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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Patricia tells Martin that she doesn't know what he hopes to achieve, but Martin replies that his pride is at stake, as John has been told a story that isn't true. He goes on to explain that, twenty two years ago, he met a sophisticated young lady who appeared to know what she was doing. Patricia annoyedly says she was led-on, and she tells Martin that he knew she didn't want a termination. Martin says that's not the impression he got, but Patricia snaps that anyone with an ounce of sensitivity would have realised how she felt. Martin says he was 22 years old, and he was irresponsible - selfish, even - he was still a kid then, albeit a married kid. He tells Patricia that he thought they both felt the same about the termination, but Patricia snaps that she didn't. Martin tells her that she gave a very good impression of going along with what he wanted. Patricia asks him why he thinks she told Margaret all about it? Martin asks Patricia why she didn't tell him? Patricia replies that she was a scared 17-year old kid. Martin tells Patricia that it's a pity she didn't say anything, otherwise he would have understood how she was feeling. Patricia asks him if he'd have married her. Martin replies that he doesn't know, but he would have known that she was a frightened girl of 17. Patricia admits that maybe they were too young to read each other's feelings. Martin says he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Patricia says she doesn't know, but perhaps. John asks if that's settled, then, and Patricia says it could be.

Outside the Armstrong residence, Wendy is moaning to her mother about not wanting to be lumbered with the photographer for Lynn's shoot. Gordon and Gayle join them, and Gayle excitedly announces that Millstone came top of his class! Gordon shows off a certificate the dog earned. Barbara remarks that she hopes Millstone behaves himself while they're off at Woombai. Gordon asks who's going to look after him, and Barbara replies that Wendy will be taking care of him. Gordon says he thought Wendy might be coming up to Woombai, and Barbara explains that she dropped enough hints, but Wendy didn't pick them up. She adds that her daughter will probably be happier mixing with the photographers.

John tells Martin that he's glad he came. Martin says it's a shame they weren't able to have this conversation 22 years ago. He gets up, and John apologises to him for being so rude this morning, explaining that he isn't usually like that. Martin says he should hope not. As Martin leaves, he makes a comment to Patricia about seeing her soon, but Patricia says she doesn't see any reason why they should see each other. Martin points out to Patricia that he's the father of her children...

The next morning, John gets home from a run, and when he sees Patricia, he remarks that she's up early. Patricia replies that she felt so good that she didn't feel like staying in bed. John asks her how she feels about Martin now, but Patricia says she doesn't feel anything really - she doesn't hate him anymore, but she doesn't feel anything for him, either. John asks her what she's going to do now, and Patricia says she's going to forget him, and get on with her life. John says it's not so cut and dried for him, as he has to go and tell David what's happened. Patricia tries to dissuade him, but then concedes that it's his decision. Changing the subject, John asks his mother what her plans are for today, and she replies that she's going to go shopping in the Toorak Road, as she's felt like a bit of a frump lately.

Paul and Wendy are at Barbara's as Lynn gets ready for her shoot. Drew the photographer suddenly flounces in and announces that he's shattered his filter. He asks if he can use the 'phone to arrange for a new one, but Wendy tells him that she has one he can use. Lynn and Drew's assistant go outside to set up the shot, leaving Drew to remark on Wendy having an expensive hobby. Wendy explains about her being a freelance photographer in the US. Drew tells her that he can't say he's seen any of her work, but then it suddenly dawns on him that she's the Wendy Armstrong! He asks her how she's enjoying being back in Australia, and Wendy says she's loving it. Drew says he could do with a holiday. He invites Wendy and Paul to have dinner with him before Wendy returns to America, but Wendy just says she'll see how she goes. Drew goes outside, and Wendy remarks to Paul that the photographer is a bit much. Paul suggests to her that, if she wants to get away, they could join the others at Woombai. Wendy doesn't look keen, but Paul tells her that Gordon is a great bloke, and he adds that there'll be some excellent photo opportunities. Wendy admits that her mother dropped sledgehammer hints about it! She agrees to go.

At Woombai, Gayle says she wishes she could ride a horse. Gordon tells her she'll be able to have her first lesson tomorrow. Gayle runs off, and Barbara tells Gordon that they have the place to themselves. They go inside, where Barbara asks Gordon how he feels about being a guest there. Gordon says he's come to terms with it. He explains that he used to use it as a refuge to get away from Patricia, but now the two of them are there, there's no way he wants to escape. Barbara reminds him that it'll be another six months before they can get married. Gordon suddenly suggests to her that, with all the space at Dural, she could move in with him until they get married. Barbara asks what people would think, and a surprised Gordon replies that he thought she didn't worry about that sort of thing. He adds that Paul, Wendy and Rosie will all understand. Barbara, though, says she's not so sure about Wendy. Gordon tells Barbara that he loves her, and wants to spend as much time with her as possible.

