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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

John tells Jill that Martin Healy did one hell of a job on him, as Patricia told him that Martin tried to make her terminate the baby. Jill points out that there are two sides to every story, and she tells John to forget about Martin if he doesn't like the man. In frustration, John puts the stereo on loudly, and Jill tells him not to lose his temper. She reminds him that he was the one who made the initial contact, and Martin did the right thing by giving his side of the story. John says that's irrelevant, but Jill asks him to understand how Martin must feel, with someone just turning up claiming to be his son. She repeats that if John doesn't like Martin, he should put him off and then forget about him, but not make a big deal about something that happened twenty years ago.

Patricia picks a rose in the garden of the South Yarra house, and Susan then calls her in for morning tea. Indoors, Wayne is tucking into some cake, and jokes that Patricia's housekeeper isn't bad! Susan tells him that she made it. Wayne asks her how she found the time, but Susan says a lot of her job there has just been sitting around. Wayne remarks on her spending her whole holiday there, and Susan agrees that she'll have to go back to the hospital in a few days. She adds that it's been good to have the extra money. Patricia comes in and Susan tells her that the doctor's going to get a surprise when he sees how much better she is. Patricia says she feels better. Wayne jokes that he wouldn't mind some of Patricia's pills, but Susan tells him that it wasn't the pills that have made Patricia recover so much more quickly, but the fact that she seems to have sorted out her problems with Angela, and that John has been around for her. Wayne says he's surprised Patricia wasn't putting it on, but Susan tells him that a breakdown can't be faked. Wayne comments on how seriously Susan takes her job, and she replies, "Of course." Wayne says, "That's good." He tells Susan that it makes a change meeting someone like her.

John arrives at the depot, and Ron Jackson remarks on his lateness. John explains that he has problems at home. Ron tells him that there was a 'phone call for him, from a Martin Healy. John looks pensive.

Fiona tests the contents of Davey's bottle on her wrist. Doug offers to feed Davey for her, but Fiona replies that she'll do it. There's a knock at the door, and Fiona tells Doug to get it. The visitor is Rosie, and Doug invites her in. He remarks on her being early, and she replies that the decorators are in at Dural, so she left to escape the mess. She gives Doug a plate of shortbread that she's made, and Doug remarks on shortbread being his favourite! Fiona joins them, and tells Rosie that she's glad she could come. Rosie looks at Davey and comments on how he's grown. Fiona hands the baby over to Rosie, and the two of them fuss over the child. Fiona and Doug then go into the kitchen to get lunch under way. Doug tries a piece of the shortbread, and tells Fiona that it's the best he's ever tasted.

Wayne asks Patricia how she went, and Patricia replies that she was given an almost clean bill of health, and she'll soon be off the tablets. Susan chips in that there'll be no need for her to be there anymore, and she tells Patricia and Wayne that she'll finish up today. Patricia invites her to join them for lunch, but Susan declines. Patricia says she'll write a cheque. Susan goes off to pack. Wayne tells Patricia that it's awful just giving Susan a cheque after all she's done. Patricia agrees, and says she'd prefer to buy Susan a gift, but it's been impossible to arrange. Wayne suddenly says he'll take Susan to lunch. Patricia reminds him that Susan is married, but Wayne indignantly says he's not going to be stringing her a line. He looks offended that such a suggestion could even have been made.

Doug and Rosie discuss gardening in Fiona's kitchen. Rosie offers to help Fiona with the lunch, but Fiona tells the housekeeper that she's just returning the favour for all the nice meals she's been cooked. Doug and Rosie then discuss using eggshells on string to scare birds away, and Fiona laughs as she listens. Rosie says she prefers to use rags tied to branches, as it's less fiddly. Davey suddenly starts crying, and Rosie goes off to tend him. Doug tells Fiona that Rosie is a very nice woman, but when it comes to gardening, she's as stubborn as a mule! Fiona, though, tells Doug that she's seen Rosie's vegetable garden, and what she's done is right on. Doug says he could still teach Rosie a thing or two. An idea suddenly occurs to Fiona, as she tells Doug that she's sure he could...

At the truck depot, Ron Jackson calls down to John that Martin Healy is on the line. John asks Ron to tell Martin that he's gone to lunch, but he then changes his mind, and asks for the call to be transferred to the 'phone near him. When Martin comes on, he tells John that he wants them to meet. John says he'll come to the Defence Centre, as he has a few things he wants to talk about.

John sits down in front of Martin's desk, and he tells his father that he talked to Patricia, and she told him that he had been spun him a pack of lies. Martin curtly says he doesn't tell lies. John tells him that they shouldn't bother seeing each other if he can't tell the truth. He adds that any man who'll treat a girl like Patricia like that, isn't worth getting to know. He explains about how Patricia said she was forced to give the baby up, but Martin denies ever forcing her to do anything. John tells Martin that he gets the feeling he's not going to like him, so there's no point going on. Martin agrees that if that's the way John's going to act, they shouldn't have any more to do with each other. John gets up, and says he has to go.

