that Gayle should just listen, rather than say too much. Gayle jokes that she wouldn't know what to say anyway! She tells Paul that she wants him to be proud of her. Paul still looks worried.

Barbara fixes Gordon's bow tie, explaining that Rosie told her she'd need to do that! When she's finished, Gordon takes her hand and says, "When my divorce is finalised, would you marry me?" A delighted Barbara replies, "You know I will." They kiss.


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