Patricia walks home from shopping, and finds Angela inside, waiting for her. She tells her daughter that she's glad she's there, as she has a present for Domine. Angela thanks her. Patricia then asks Angela to look at a dress she bought today. She holds it up, and Angela tells her it looks wonderful. Patricia says she doesn't know where she's going to wear it, so Angela suggests she could put it on when she meets her admirer. She points out some fresh flowers on the table, and Patricia picks up the card attached to them. It's from Martin, and the card contains an apology for his being overbearing last night. Angela asks who they're from, but Patricia just says they're from an old friend. She adds that it's nice when it's so unexpected...

John visits the Palmer house, and finds David in the kitchen. John asks him how work is, and David replies that he's managing to keep his head above water. John then tells David that he went and saw Martin Healy. David says, "And?" John replies that Martin admitted he's his father. He adds that there were a few problems, though, and when David asks what they were, John explains all about the events leading up to the showdown last night, when the conclusion was that there was fault on both sides. David asks John if he's going to see Martin again. John says nothing's been arranged, but if Martin offered to go out for a beer, he wouldn't say no. He assures David that he still thinks of him as his father, but David doesn't sound as if he believes this when he says, "Sure."

In the grounds at Woombai, Barbara tells Gordon that she loves it up there, and adds that it's so peaceful. They suddenly see Paul and Wendy getting out of the car nearby, and they go over to greet them. Gordon tells them he's glad they could make it. Wendy snaps that they had nothing better to do. Inside, Barbara asks how the photo shoot went, and Wendy explains about her being recognised by the photographer. Gayle comes in, and looks annoyed when she sees Paul there. She asks where Millstone is, and Wendy replies that they left him with a neighbour. Gordon says he'll organise two extra horses for the morning, but Wendy says she'd rather sleep. Barbara tells Wendy that she'll enjoy riding once she gets going. Wendy asks what time she'd have to be up, and Barbara tells her 6am. Wendy gives in. She, Paul and Gayle go off to find Alan Pascoe to arrange the horses. Barbara remarks to Gordon that Wendy seemed like a different girl, and Gordon agrees that she was - except with him. He points out that Wendy wasn't interested in the riding idea initially because he suggested it. Barbara tells him not to be so defeatist!

The next morning, as they're out riding, Barbara tells Gordon that she's going to tear strips off Wendy, because if he hadn't been there to help her when her horse reared up, she might have broken her neck. As the riders dismount, Wendy moans about her temperamental hose. She starts to head indoors for some breakfast, but Barbara tells her to tie her horse up first. Wendy remounts, but the horse is startled, and he rears up again. Too late, Gordon notices what has happened, and he yells at Barbara to get out of the way, but he's not quick enough, and Barbara is struck by one of the horse's hooves. She falls down on the grass, unconscious. Gordon says there's a doctor at the Reid place. Paul runs off to get him.

Sometime later, Barbara is lying on the couch indoors, and Gordon asks her how she feels. Barbara says she's had better days! Wendy comes in with Paul, who says they saw the doctor leaving. Wendy asks what the doctor said, and Gordon replies that Barbara has concussion, and may possibly suffer headaches and dizziness over the next few days. Wendy asks if there's anything she can do, but Barbara says she just has to rest. Wendy goes out again, and Gordon grimly remarks to Barbara, "Some apology." Barbara tells him that Wendy is really very upset.

Outside, Paul joins Wendy and suggests that she should go back in there. Wendy says she can't. Paul tells Wendy that he's sure Barbara would like her with her, but Wendy says she's probably the last person her mother wants around. Paul points out that it was an accident. Wendy explains that she's always been the emotional one of the family, and if she went inside, she'd get upset and embarrass her mother. She suggests to Paul that he go and give Gayle a hand with the horses. Paul gives up, and does as Wendy suggests.

Gordon helps Barbara off the couch, and as he helps her walk to the table for a cup of tea, she says she feels ridiculous! Gordon tells her that she should go to bed after her tea. He sits her down at the table, and then tells her that he's been thinking again about what they discussed yesterday. Barbara says she wishes she could move in, but Wendy wouldn't like it. Frustrated, Gordon says it's time to lay his cards on the table with the girl. Barbara agrees.

Gordon finds Wendy standing by a tree outside, and he tells her that he has something to say. He tells her that, when they get back to Sydney, Barbara is going to move in with him at Dural. Wendy cries that she won't let her mother do it, as her husband has only been dead a few months. She adds that it's disgusting. Gordon tells Wendy that he's not going to have Barbara feeling guilty for falling in love again. He tells her that, whether she likes it or not, Barbara is moving in. He adds that she has two options - accept it, or cut out completely - "It's up to you."


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