As Fiona tucks into Rosie's shortbread, she jokes that it's going to play havoc with her waistline! Doug says he doesn't hold with dieting , and all those skinny models picking at their food. Fiona tells him that there'll be plenty for him to tuck into when he gets to Woombai. Doug says he doesn't like leaving Lynn and Davey, but Fiona assures him that she's more than capable of taking care of the child. Rosie tells Doug that she's looking forward to showing him around. She asks Fiona if she's sure it's OK for them to stay, and Fiona assures her it is. Rosie says she'll ring Barbara, and ask if Gayle can have some time off, as she wanted to visit the property. Fiona says she'll make the call, and she'll suggest that Barbara and Gordon go up there as well, to escape the mess at Dural. Rosie tearfully says it'll be almost like old times with Gordon there. Fiona says that's all settled, then. Rosie tells Fiona that she's a wonderful woman.

On the 'phone, Beryl tells Fiona that she's a crafty old fox! Fiona jokes that it was self-preservation, as she didn't know how much more of Doug she could put up with! Beryl remarks on how well Rosie and Doug appear to be getting on. Fiona agrees that it's nice - even when they're talking about gardening! She then says she has to go. She sends her love to the Palmers, and asks Beryl to tell Kevin that his son will be ringing later. The call ends, and Beryl goes over to the sewing machine. Before she can resume her work, though, there's a knock on the window, and she pulls back the curtain to see Kevin standing there with Plan C. He comes in and explains that he found the cat halfway up the street! He asks Beryl what she's doing, and she replies that she's making another dress for Jill to wear at work. She then remarks on how cheerful Kevin looks, and Kevin explains that he went to the CES, and they didn't have anything on the noticeboard, and he looked in the paper, and there was nothing in there, so he was walking home when he noticed himself in the mirror in the deli, and he got a shock when he saw how miserable he was, and it made him realise it's time for him to cheer up. Beryl makes a deal with him that he has to give her a dollar every time she catches him looking miserable. Kevin agrees!

Jill snaps at John that she's not doing his dirty work for him. John tells Jill that he just wants her to get rid of Martin if he calls. Jill, though, says that if he does call, she'll just tell him that she doesn't want any more to do with him, and tell him to ring John at work. John says he doesn't want Martin calling him at work. Jill snaps that she doesn't want to hear about it. John yells that he just wants some support. He storms out.

Wayne remarks to Susan that he's never known much about her husband. Susan tells him that Bill had never been in trouble with the police before, and he still can't remember actually hitting Sam Selmar. Wayne asks what Bill's chances are of getting transferred to somewhere with lower security. Susan says she doesn't know, and she asks Wayne how much he knows about that sort of thing. Wayne says he doesn't know anything, but he offers to speak to the Ramberg solicitors to see what they know. Grateful, but surprised, Susan asks him why he's bothering to do this for her. Wayne just replies, "Why not?"

When John gets home early from work, Patricia tells him that he'll be fired if he's not careful. John ignores this, and he tells his mother that he saw Martin Healy and told him to forget it because of what she said. Patricia says she's glad, and she tells John that he's better off having nothing to do with his father.

Greg Samuels, one of Martin's colleagues, brings some papers into Martin's office and remarks on how there were quite a few mistakes in the work. Martin explains that he's had a lot on his mind. Samuels invites him out for a beer, but Martin declines. He looks at the papers Samuels brought in, and then gives up, throws down his pen, picks up his cap and leaves the office.

Kevin is on the 'phone to Lynn while Beryl tells Jill that John will calm down. She adds that it's getting very complicated, but she comforts Jill by explaining that David has always been hard to get through to, and some of that stubborness has rubbed off on John over the years. Kevin's call ends, and he tells Beryl and Jill that Lynn is going to be modelling at Barbara Armstrong's place tomorrow - the photographer wanted to use Dural, but couldn't because of the redecorations. Beryl asks who Barbara Armstrong is, and Kevin reminds her that he told her about meeting her at Rob and Angela's wedding. Beryl recalls her, and remarks that it's very nice of her to be so obliging. Kevin announces that he's going to his room to be miserable where noone can see him! He heads off, but not before asking Jill to come and have a chat before she goes. Beryl explains to Jill about the deal she made with her son. She then asks her about her and John again, and Jill sadly says it's the first row they've had since she's been down there. Beryl points out that all relationships involve rows, and Jill says she knows, as she lived with Wayne for six months! She tells Beryl that she loves John so much, and she hates fighting. Beryl tells Jill that she's glad she and John have got together.

Martin Healy walks up to the South Yarra house. Meanwhile, Patricia is in the lounge, sitting on the settee. There's a knock at the door, and she goes to answer it. When she sees who it is, she raises her eyebrows. She asks him what he wants, but Martin just asks if John is there. Patricia tells him to leave, but Martin barges in. He asks again where John is, and Patricia replies that he's upstairs. She calls to him, and asks him to come down. When John sees who the visitor is, he asks Martin what he's doing there. Martin says he doesn't like people talking to him like John did, and he wants to get this sorted out. He tells Patricia and John to sit down, and announces that noone's going anywhere until they get some sort of agreement about what really happened 22 years ago...


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